Monday, April 21, 2008


Yes, again it was Banksy who did that. This is notably his latest and biggest work to date. The CCTV indeed failed to catch him. Bravo!

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Rotten worker...

It has been confirmed that the Coldworker second album, “Rotting Paradise” will be released on May 13th, 2008 worldwide.

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The kingdom has come!

The new album of Cult of Luna is done. The not ‘so long awaited’ (since 2006’s much admired “Somewhere Along the Highway”) fifth full length album is called "Eternal Kingdom” and it will be released on June 16th in Europe and July 8th in the US. It has been said by their guitarist Erik Olofsson that this album is a very HEAVY, STRONG and PROGRESSIVE. A friend of mine once said that Cult of Luna is a perfect example of emo cluster who are trying to play heavy music and succeeded to maintain its artistic demeanor on which being able to captivate so many doomster out there to bow down to their fraudulent. So fucking what? I’ve been following their progression since the first split 7” with Switchblade circa 1999/2000. And you know what? They’re still maintaining their sound since then and make it heavier and wiser on every release thereafter up until now. Enough said.

So, what else do we want from them anyway? I believe this one could be more artful shrewder!

Monday, April 14, 2008


+ Moment captured by Fahmi Ismail on December 22nd, 2007.

For me, this should be coined as a photo of the year.

Yes, it is priceless… yet personal.

Both of them, I love. :)

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Fitna [+ - x / =].

Ketika pemerintah Indonesia semakin hari semakin pintar,
dua situs file sharing yang sangat penting untuk mempertahankan eksistensi musik death metal di tanah air yaitu Myspace dan YouTube telah di blokir dengan alasan yang tidak rasional. Menurut kabar dan cerita dari beberapa rekan kami yang kebetulan "jago-jago komputer" pemerintah Indonesick-a telah merekrut ahli-ahli IT dengan memakan biaya trilyunan...!!! Tapi lihatlah kami...Jasad adalah orang-orang bodoh yang tidak mempunyai ijazah IT masih tetap bisa membuka locking mereka, kami menganggap pemerintah telah membuat kesalahan besar, kecerobohan dengan menghambur-hamburkan uang negara hanya untuk melarang sebuah film kontroversial "Fitna" dengan cara memblok semua file sharing yang ada, atau hanya sebuah alasan dan proporsal untuk kesempatan korupsi yang nilainya sangat besar ??? Semua band Death Metal Indonesia yang mempunyai account Myspace disini mempunyai satu tujuan dan tekad yang sama..."Membuat Indonesia Eksis" !!!! Sangat-sangat ironis... ketika semua kreativitas mulai terpasung dan ditikam dari dalam…”,
- Jasad (Indonesian Death Metal).

Firstly, may I laugh before I begin any of my assumption? Haha! Alright, this is utterly out of mind and ridiculous. Despite of Malaysia government try to hijack the oppositions/left-wings political blogs, Indonesia government acted more even worse. Blocking such information couldn’t solve anything; it’ll just make more daze and confuse notions towards it. Nonsense censorship like this will only lead to haywire of public disagreement. According to the ‘trusted’ sources, it’s not just MySpace and YouTube being banned in Indonesia, but it’s also including LiveLeak, Rapidshare, Multiply, Metacafe, Video.Google as well with which facing the same obstacle occurred on April 8th, began with YouTube alone on April 5th. Surely, in the rapid changing world of information and technology, a restriction like this could be pain in the ass for them or anyone who dealing with it.

But the ban has already ended on April 10th after such consideration. For the sake of our Indonesian comrades, I hope this will not happen again.

By the way, since most of the file sharing tools abovementioned are still legal and not yet being banned in Malaysia, so you can watch the trailer [here] without doubt. And now, it’s up to you to think for yourself.

Though, the statement of ‘dua situs file sharing yang sangat penting mempertahankan eksistensi musik death metal di tanah air yaitu Myspace dan YouTube…’ is absurd and illogical. No, MySpace and YouTube (or any file sharing gizmos) aren’t the important tools to preserve your ‘National Death Metal’ existence. I disagree on that. Perhaps Tom Anderson and Steve Chen are happy by the time they read your announcement nonetheless. Remember the good old days, where we were doing snail mail posting and zine/tape trading among friends both locally and worldwide? Furthermore, I must say that the physical of stuffs we seize in our hands are pretty much more valuable than those ‘files’ that we put into folders.

