Friday, October 31, 2008

nothingness in the depth of emptiness.

Before I begin my rambling I just want to warn you that this entry would be one of the corniest entries ever made from the entire life of this blog existence. Please be puked now or you’ll be unable to read the following texts that will be spouting out right after this. Okay, let me start. Nowadays money seems to be the most important thing to have in order to continue this vicious circle of life. Money is the joy of life, “live life to the fullest”, the wise man said long before. When it has been said beforehand, I couldn’t agree that much as my mind keeps trembling up and down, left and right, back and forth. Flashback aeons ago, I wouldn’t care much as… okay, zip it up! Let’s cut the crap…

Actually I have nothing to say right now. Associated with the state of ‘nothing to say’ mode, I’ve discovered something worth checking out: ‘The art of doing nothing’. Oh really? Doing nothing can be considered as an artsy work? To broaden such belief, someone has also found it as an act of Zen. What’s this all about anyway?

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Unbelievable, huh? Let’s try it now!

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