Saturday, July 21, 2007

Mari bersajak...

+ Aku terdetik apabila seorang kawan berbincang mengenai sajak baru-baru ini. Okey, aku jump into conclusion: Pada aku, penyajak seharusnya bersifat rebellious. Memang la untuk menjadi poet, seseorang itu tak semestinya rebellious. Tapi the essence of poetry itself is actually derived from that. Which is dissatisfaction and critic overwhelmed within that area. It's somesort of a motivation, that drives the poet to make poetry (therefore commentary based on what they've felt towards something). And it's often reflected upon themself, which means the poet usually writes about themself, even when they've been citing names throughout their poetry. Apa tetiba aku membebel dalam english ni? Tak juga bermaksud untuk cakap sama ada seseorang itu layak ataupun tidak untuk bersajak, cuma pada aku... asas itu penting. Asas bukan yang dibuat-buat... atau bukan yang wannabe. Ia lahir dari dalam... jauh di sudut hati. Bukan sekadar pemerhatian dasar yang hanya berdasarkan apa yang terpandang oleh mata. Akan tetapi, kejiwaan malah penting untuk lebih ampuh dan mendalam. Asasnya sama. Sebagai contoh: Kalau nak melukis... paling tidak kena ada minat melihat lukisan. Kalau nak menulis, paling tidak kena suka membaca. Dan kalau nak bersajak, paling tidak kena suka berfikir dan memerhati sekeliling. Hmm... sorry-lah kalau ada sedikit preachy dalam tulisan aku ni. Tapi begitulah kiranya. Okey, walau apapun, pada aku sekarang ni kalau nak buat sajak kena quote nama-nama yang 'cool'. Baru nampak intelektual dan bertauliah. Contohnya seperti di bawah ni:

Aku diam, tunduk, tengok langit...
Yang macam Sigmund Freud cakap
Salvador Dali, aku mimpi semalam
Entah kenapa... Da Vinci menjengah

Castro teriak seram sejuk bersama Hitler
Puluh ribuan barisan batalion Mussolini...
Menghadap senapang revolusi Mao
Revolusi? Pak Ismail tukang sunat lagi radikal...

Bendalir Bernoulli melawan arus...
Bersama gelombang Graham Bell
Manakan dapat tanding Anselm Kiefer
...juga lorekkan kiub kotak Picasso?

Manakan sama si Marcel Duchamp
Hatta Yusoff Gajah pun begitu...
Bayu Utomo Radjikin, Van Gogh...
Takkan sama dengan Redza Piyadasa...

Erotik Utami, erotik Shahnon...
Bezanya pada teori, subjek agak sama
Salman Rushdie si pengembala biri-biri
Peragut rumput padang golf Paul Allen dan Bill Gates

Soren Kierkegaard dan Friedrich Nietzche
Aristotle dan Sartre
Tolstoy dan Plato
Albert Einstein mengira uban di rambut.

+ End note: Haha!

Monday, July 16, 2007

A matter of life on being secluded...

Lately, I've received a quite massive number of messages from my closest friends and relatives regarding my absence on the certain events of which I've been casually (and usually expected) going to. Some of it are:

1. "Hey, where have you been? Long time no see..."
2. "Why you didn't come to our family gathering yesterday? All of our relatives were asking about you."
3. "Kontrasosial will be playing today. Hope to see you at the show."
4. "You're always missing in action entire time. Come here you asshole, at least we can have a chit chat over a cup of teh tarik."

Tell you the truth, none of the messages I've replied yet. It's just actually a matter of life on being secluded that I'm practicing thus made me isolated from any mutual (and usual) relationships that I've been always dealing with. And here I'm sitting in front of computer screen, straightly log-in on my Yahoo Messenger and begin chatting with one of my fellow friends. The conversation goes like this:

Me: Hello.
Him: Yo, where do you work now?
Me: Some place. I'll let you know later.
Him: So, what's your job then?
Me: Work is not important... humanity is more important...
Him: This isn't about important or not. This is about 'what's your job?'. You're being secretive...

