Monday, February 25, 2008

Zen music?

Apart of Merzbow there are many countless other noise freaks like Nikudorei, Napalmed, Masonna, Homola Tobola, Cosmic Coincidence Control Center, Bastard Noise, Facialmess, Incapacitants, Gerogerigegege, Muslimgauze, Japanese Torture Comedy Hour and Government Alpha (just to name a few) which are essentially my favourites. But on my personal [dark] side I’ve decided that Hanatarash was the most wicked noise monger of all. It’s no doubt for me to say that Hanatarash was the most disastrous yet hazardously entertaining among other noisemakers ever existed in the Japanoise map and probably in the entire globe. They were (and still are) infamous for extremely dangerous live shows consisting entirely of on-stage destruction and utter disregard for anyone's safety, which is notably comprised with:

• Throwing junk around (including window glasses and bodily harm materials) with a backhoe inside a venue.
• Inflicted a deep wound on his leg with an electrical saw, but carried on with the show.
• An already dead cat has been cut in half with machete during a show.
• The band once caused so much damage to a live house in Kyoto that it was forced to close.
• The 1985’s show in Tokyo Superloft has stopped just as Yamatsuka Eye was about to throw a lit molotov cocktail onto the stage, which was gasoline-drenched from a barrel. The performance cost the venue ¥600,000 (approximately USD$6000) in repairs.
• Was forbidden from performing at most venues, and were only allowed to return to live performances in the 1990s without the trademark danger.

+ The prove is down here to witness:

++ Hanatarash frontman Yamatsuka Eye went on to form Ultra Freak Out Or Die, Boredoms and among countless other projects.

+++ Click here for further reading about noise.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

There's something about eBay!

+ Why eBay, why?

The final bleak...

For me, the coolest album that released this year definitely by the ‘
Love Earth-Hate People’ band; DYSTOPIA! February 15th, 2008 marked its date as a birth for the 3rd studio album by this sludgecore master formed in Orange County, which is currently reside in Oakland. Released by Life Is Abuse Records, the self titled LP/CD is loaded with 7 songs (included a cover song by CARCINOGEN). It has been said that this album could be their final as Dino Sommese is now active in Asunder and Matt (Mauz) Parrillo is busy with his printing company. As been reported by Prank Records, Mauz even been considering to end L.I.A.R (which created in 1992) operation as his commitment towards those knick knacks aforementioned.

So, get this now or never!

+ For further reading on Dystopia, go here.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Doom shall rise!

What’s Doom Metal?
Here’s the essentially useful FAQ for us. A must read for Doom Metal enthusiasts, of course. We can even find the answer in here, here, here and here. Happy doomsday and no thanks to whom it may concern.

+ The best [traditional] doom metal bands…

Friday, February 15, 2008

Mo lei tao

It's a Mana Mana song. Enjoy!


This coming March 8th, Malaysia will be having a general election. I’ve been talking with some friends about the importance, the consequences and whatnots of it. They suggest me to vote because as a ‘caring citizen’ I should elect for any candidate that I like. Nah, none of them I like and I don’t really know the main agenda of each parties as I’ve actually seen only dazing and confusing thoughts delivered by them. As I want someone who can make some real changes to the ill repute of the current political status, thus it makes my doubt growing even stronger about the ability of the person/party that would be elected soon. As the main acts such as BN, DAP, PKR, PAS etc stands with their own purposes, I just only hope for better future of the people in Malaysia.

To whomever that will win this election soon, I have only one ‘simple requisition’; please please please abolish those stupid tollgates that stealing people’s money and our streets. And please please please do remember the ones that you called citizen are still human and there are needs to be fulfilled. Those votes are the hope of millions who wants you to be responsible of everything that happens in this piece of land, not blatantly as a ticket to act pretentiously oppressing others.

Urmm… who? Me? I don’t believe the effectiveness in voting. As Emma Goldman once said, "if voting changed anything, they'd make it illegal”. The general election for me is no less like a genital erection. The often you ‘hit’, the more you’ll get high possibility to an erectile dysfunctional that could lead to inability or impotence. Okay, the metaphor couldn’t help much to evaluate the exact situation, I guess. But do find yourself the similarity and its relation for both subjects please.

Happy voting and god bless Malaysians, y’all!

+ Go here, here, here, here and here for further reading on Malaysia General Election 2008.

++ Oh, the graphic above is done by Frank Shepard Fairey and I love the way he illustrates Obama in his latest campaign.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

HORSE the band Earth Tour 2008

I heard that HORSE the band, a Nintendocore band from California has booking a respective tour of 40 different countries for their Earth Tour 2008. I even noticed that this tour will be operating without help of booking agencies and probably without any involvement of corporate entities. To my surprise, we’ll be also having them play over here in Malaysia; which electrifyingly brought to you by Theatrical Records & Dyslexia Records. They’ll be playing at MCPA Theater Hall, Kuala Lumpur on March 30th, 2008 and to be started around 2.00 pm onwards.

+ I’ll be there for sure. It’s definitely just for the sake to see HORSE the band... and undeniably for nothing else!

...euphoric ending.


All is well...

Went back to Kota Tinggi for Chinese New Year holiday last week on Thursday, February 7th, 2008 gave me quite memorable moments. Not the ang pow or a feast of huge family dinner that matters a lot, but down here I list down each of my valuable memoirs while I was there.