Isn’t it true enough?

I think, it is now the best time to get back to our basic.

Snail mail or fuckin’ die!

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Talib Joe in da house!

+ Picture by Talib Joe himself.

This is an interview with Abdul Mutalib Ja’amat (or Talib Joe) of ‘East Rage’, ‘No More Tears’, ‘Prasasti Hujung Langit’ & Revulsion Records done by me in 2004 as it was planned to be put in ‘A Dream ?’ number 3. Due to the late reply by Talib Joe this interview only can be read in 2008! It takes about 4 years to finish this hellish interview? What a long delay, man! But, I do think that most of the questions and answers here still relevant until today. I’m also plan to put this interview in the ‘In Capital We Trust’ zine that’s soon to be released this year. It’ll be a long path of reading and in depth interview anyway, so let’s begin. Love this guy or go die!

1. Hi Talib Joe! How are you these days? I’m glad to see you still active in this ‘scene’ and get to you answer this interview. Great to have you appear in ‘A Dream?’. Introduce yourself please…

Hi Zaki, I am fine, thank you. I just got some terrible headache (quite trouble for me) while I am answering your interview. I think I should go to have some medical check up to see what’s going on to me. It has been along time since the first time I get this. But never mind, I think I still could handle with this. Yes, I am still active and still standing tightly days by day. And perhaps I will be like what I am right now for these coming years forever. Hey man, you are the one who made me just like what I am now. Maybe I got to be quit from this scene long ago if I never meet so many nice people, including you! About this interview, I never imagine to be interview by you. One of my idol (kill your idols? Fuck! That is not the point right now. I just make someone as the one who inspire me a lot.) Interview me, it is really an honor for me to be appear in A Dream?. One of the best zine I ever read. Thank you very much for your trust. I will try my best for this. About me, my name is Abdul Mutalib Ja’amat, 20 years old this coming September, quite low profile (maybe), taking my certificate in information technology at Johor Bahru Polytechnic. Quite nice person (I hope so!), in a relation with someone out there, enjoy eating and sleeping a lot. Always making someone else bored with me. I am editor of quite bored + worst newsletter, East Rage (a very long time got no new issue, wait for this among this two or three month), very emotional yet bored zine, No More Tears. Running a small distro under the same name as my zine called No More Tears Distro. Before I forget, I come from Parit Raja, Batu Pahat, Johor. I think that’s all for my introduction (seems to be too long isn’t?). What ever it takes, I just wanna thank you for giving me a chance to answer all these challenge questions. I am really sorry if I could not answer it very good, this is my second interview, and what I really can’t imagine is it is in English. As I am not good on this, so if there is anything unclear, just let me know. We can talk more about it.

2. While the name of your zine is in English which is ‘No More Tears’, the content is in Malay language… when will the content follow the same leagues as its name had been appeared? I mean, is it any possibility to see ‘No More Tears’ will be produced in English?

About No More Tears, surely it is in Malay language, whether the name is in English. The reason is I think I am not ready enough to make it in English. I’d prefer to use bahasa to do it, coz I still cannot write well on English. Otherwise, I am afraid I could not tell or give my full ideas if use this. There are lots of words in English that I don’t know. As I had make some research (by my own), sometime, the ideas or motive for what we say may not come to the real place if we try to use another language (for the one who do not good on that stuff). About having No More Tears will be produced in English, I think it is not possible. But maybe not this two years. I am still improving my English as I will do so. Just wait and see for my appearance. I know that it is better if the zine is writing in English, because the ideas will get more attention from all over the world. But for this two or three years, I think I prefer spread my ideas right here in Malaysia.

3. Is it such a tiring for you to write/doing a zine like ‘No More Tears’ all these while? This 2004 you’ve reached 20… then, how’s life treating you lately?

