Thursday, March 25, 2010


Contradicting ourselves is one of the biggest worst things to happen apparently. I realized this many times and can't help myself from doing it and worried to be one but nobody can't really tell whether we're in the 'right track' or not, simply because 'words are cheap' and once it is said and done, things can't be easily turn right away. And then, there's sore to be healed.

Not long ago I browsed Steve Aoki over the google search to find out news about him since I haven't checked any of the latest things about him for the last few months.

But, check out what he said about hipsters... I think he's contradicting himself to the maximum level. I knew about him few years ago since the end of 90s from his label, Dim Mak Records. Currently, he's clearly a hipster himself and promoting the culture of consumerism (of the hipsters craze) that he said to be a meaningless, baseless, irrelevant social change, nihilistic bla bla bla sort of thing.

Note: Please take a look at the colourful shoes behind him, his sound samples mixture, the 'happening' video clip, the 'hipster typography' with dodgy colours (urgh!), a ridiculous outfit (again, from the video clip) and all the 'hype'. What the...? Isn't it promoting the culture he's actually talking about?

Then agreeing with Adbusters for me is merely a sort of lame excuse to win the heart of 'fans' that following him since the tender years of his 'records label era', like me obviously. I read the article in the magazine itself about the hipsters culture that being discussed in this clip, so I'm fully aware of what they're discussing about and what I'm saying over here.

To Mr-Once-A-HeartattaCk-Columnist,
Give us back your This Machine Kills please.

Thank you.

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You have anybody in your mind that you think could be the biggest douche on earth?

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Thrash-core and circle pits!
Long hair, short hair, it all fits!
Bandanas, flannels, skateboard decks!
What Happens Next?

Our theme song about unity and the simple joys in life.]

+ Do you still remember the thrashcore fad back in the end of 90s?

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Ursonate, bebeh.

It's Ursonate.


noise 101

Yesterday I received a package from mAtthias of tn666. He sent me the (not so) newly released split CD of tn666/Defektro (image above) by the infamous Germany's own badass, Ecocentric Records. Yes, Ecocentric! It's the same label that brought us tons of great releases over the years and worked with legendary old dogs such as Doom, Disrupt, Exit 13, Sore Throat, Le Scrawl, Rupture, Man Is The Bastard, Cause for Effect, Goblin and many others, as well as the interesting new ones like TSUBO, Black Shape of Nexus, Atka, Shimetsu etc.

So by having those unrelenting releases, one should probably knows this tn666/Defektro split CD is an important engraved gem by Ecocentric that came out at the end of last year 2009. Simply labeled as machine made industrial-harsh-noise for Japanese Defektro and dronescapes for German tn666, this release is definitely a must for any experimental aural lovers out there. Period.

And hence the important note by Ecocentric: "
THIS IS A REAL CD manufactured and printed in a plant -- NOT a homade CD-R!!!".

Truly remarkable. Undoubtedly liking it without any questions. Why? It is simple, I had enough of those CD-Rs. I'm sick and tired getting 'noise' releases in CD-R format. This is merely a great effort by Ecocentric, currently a good example and for the years to come. Our efforts should be treated fairly in a good manner even though one might think it sucks or shitty. Take this advice: With a good treatment and care, one (perhaps) might have an idea (if they still have a piece of brain with them) that we are dealing with our shits seriously and no joke in getting our shits done. Capishe?

Okay, now check out the split CD over here:

...and the acts:

p/s: Noise and respect to mAtthias!

Pesta belon.

Lumrah manusia, walau di mana saja memang suka berpesta mahupun berkarnival. Sebentar lagi, aku akan berada di sini (<-- tekan!).


Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sedap gila okay

Delicious. The name says it all. Memang sedap gila.

Monday, March 1, 2010


Meet my new axe, EC50 black satin.