Our conversation literally stopped there in few seconds. And then we began to talk about other things that have nothing to do with work, job, occupation or anything that related to it. Though I really don't have any ideas whether he already knew and conscious or not that my last sentence was merely a sort of sarcasm. None of my interest anyway on talking about career as it is actually for me simply as a tool in gaining some bucks to trade with stuffs (and of course, food), therefore progressively continues life in this world; which is widely known to many as a cruel circle of life. And shut the fuck up of those who clever enough to tell me that this is obviously a capitalistic trap. Hideously talked of some principles without proving anything yet again came from mouth of whom that still live under the heavenly warm armpit of their parents; I suggest 'em to deal with the real world instead of babbling about the state of utopia whenever someone easily started to proclaimed on being a freeman.

To tell you the truth, I'm actually in the hibernation period of time... and some meditations would do it just fine. So, I'm not interested in someone asking me about my job etc. As I see it's not so important to be talked about. Plus I'm also not interested in asking someone about his/her job until it speaks naturally about the subject had been mentioned previously. Then, we'll start a conversation on which related according to what it takes.

And recently I have gather all the interviews, articles and artworks that I've made since aeons ago, which are not yet being released. So, expect these materials to be concluded in 'A Dream?' number 3 and 'Diriku Untuk Dijual' number 8 that has been planned to be released in this year, 2007. It might be released on September, or perhaps at the end of December. No exact deadlines for now, but I'd like to make it as a vow that this time both of it are worth waiting for. Yes, it sounds a little bit pretentious... I admitted, but... well, time will tell anyway.

Okay, that's all for now. Take care, you earthlings.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Jon who?

It's Jon Chang. Okay, some of us here may know him and some of us may not. But if anyone called him/herself a Grindcore fan, this name surely isn't an outsider for the rest of them, umm... grinders. I've lost contact with him since the early of 2005, so I had been out of touch with many things that related to him; be it his bands or his (art)works. I've sent him an e-mail yesterday and suprisingly he kept replying it until today as I've been continuously sending him e-mails. By the way, down here are some of my conversations with him and I hope this will help you guys to keep on updating about his activities. Read on.

I'd like to know about your new band, GridLink and other projects that you involved. I'm also noticed that you're an otaku as in a big fan of manga/anime. Any manga/anime that you suggest me to check out? Do you have any considerations of reforming back Discordance Axis?

Discordance Axis is gone for good. Sorry ^_^;. Recently, there hasn't been any new anime that I have liked. There is a new Votoms series and Eva movies starting this month though. Regarding distro of GridLink please contact Hydrahead as they are our record label.

Me: Sad to hear that DA has gone forever. But I think it's a good decision to be made though. And the tribute CD of DA (titled "Our Last Day") is fuckin' rules! It was just like a happy ending way to stop the band's existence. And what happens with War Chalking? I have also noticed that the band ended up without any releases. Is War Chalking still around or had been disbanded?

Jon: War Chalking never completed recording and the project is pretty much dead.

Me: Okay, back to GridLink. I have noticed that it's almost 6 years GridLink has been around and until now there are still no releases (even a demo), so why it happens like that? So when is it actually GridLink will be putting out a debut release? I can't help waiting anymore longer.

Jon: Early 2008. We're recording in 5 weeks. However, GridLink actually has a demo and all tracks are on

Me: What's the new illustration or flash animation that you make recently?

Jon: Now I'm invlved with making video games.
Echelon Software
is my new company.

Me: I'll be checking it out. Hope everything will be doing alright. Any chances to see GridLink makes an appearance for shows here in Malaysia?

Jon: Pretty much zero chance of that. Sorry.

Me: Uh? Why is that so? Explanation please.

Jon: We simply do not have time time to tour or play very much. Our planned shows next year are in Tokyo, Osaka, LA and New York. That's it. To play in Malaysia and not lose tons of $, we would need around a $5000 guarantee. That seems impossible to me. If a promoter could arrange a concert, get all our air fare in advance and get us our visas, we would consider it but that's a whole lot of $ and time that I doubt anyone has for a concert that would last less than 20 minutes ^_^;

Me: Okay, that's pretty much sad to consider about it all. But I will surely let you know if someone overhere could make it happens for GridLink. And that could be a heyday for Grindcore lovers in Malaysia. Hmm... I think that's all for today. It's already 2:08 am and I should be sleeping during this time. Thanks for your time answering my questions. I'll send you messages if I have something to ask. Till next time. Good night.