For sure it is really a tired job to write/doing a zine. I think you know as you have done this for many years. It takes us so many times, full commitment and so many sacrifices to get it real. And I think all of us want the best for what we do, so this is the most important and hurt to do, and I have try all my best to make No More Tears really alive just like what you see now. For your information, No More Tears really take so many times to be release as I am a very lazy person. But when you got to be asking for my project zine all these years, it makes me enthusiasm to do so. And Alhamdulillah, here it is. Perhaps this year, my second issue will be out. I am searching for stuff or anything to be put in my zine. So if anyone wants to contribute on making this real, just let me know. Write to me or just mail me. Yes, I am 20 years old this year, and this is what really makes me quite uncomfortable with my age. It is because; you got to be an aged person. The increase of our age means the increase of our responsibility, our hopes, our dreams (getting marry, have children and so on). This is what makes me becoming a thinker and hoping that I will be better and better person. Everyone have there own dream, and this including me, myself. Life really hurt to be face. It’s really hurt! When so many things come to us, whether we ready or not, we have to face it. I always heard everyone keep saying, life is suck, fucked up etc. but the truth is that’s life man. We have to face all the things and be more perfect and concern about it. That’s why we’re being created. I got to faced so many problems and so many other things these past few years. And what make me really happy and proud to be myself is, I could stand still right here as my own self; with so many supports from my parents, family and all my friends. Life being like this coz it wants to make us better, want us to know what life really means. Want us to feel what the others feel. That is life for me.

4. Currently you’re studying in Polytechnic, Johor Bahru as far as I’m concerned. So, how you separate your time between studies and scene activities? Is there any problem to cope with your surrounding since you’re ‘differ’ to others in senses of thinking, perhaps behavior etc?

Thanks for your concern about me. Yes, I am currently studying in Johor Bahru Polytechnic, taking my certificate. And this really makes me getting busier with all my responsibility: My life, study, scene (zine, distro, newsletter), love and so on. I think for this while, I still could separate my time with all the studies and scene activities. But on some case, I have to push myself more into study, coz it is important for me. I try to make sure that all my activities do not disturb my studies in what ever it takes. Just sometimes maybe I am going to be too careless with my studies. That is me, Talib. Sometimes I just could not be the best I can be. I could not escape from those silly and danger things, laziness. About how I cope with my surrounding, hey this is really suck and hurt man. Everyone seems to be different from you in some ways. But the truth is, we are one of them, whether we are realized or not, we have to be with them. We have to think and learn how does the system of humans really is. Yes, we are quite different from them, maybe in senses of thinking, actions, ideas etc but that is how you want to be more realistic, forget what ever they told you. Whatever they called you, just try to be our own self. Try to change their perspective and ideas in everything as many as we can. Try to make them realize what they are doing right now. Try to tell them what is really happen. That is what we have to be and do, not just thinking that we are different from them, so we cannot be with them. I am keep trying and asking everyone whether sometime they really not accept in what ever I done and I think. Lastly, I think I just do what ever I want and I really don’t care what ever they want to call me. That is me, I got my own ideas, perception and others thing in my life. They should understand about myself as I have done so to them. But one thing for sure, they are so many nice and great people out there whether they are into this scene or not. Sometimes they are better than us, so try to learn from them. Don’t just think that we are better than them so they are all just wasting of times. Think back, who are the one worst the most. It is us! For me, as far as I know, they are lots of thing that should be different and seems weird for them. That is what I get from the past few years being one of these creatures. Thanks guys!

5. Concerning to ‘East Rage’, I think it’s not much different compared with ‘No More Tears’ in order of the content being delivered, but ‘No More Tears’ way too emotional and more personal to me… as ‘East Rage’ from what I see is very much sensible with its optimistic view point, plus its readers friendly make it even easier to read and understand. Can you please tell me about the different between ‘No More Tears’ and ‘East Rage’ except about the intensity of pages, its size and format?

Thank you for your attention with that matter. For me both of them don’t have lots of different, just the way of how the ideas carried and the language itself. East Rage using a straight forward language and ideas, and I think this is the better way to spread the message and ideas deeply. While No More Tears (NMT) for expression of my heart and ideas sharing, no matter towards the scene or life itself and you can consider it as personal zine; so, no big expectation for NMT for the time being. It’s not about I don’t want to be serious, but I have my own way to deliver the ideas. Don’t be too serious as the happiness and joy still needed. Sometime our expression is even honest on the way how it’s been deliver as well as the contents.

