Monday, July 16, 2007

A matter of life on being secluded...

Lately, I've received a quite massive number of messages from my closest friends and relatives regarding my absence on the certain events of which I've been casually (and usually expected) going to. Some of it are:

1. "Hey, where have you been? Long time no see..."
2. "Why you didn't come to our family gathering yesterday? All of our relatives were asking about you."
3. "Kontrasosial will be playing today. Hope to see you at the show."
4. "You're always missing in action entire time. Come here you asshole, at least we can have a chit chat over a cup of teh tarik."

Tell you the truth, none of the messages I've replied yet. It's just actually a matter of life on being secluded that I'm practicing thus made me isolated from any mutual (and usual) relationships that I've been always dealing with. And here I'm sitting in front of computer screen, straightly log-in on my Yahoo Messenger and begin chatting with one of my fellow friends. The conversation goes like this:

Me: Hello.
Him: Yo, where do you work now?
Me: Some place. I'll let you know later.
Him: So, what's your job then?
Me: Work is not important... humanity is more important...
Him: This isn't about important or not. This is about 'what's your job?'. You're being secretive...

Our conversation literally stopped there in few seconds. And then we began to talk about other things that have nothing to do with work, job, occupation or anything that related to it. Though I really don't have any ideas whether he already knew and conscious or not that my last sentence was merely a sort of sarcasm. None of my interest anyway on talking about career as it is actually for me simply as a tool in gaining some bucks to trade with stuffs (and of course, food), therefore progressively continues life in this world; which is widely known to many as a cruel circle of life. And shut the fuck up of those who clever enough to tell me that this is obviously a capitalistic trap. Hideously talked of some principles without proving anything yet again came from mouth of whom that still live under the heavenly warm armpit of their parents; I suggest 'em to deal with the real world instead of babbling about the state of utopia whenever someone easily started to proclaimed on being a freeman.

To tell you the truth, I'm actually in the hibernation period of time... and some meditations would do it just fine. So, I'm not interested in someone asking me about my job etc. As I see it's not so important to be talked about. Plus I'm also not interested in asking someone about his/her job until it speaks naturally about the subject had been mentioned previously. Then, we'll start a conversation on which related according to what it takes.

And recently I have gather all the interviews, articles and artworks that I've made since aeons ago, which are not yet being released. So, expect these materials to be concluded in 'A Dream?' number 3 and 'Diriku Untuk Dijual' number 8 that has been planned to be released in this year, 2007. It might be released on September, or perhaps at the end of December. No exact deadlines for now, but I'd like to make it as a vow that this time both of it are worth waiting for. Yes, it sounds a little bit pretentious... I admitted, but... well, time will tell anyway.

Okay, that's all for now. Take care, you earthlings.


zeezam said...

nice to knw that kau masih membuat zine :D
let me know bila dah rilis ok?

Zach Van Alley said...

Yes, aku masih buat zine.

Nanti aku beritahu bila sudah terbit.