Jon: LOL. Okay.

Jon Chang grinding out performing with Discordance Axis. Photo by Jason Hellmann. Courtesy of Hydra Head Records.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Mengkarate Nasi Minyak!

Menurut kawan aku Kid (Mass Separation, Kah Roe Shi, Propamedia & sebagainya), Bob Karatekore (kawan aku jugak) nak kahwin hari Sabtu ni bersamaan dengan 07 Julai 2007. Bermakna Bob kahwin tarikh 'Mark of the Angel' (777), bukan 'Mark of the Beast' (666). Yang penting dia kahwin. Tapi bijak jugak dia pilih tarikh.

Teringat pulak aku kat 'seseorang' yang beritahu aku bahawa dia nak kahwin tarikh 777 ni. Kemudian aku cakap kat dia, "kalau u tak dapat kahwin tarikh tu, u bunuh diri je". Terasa kejam la pulak bila aku bertindak balas sedemikian. Tapi kalau dalam surat khabar bertarikh 08 Julai 2007 ada tulis pasal 'seseorang' bunuh diri pada hari semalamnya, hmm... aku rasa berkemungkinan besar itu adalah dia... dan dia memang ambil serius kata-kata aku.

Apa-apapun, tahniah buat Encik Suhaizan aka Bob Karate alias Bob Jambu. Semoga berkekalan hingga ke akhir hayat.

+ Lepas ni kalau ada orang menyatakan hasrat nak kahwin tarikh 08 Ogos 2008 (888), err... aku rasa korang dah tahu apa yang bakal aku ucapkan. Sekian terima kasih.

Foto: Sekadar gambar hiasan.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007


Recently, I'm quite a TV addicted person myself. The fact that I've been nearly vomited and frequently shouted "Fuck!" mercilessly to anything that irritates me whenever they've featured something that's truthfully (and brutally) wrong in my eyes; which made me often considered to get a rehabilitation somewhere that I could afforded. It made me wonder about some people out there, that also sat in front of TV set at the same time I've been watching these sordid lies; "Do they really know what's actually have been shoved into their mind?". And yet I had stumbled upon my eyes yesterday while watching this commercial ad of Mc Donald's. It said that the shop will be opened 24 hours a day! Grateful for Malaysian stomach's sake, the business kept expanding and thanks for the blind consumerism that government always promoted: They've succeeded to strenghten the stability of economical side through the blissful ignorance of the entire state. So, any vandals out there, I propose you guys to find out another effective ways to 'reclaim' the (void) space. 24 hours by Mc Donald's actually means "Happy 24 hours of killing". Kudos Mc Donald's for this great achievement! Once again, they've won and we've lost! Okay, forget about Mc Donald's; instead of going there and eating those Big Macs, why don't we just go to BBC (acronym for Bau Bau Cafe or err... "Bar & Bohemian Cafe") at The Annexe, Central Market as an alternative. However, its daily operating isn't 24 hours. And the menu offers a good variety of food... but the choice is quite limited though. In case you've been there, please take a look at (and probably buy) some great stuffs (of 'the scene') at the The Ricecooker Shop which located just in front of BBC.

A bif of newsflash: Haze is coming back and yet Malaysian government still kept blaming on open burning activities that (had been said) occured in Indonesia, despite looking on its own fault; self-made air pollution. All right, just name it yourself from money plundered (and thick smoke-producing) factories that have been built overhere, overpopulated building constructions, out of control trees cutting to our daily routines of using vehicles that produce carbon monoxide (which of course widely known, through the burning of fuel). Well, you know the drill.

Okay, back to the title of this entry: Caveat, it means a warning that you must pay attention to something before you make a decision or take a particular action. Thank you.