6. Do you consume drugs? Beer? Vegetarian / vegan?

I am drug free and I wish I could be like what I am for the whole of my life. As I learn and realize, drugs give nothing to me. Isn’t it? Hey, it’s up to you to consume any of the beers, marijuana, heroines etc as long as you never make any forced or injustice to the world. What I mean here is, just don’t make what you take control your own self. That is fucked up man. Don’t you realize that all that things will only worst your life? Hmm its up to you guys as I am not trying to be some hardliner or something else. Just think before you take those entire things. For me myself, I still could stand on my own feet, and I hope that will be last forever. And I don’t need anything to solve my problem (this is one of the reason why someone get to be drunk or something else), to have a fun, to be cool (maybe). I could accept you as my friends whether you are consuming drugs as you not pushing me to do what ever you do. One more thing is I could not accept if you want to have some drugs, and on that time you do not have enough money, so you ask your friend (who do not consume any drugs) to buy it for you. Man that is suck! I am not trying to talk more about this coz it just worth nothing to me. Vegetarian / vegan, this is one of the good things I discovered from this scene, believe it or not! I think it is good as we see nowadays there so many abused to the animal itself. Sometimes the wasted is too much. If I am not mistaken, one of the most adorable multinational fast food (maybe all of them) waste more than 2 or 3 tones of foods just to produced only one or half tones of meat. Isn’t that sounds too much? I knew that animal and so many others thing being created for us (to have some foods, shelter, health, clothes etc) but when something get to be too much extreme, than this will worst the entire thing. Back to the root of the creation of the animals, (if I am not mistaken, again), animals is created thousand years before humans. On the time I answer this interview, I have been trying to be a vegetarian/vegan for almost three or fourth month. It’s really great to do so, as I can relate something I really adore and respect. And this is not because I wanna get attention from anyone out there; just trying and want to know how it feels to be so. As for the experience, honestly I would say that, to be a vegetarian/vegan is something really hard here in Malaysia especially to someone who lives with their parent or family. Hopefully they could understand. I am vegetarian as long as I could do so. Hey, it’s great.

7. H86400 directly reminds me of H8000! What’s the main purpose to have a name for your ‘community’, as from what I’ve seen every movement/group that has a name to be sheltered with was about to collapse in next two or three years after, which is sometimes like a joke? In case of example, look at ‘Dekalb Satanarchy’ scene, disappeared perfectly from hc/punk map after the tragic disbanded of our beloved ‘youth-powerviolence-attack’ hero; Charles Bronson! Are H86400 will follow the same legacy as what Dekalb did? If not, is there any confirmation that will prove the H86400 will even going stronger for the next near future? Any great event happens for H86400 lately?

Actually the ideas itself come from H80000 but we change it in our own way. Personally, I believe that name play a big role in each thing we do. It shows something regarding the ideas and the community itself. For example, our own name and I think labeling doesn’t give any problem but another good solution for us to know each other better. Can you imagine people without name? Community or collective giving lots of better achievement in many way. Just we could find that lots of them remain silence or maybe death after year or two. In Malaysia, we have/had Callus Collective, KOOF, KLHC, NOSC, Black Commune, A Resistance, Revolt And Chaos, Aksi Anti Perkauman, etc. even though some of them lost or inactive, there will be more collective appear maybe by the people behind the past movement or new peoples. For me, we still need to discuss why some of the collective lost or going down and the facts why lots of problem appear on that particular collective. To name a few reasons: The greed to get their name famous, different ideas, or the first reason for only to have their own community/collective without the passion or good relation and awareness. We, in H86400 collectively never made any laws or manifesto just to get recognition, but just to make sure that we are here as an active collective. The collective itself giving us the spirits and courage to be active and standing strong. Wipe all those kind of bad rumors and backstabber. As for the activities, we are organizing one event called ‘Independent As Hell’ yearly in August to make sure that we will always realize how much doctrines and propaganda made by the government to make sure that peoples will be their national conformist. Last year, we support for the A Resistance Collective Tour and Workshop.