Number one:
I met Din Akar and bought Roots issue number 6. The first ever local zine I’ve bought after 4 or 5 years of void!

Number two: Said “Hi and welcome!” to my newly born nephew, Muhamad Aliff Haziq. He’s so cute (well, look who’s the uncle though… heh!) and adorable.

Number three:
Went fishing all over again with my dad after 13 years since 1995!!! I managed to catch 6 fishes and 3 of ‘em went into my tummy during dinner with my family. The other 3 went alive into our fishpond.

+ It might be just a small matter for some, but those moments really meant to me all this while as I’ve been unable to do those abovementioned for quite some time. And along with it, of course the fact that I’ve engaged with someone that I really love make me lucky person to the deepest bone! Hope everything is doing well. Wish me a good life, everybody.

++ Okay, let’s have a sneak peek on Nuisance Drilled latest news. I have discussed and then agreed with a good friend of mine (his name will not be publicized until the suitable time arrives) that the CD will be released this year. After taking a lot of effort and time (hence the ideas and brainstorming) I’ve successfully come up with a final artwork for front cover of the upcoming CD. Nevertheless the artwork is already finalized; here I am showing you the photo of the unfinished one which I’ve taken during the process of the making.

Thank you.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

...made out of iron.

Being as real tough and brave as Iron Man was one of my childhood dreams. But I didn't take too long to realize that fiction will always be fiction and it can possibly happen if people are crazy enough to build such creation in order to fulfill their dreams or vengeance towards some dissatisfaction. However, the fact that I'm still able to inhale/exhale the cloud of cancer on which world has ‘the best’ to offer, I suddenly realized that human need more than one Iron Man created into this unjust world. But do they will bring the world peace or only bring more chaotic condition? "Power is the root of injustice and greed", a friend once said. I found the truth in his words. Anyway, thanks to Black Sabbath for the beautifully crafted 'Iron Man' song; the lyrics made me understand the whole picture. It made me sit back and relax in joy to the fullest.

"Why is there no peace in this world?"

"Because there are many people live with their own ideals".

It answered my question precisely.

+ Getting enough with 'Iron Man'? How about this 'Iron Monkey', then?

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Sugar pie, honey bunch...

Earth’s latest album, “The Bees Made Honey In The Lion's Skull” will be released on February 26th, 2008 through Southern Lord Records.

+ This CD features artwork by Arik Roper.

Who the fuck is Earth anyway? Okay, Google them yourself to find out more.

Let there be doom! Thank you.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

It’s grey instead of black and white…

Honestly there are only a few of local bands that have inspired me via their music/character (through out the years of my direct involvement in the ‘scene’) either they’re still around or they’ve been already buried down under. The gems worth mentioned out of the local scene seem too little for me. Nonetheless, I don’t mean to deliberately undervalue but most of them didn’t really spark any groundbreaking new approach to the scene as a whole. To tell you the truth I don’t really care what’s happening in the scene whatsoever and what’s ‘in’ or what’s not, doesn’t really caught my intention that much.

A rapid changing of information technology via internet offered us much an easiest way of having data in a very short period of time. Nothing seems impossible these days and every single action is likely a repetition of wheel that has been repeatedly rotating from the past. It’s proven that most people are able to running all along the phase to this present day but only few can survive swimming against the tides. The hard, huge and whirling tides which capable to swallow the ones who weak anytime. The weak means the ones who only follow the current needs and the current trends: A follower that only follow without any single doubt or improvisation.

Being somehow original presently is often said as a myth and even being able to maintain the vibe of the previous one often called as a magic. On top of that, not many can be considered as a natural being. Which born to breathe it, to live and most possibly to die with it.

Okay, enough long-winded rambling and let’s cut the excrement out of the anus, it’s time to be straight to the hell of a point. Get the hint of the picture embed above? You know about the precious treasure of local Industrial/Experimental scene given name as Marlinspike? All prior metaphor is intentionally related to them as they’re one of the mortals that have changed my perception and opened up my mind towards some sort of a free form art/sound/music. If you like Godflesh and Techno Animal or among other Industrial/Experimental/Noise projects related with Justin K. Broadrick, Marlinspike would be another perfect fix to your ears. You can count on me about this!

Formed in the middle of 1993 by the duo, Edward C. and Farouk on which so far has been materialized three unrelenting brainchilds; ‘Ekipsnilram’ EP (1993), ‘Structure Of The Circuit’ LP (1993) and the newly one, 2007’s ‘Steelwater’ LP. Yes, they’ve been silence for quite a long time. It’s obviously a 14 years of hibernation for Marlinspike. Perhaps.

They’re the first Industrial/Experimental band that I’ve ever heard! If it wasn’t them who broadened my sight into this noise realm, I would be late to discover Godflesh, Nine Inch Nails, Throbbing Gristle, Swans, Napalmed, Merzbow and the likes. Thus I owe Marlinspike for this exposure, seriously.

Marlinspike can be reached thru this e-mail or click here for the quick info.

Click here to listen “Laudanum”; taken from ‘Structure Of The Circuit’ LP.

Friday, February 1, 2008

No art for today.

Art is rather universal than we’ve expected. It’s including anything that we could see, touch or even things that is beyond our imagination. But it’s probably no art for today. And it’s proven here.

Good luck finding one!