Tuesday, July 3, 2007


Recently, I'm quite a TV addicted person myself. The fact that I've been nearly vomited and frequently shouted "Fuck!" mercilessly to anything that irritates me whenever they've featured something that's truthfully (and brutally) wrong in my eyes; which made me often considered to get a rehabilitation somewhere that I could afforded. It made me wonder about some people out there, that also sat in front of TV set at the same time I've been watching these sordid lies; "Do they really know what's actually have been shoved into their mind?". And yet I had stumbled upon my eyes yesterday while watching this commercial ad of Mc Donald's. It said that the shop will be opened 24 hours a day! Grateful for Malaysian stomach's sake, the business kept expanding and thanks for the blind consumerism that government always promoted: They've succeeded to strenghten the stability of economical side through the blissful ignorance of the entire state. So, any vandals out there, I propose you guys to find out another effective ways to 'reclaim' the (void) space. 24 hours by Mc Donald's actually means "Happy 24 hours of killing". Kudos Mc Donald's for this great achievement! Once again, they've won and we've lost! Okay, forget about Mc Donald's; instead of going there and eating those Big Macs, why don't we just go to BBC (acronym for Bau Bau Cafe or err... "Bar & Bohemian Cafe") at The Annexe, Central Market as an alternative. However, its daily operating isn't 24 hours. And the menu offers a good variety of food... but the choice is quite limited though. In case you've been there, please take a look at (and probably buy) some great stuffs (of 'the scene') at the The Ricecooker Shop which located just in front of BBC.

A bif of newsflash: Haze is coming back and yet Malaysian government still kept blaming on open burning activities that (had been said) occured in Indonesia, despite looking on its own fault; self-made air pollution. All right, just name it yourself from money plundered (and thick smoke-producing) factories that have been built overhere, overpopulated building constructions, out of control trees cutting to our daily routines of using vehicles that produce carbon monoxide (which of course widely known, through the burning of fuel). Well, you know the drill.

Okay, back to the title of this entry: Caveat, it means a warning that you must pay attention to something before you make a decision or take a particular action. Thank you.


saat said...

ko tulis ni semua ke ko paste mane mane? hehehe

Zach Van Alley said...

Aaa... tulis sendiri la. Nape?

fadz said...

ok, some ass kissing here- aku suka dengan semangat2 kau!! (kwn azwan si fadz)..

Zach Van Alley said...

Mana ada semangat. Just passion je.