8. On talking about Batu Pahat, Johor that’s where you’re from… I’ve been thinking of a zine named, ‘Beyond Ethica’ done by the guy who also did ‘Resolution Apache’ (if I’m not wrong) which also came from Batu Pahat, do you know him? I’m just curious to know. By the way, as related to this guy, things came in my mind why there are many good people which is idealistic and have something to offer been faded just like that? Are there any possibilities that proving where there are no promises to the people which actively involved in this scene will succeed in their life? Or maybe hc/punk ruined their life? Comment please…

Hehe… I don’t know that person, but I think I got the chance to read Resolution Apache or an interview with him. Hardly to remember but yeah, I’m not that good at finding people at my own hometown, hahahaha. So back to the question, I think the most important thing on this issue is the passionate, sincerity, and how tough will you be to make sure that you will be true with the ethic or anything you believe now. This is the main reason why we will find that lots of idealistic or have something to offer faded or ‘lost’. Hahaha. But for some reason, I believe that those guys/gurls will have something different in their thought and ideas in which will be bring different for them in life itself even they are not in the scene anymore. Yeah, for sure there will be no prove that people in the scene will succeed in their life, but yet the fact or dogmatic ideas of success in life itself need lots of discussion. As for what I believe, all that kind of life succeeds is just set of mind. The most important is how you bring the idealistic or counter culture of the ideas in life. For some reason, I think lots of our friends whom faded away will talk bullshit in which they said that we are totally wrong, lost or else. This is the one I will said you are wiping back your spit. Ruined life? Maybe for the society we are ruining our life, but yeah, you know who you are and how you want to manipulate their words and lies.

9. Are there any good bands from Batu Pahat you want to introduce me? What’s your favourite band locally? Globally?

Hey,here in Batu Pahat we got so many talented bands ever exist since the first time hardcore punk came across the border. If I am not mistaken, we got Chaos Between Community (rip, controversial band, but I don’t know much about that and I don’t want to be blind conformist as others blame them, I am still searching for this guys until now), Crestfallen (emocore, don’t know whether it is still exist or not) some guys from this band now are performing some new band like Short Beach Wankers (punk rock), Catran and so on. Before this, I got to know that there is one project band called Left Behind (don’t know much bout this band). And right now, some bands that I know are Crime Scene (they play on Independent As Hell Part 3 before). One that I really recommended is The Last Hope. They play kinda metalcore or something like that. This guys kick ass man. They had played their first shows last two month in Johor Bahru. Got one demo and will be on a split with In Front Of Behind (Indonesia) under my label. I can say this band worth your attention. They just got new second vocal that will make them rawer and powerful! Hahaha, perhaps I am not telling too much about this band coz we got different thought. Just wait for their stuff. We have Zero February, play kinda metallic emo coming from Parit Raja. Played one gig so far (they are great man!), Semerepang (back from long hiatus) and definitely, Nostalgia (our beloved old skool heroes). Other than that I got no comment coz I really don’t know much about the whole of Batu Pahat. As I myself, I like grindcore, hardcore, old skool, power violence, metalcore, death metal, sludge, crust, screamo, thrash, fastcore, emo, or anything that could suit with my ears. Locally, I like Mass Separation, Recontsruct, Nostalgia, Nyi-Blorong, Fast Game, Banzai 606, Parkinson, Blister, Parkinson, SMG, Infinite Delay, Daighila, Sarjan Hassan, Tools of The Trade, Kias Fansuri and so many others. Globally, I love URGExx, Eyeless, Setara, Deathside, Gangs Up On Against, Fallen World, He Who Corrupts, Agents of Abhorrence, Discordance Axis, Gride, See You In Hell, Unholy Grave, Denak, and so many other great bands. They are always influence me whether in music or in lyrics. Simply, I love anything that could suitable to my ears and my style.

10. Talking about political aspect, how political situation in both of Malaysia government role and Malaysian scene affect you much in deliver some ideas, along with the way you looking at this life and the way of your thinking/act? Are you considered yourself political? Anarchist?

I think for the whole of my life, the political situation in Malaysia affect me lots on delivering ideas and how I role my life back. Back to my childhood time, I think I’ve been indoctrinated with all those kind of political views and being such a blind conformist to the government. Luckily when I was 14, there was a big reformation in Malaysia and that had caught my attention and make me rethink back of the truth and lies between government, non-government and lots of others. I’ve seen the worst scenarios when people going mad and greed because of power and money. Yeah, but I still keep on learning to not to be manipulated and oppressed by them. And once I got to know hc/punk, I become more concern regarding about political view, ideas and others. This give me lots of changed and make me even better and make logical decision with lots of think, explore, learn and respect. In my past few years, I’ve been introduce to anarchist and I think this is another way of solution to keep out from those capitalistic era and indoctrination. I’ve learn about it from journals, encyclopedias, articles, zines and lots more, and chose to be an anarchist as the counter culture of my life. But then, I think after few years, I’m not belong to any of those political ideas as I think the most important thing to do is about our own self. Anarchist is one of the best ideas but yet to achieve this will gonna take lots of sacrifice and the most important things is the peoples itself. I think even though we can achieve that, there will be some of us still have the greedy to be the most powerful people or even just to be the highest between others. So, I think I’d rather say I’m an evolving anarchist with my own way. Hahaha…

