Friday, October 31, 2008

nothingness in the depth of emptiness.

Before I begin my rambling I just want to warn you that this entry would be one of the corniest entries ever made from the entire life of this blog existence. Please be puked now or you’ll be unable to read the following texts that will be spouting out right after this. Okay, let me start. Nowadays money seems to be the most important thing to have in order to continue this vicious circle of life. Money is the joy of life, “live life to the fullest”, the wise man said long before. When it has been said beforehand, I couldn’t agree that much as my mind keeps trembling up and down, left and right, back and forth. Flashback aeons ago, I wouldn’t care much as… okay, zip it up! Let’s cut the crap…

Actually I have nothing to say right now. Associated with the state of ‘nothing to say’ mode, I’ve discovered something worth checking out: ‘The art of doing nothing’. Oh really? Doing nothing can be considered as an artsy work? To broaden such belief, someone has also found it as an act of Zen. What’s this all about anyway?

Click here to find out more

Unbelievable, huh? Let’s try it now!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

plik plak

Despite of the mild accusation made by my wife, actually I rarely update my blog compared to other usual blog-junkies that will log in everyday especially during office hour and will leave at least an entry of their daily report etc. I instead will spend my weekdays in a drawing studio, having daily classes or waiting for students to come to consult artworks on Tuesday of which the only day that I have no class. But recently my Tuesday being seized when I also have to teach this new class which held on that day; there goes my only ‘no class’ day and I will be a slave by day like anybody else does. No more blogging (and perhaps, facebooking) during office hour. I admit that I’m also a lazy bone myself, but this workload never fails to get me to run here and there with a full force in order to complete it ‘perfectly’. There are a lot of tasks need to be done this week, those comprised with:

+ weekly meeting with resource department according to application of facilities (me in charge of sending and signing the form).
+ mark figure drawing assignments (which approximately consist of 120 students in total).
+ call up problematic students for consultation sessions.
+ update lecturers’ performance report to management.
+ update weekly submission of assignments by students.
+ update module outline and handbook (five modules to be updated).
+ update module meeting (five modules to be updated monthly).
+ maintaining the entire Life Drawing studios (five parts/rooms of it).

Okay, I’ll stop. No matter how long the list I put in here, these works will never be finished as it will always be kept coming day by day. And expectations from superior are rather sickening… hmm… that would be another story.

As Leila put in blog about her personal stuff, thus I’m also wanted to reveal a bit of mine:

+ play badminton with colleagues every Thursday after working hour.
+ reading tons of book & magazines that I bought from the last few weeks (and months).
+ listening to CDs I bought from the last few months (and years).
+ watching the 2001: A Space Odyssey again (and it’s torturing to say the least).
+ exercise (yeah, same goes to my wife).
+ making new sketches and artworks.
+ currently relief because my sis and her friend already going back to hometown safely.
+ want to ride my motorbike again and try make it on a regular basis.

Some stuff that I want to buy or do (most of it the same with my wife):

+ laptop! We’re computer and internet freaks, enough said.
+ a bicycle. I like cycling. I had this one mountain bike once and I think it’ll be cool if I bought new one for a second time.
+ an electric guitar and amplifiers that will be able to make some droning sounds for me to drool with.
+ rent a hotel in Melaka for sexy times with wife before attending a wedding the next day.
+ Tioman vacation!
+ new sneakers (any brand will do, as long as it’s comfy) and new backpack (or this Seclusion Travel Pack).
+ more nature and tree hugging activities.
+ this one is classic; I want to finish the entire over delayed projects such as a release of CDEP of my band and a zine… a bloody zine.

Yeah, yeah, we’ve spent our hard earned money on our wedding, celebrating Eid, credit cards payment and my lil’ sister visiting. Plus I lost 150 bucks last week, I dunno whether it was misplaced or I dropped it somewhere. It was my fault though. October is indeed really a challenging month for us I must say.

Our upcoming honeymoon trip to Phuket would be the perfect time for us two to rest a bit, along with to escape from a daily norm which is somehow cliché and mundane.

After that, perhaps everything goes back to normal.


+ Please browse Plik Plak if you have some extra times of your precious life. Thank you.