11. Finally we’ve got ourselves our own version of National Service starting early year of 2004, so how you define this agenda and what do you think about it? Also there’s ANSARA seek funding to help poor student in getting education easier, but the ironic side was why there are millions buck been feed towards National Service program, instead of should be giving it to the education itself in the first place… is military service more important than education itself? Or is it in the next near future education based on military purpose will be the main target for all young generation? Need your further view upon this matter.

Yeah, finally we got this National Service or better known as PLKN (Program Latihan Khidmat Negara) in Bahasa. This is another agenda set up by the government to make sure all the adults and youths to be in their control, perhaps. From my point of view, even the motive is to educate the youth, but yet, you should think back of their back agenda and lots of others issue being set up behind the scene. From my experience and friends from others country like Singapore, this have been set up years earlier than Malaysia and it have successful taken all the people to be in their claws and system. After years installed and run, I found the hectic and lame behind this thing are all those propaganda made by the government itself to promote how good National Service to discipline and train the youth to be even ‘better’ people. And yeah, all these agenda will be use by the government itself to make sure there will be in the safe condition. Education doesn’t need any form of military purpose as this will only lead to destruction and creating the seed of war. Even though they keep on promoting this as one way of preparation if there are any enemy of the state. Promoting violence and weapon used will only lead to violence and worst scenario. Maybe only in one way this is good, but the rest won’t worth it. I still believe that the aspect of studies and also the way of the education being setup itself should be reorganize and analyze for a better people in their way of thinking. Help the youth with their need not giving them what that should not get. We are not animals and yet have our own mind to think. That’s all!

12. What’s the first thing came in mind when starting ‘No More Tears Distro’? When it gets started? What’s your aim in running a distribution? Instead of doing by yourself all alone, are there any hands that had been helping you to get things well organized?

Regarding about my distro, the first thing come in my mind is that I want to be part of the scene. As for me, it was really hard for me to get stuff from others especially overseas/foreign stuffs ie; CDs, tapes and LPs. The other reason was I want to distribute some of my friend’s stuff to the scene to get bigger and bigger. No More Tears Distro and records being set up somewhere aroung 2002/03 when I still in Kuantan. I also run this distribution to get more stuffs from friends with the easiest or cheapest way (for sure I am). And helping bands and editor to distribute their releases, stuffs and ideas is the biggest part to start the distribution. For the time being, I run this with my own effort but still I got helping hand from lots of our friends out there. And this proves how the diy networks make their own revolution and solution to minimize the capitalist system. (As for 2007, No More Tears Records/Distribution is now defunct and I’m starting new records label collectively with some goods friends and this one will be even better and well organize. The name will be Revulsion Records and you can check it out through

13. Complete these sentences: He’s eating pizza while I’m shitting in my pant happily without him knowing what’s really happens…

… I easily ignoring him and try to get out from him as I’m so bored being with him all day long. And the fact that I’m vegetarian is giving me pain when I see him eating lots of others that I can’t. Damn!

14. I do believe that you’re book worm aren’t you? What’s the book that had caught your attention much presently? What you expect being included in the book that made you like to read? How about zine? Which zine that you like most? What are the criteria of the zine that will make you said it was great, good etc?

Hahaha, I’m not that good as I will only read when I got my free time. Not till I could be claim as book worm. (Hey, I remember one porn movie call book worm bitches, hahaha, damn!) I think lots of books had caught my attention, will it be science fiction, history, political view and lots of others. What I really want on the book that I read is the plot, the ideas, the moral, humors and most important how they attract readers to continuing until finish the book. As for the zine, I like most of Malaysian/Singapore and Indonesia zines and lots other from oversea and the list goes with Detention, Roots, A Dream? Sadis, Cronically Donut, Rebellious Sickness, Xerox, Ganyang, HaC, MRR, Hell and Damnation, Mageslakt and lots more. I think if the zine give us the package of good articles and issues, informative and brilliant interviews and information about the scene and the main part the layout and how the graphic giving us passion and attraction to finish our reading. And the ideas that caught our attention and communication that gonna be built in the future between readers and editors is another part of making zine.

15. Any great event happens there publicly? What’s the last event/show/gig that you’ve attended lately? When? Was it great?

I have forgotten any latest show I attend in the past few weeks. Hahaha, but for sure every each show have their own memories and something to remember. Just I try to enjoy each of show/event I attend to make sure there are something goods to be shared and remembered.

16. After years you getting involved in this phenomenon called ‘scene’…what you’ve got through this? What you’ve expected to gain in the first place when you’ve decided to entered in before? What’s the condition that you hope for to be adapted and to be practiced logically/practically within hc/punk scene?

For the time I’m answering this interview, I have been discussing with lots of my friends regarding about the problem of the scenester facing nowadays. Some of them which make us very sick are racial prejudice and discrimination towards gay/lesbian (homophobic) which I think should be something lame. This is because one of the ideas of hardcore punk is to abolish any form of discrimination. From what I see, all of our friends right now joining hardcore punk just for the sake of music and trying to be cool or different from others. Without knowing and realizing how important those issues in our daily life, all these sheep continuing make statement or speech blaming how the sick with gays/lesbians and also to the immigrants. And the biggest part of this when they use their religious believe to smash up the blame towards them on homophobic issue. The hectic thing when this kind of people just using religious thought and laws as their escapism which I believe, they themselves don’t even know what their real believe is. The simple words for this kind of peoples will be Secular Muslims (which I’m now talking about all those Muslims punk and hardcore). Being a sheep and blind conformist is totally self denial and yet being ignorant and yet escapist in the name of religious conformist is even worst. If you really want to follow your believe, please, please and please never put one thing on their place while others is not. That will be totally lame and bullshits! Leave this scene and change yourself for your better future life. Discrimination will be totally out from this scene. Aha, one more things is I found that nowadays, we will very lucky to find that lots of our friends out there believe and yet joining one totally racial organization or what ever you want to call it. If you ever heard of this one word; PEKIDA, you are lucky enough to find that there are lots of racial gangster and religious bullshit trying to mix hardcore punk and their clan and believe. While knowing that hardcore punk totally against racism, this people keep on pretending like PEKIDA itself isn’t a big problem. These kinds of people I think fighting for their race pride and yet acting even cooler in the name of their religion. Are you trying to make fools of us or what? The saddest part will part of them isn’t new peoples in the so called scene. Please keep out your ‘special right’ of your races down to your ass and be real. Wake up and get your life man. That’s all I need to say about this kind of bullshit friends…aha… I open this for discussion and big issue to face off this coming year!

17. What's your opinion to plastic images of models in some fashion magazines that being appeared gloriously to promoting those wasted crap product towards readers/spectators, which is after many years human condition (especially in this globalization era!) being measured by those media that they're not cool enough, not beautiful, not fit enough, not included in 'selected circles', not this, not that etc... so that they (human) will keep consume those product in order to get those cool, beautiful, fit etc just like the images of those 'appealed models' that they've exhibited? Not just the 'normal' people being hypnotized, as we can see randomly there are also have numbers of people in the scene which care too much about what they've to wear, to act etc for their outlook rather than care about the way of their thought which sometimes leads to hc/punk is more likely a fashion show that have a dress code to be followed which I can see is all pathetic. Need your views here.

On talking about the plastic images created by those capitalist corporation which will never been stopped, I think this is another set of mind and another way on how the capitalist want peoples to keep on consuming their products. Which I think can’t be stop either by you or anybody else in the world. From what I ever heard and learn, capitalist is the owner or creator of the world nowadays, in economics, socials and even political. Capitalist itself creating what should be consume, wears, do or don’t and lots more. There are the one who controlling the culture of our mother earth. We are even born by their dirty hands without us realizing the fact that we have been creating for the sake of their mission and greed. So, back to our discussion on how this plastic images controlling ourselves to keep on consuming and being another jerk to fit in the society. Yeah, this problem won’t stop until you die as the set of mind which controlling the view of life. You need to keep on track to make sure that you won’t be left behind, and this is why you will be oppressed by your own need. Being cool or beautiful and yet fitting with the society will abuse and hypnotized yourself. And the best thing is the fashions and cultures won’t stop evolving even you buy the whole of KLCC perhaps. So, don’t worry that you will be able to fit in with the culture as you will be another victim. Minimizing is the best way, while maximizing your ethical conduct will be a good solution for this. Even our friends in hardcore punk itself will never be able to escape from this as the greed and need to be cool and attract to peoples out there still rotting your brain and ideas. I think discussion about this matter will take lots of view and times which we should put ourselves in different ways. Punk hardcore itself is counter culture of the capitalistic system, so nothing much I should bold and state on here. Think, respect and act in your own.

18. You’ve talked so many times about love and I’d like to know how you define love from your own perspective. If love is an object that can be hold, touch, feel etc… what it’ll gonna be like? In your life, who you love most?

Haha, this is tricky man. I think this will be real hard to talk back about love. This completely can’t be defined by us in words. Love for me is one big and deep feeling that we create or come itself from our heart to other human being, animals or even the nature itself. Even love towards the thing that we like such as music, games, etc. Talking about the love between human being, for me this kind of feeling is something comes spontaneously when we fall in love or the care of us to them. Hye, it’s so hard to describe, but the best thing is to feel it ourselves and define it by our own. I think the best object to define love is the roses, which is beautiful to see but yet hurt to feel or touch. In my life, I really love my mum, dad and siblings, friends all over the world, and yeah, our mother earth! Hye, for sure I really love my special girlfriend that has been with me for most of the time since the day I knew her. Thank you so much to her for being here and understand what I love and hate, also for the happiness and sadness that we shared together. That’s all!

19. It’s so tricky when reading your zine! Why backward? Is it such tend to be different… or are you actually have claimed yourself as different? Or do you feel it’s cool to be different? What’s the definition of different and being different from your opinion?

The ideas come when I help one of my friends to finish a birthday card. On that time actually we have misprint it backward. And to save the cost, I advice him to let it be backward and this will be kind of different from the others. But, he won’t accept this so I took the ideas for my own zine. In fact that I really love manga, comics and anime from Japan and Hong Kong and this have been the main reason for this. Also, on the time I make the zine, there are lots of normal zine whether with the contents and lay out. Sometime it makes us bored to read them and this is one solution for the problem as well as to be attractive. But another problem occurred as my zine was more into personal writings which resulting difficulty for the readers with the next chapter or articles. Yeah, I tend to be different from the others and the way how I introduce is to attract people/readers to share my thought and ideas. I’m different from the society which I believe I am aware and concern on some issue that sometime others people won’t take part. I really hope that I will be able to be a medium or reminder to the society, community and me myself from time to time.

20. In column ‘Mengejar Cinta Yang Telah Hilang’ is great even though it was about a guy whom pisses so much about his failure of love towards his long term dream girl. I’ve seen it was all about an optimistic even if we’ve failed in something we’ve aimed in a long time period. Kudos to Mohd Feazy… I hope he’ll getting better in writings and his life. Yup, this is not a question, this is just a statement! Hehe…

Hahaha, the column really caught my attention at first because I’ve been with him for almost all the time when the story took place. And I know almost each person of the story. Hahaha….yeah, failing and being numb is always being there for the lovers, just beware and watch your steps yeah!

21. The artwork at the front cover of ‘No More Tears’ rocks!!! Who made the artwork? What’s the idea that needs to be spread by that? Who’s your favourite artist though?

Sorry for disappointing you, actually the artwork was taken from the internet which you could say that I’m anime addict. I really love anime so much man! This past few years, I’ve grow up watching and addicting anime from Japan especially. And lots of their artwork was kept by me long time ago. And the front cover artwork was one of the best and suitable with the theme and issue that I want to bring on my first issue of No More Tears. Actually the idea behind the artwork was all about my feeling, my heart, and my full depression on that time. How I want to share with the others towards love and despair. And I think artwork, collage, hand drawing, or any other form of art is one kind of medium how people want to express their feeling, their sadness, their ideas or even their greatest work. I got lots of artist that caught my attention since I’m young. To name a few, Dato’ Lat, Leonardo da Vinci, Kenji DoDo, Husni SMG, Zaxx ‘A Dream?’, Mike Bukowsi and our Septic Death hero, Pushead!

22. “Thank you for everything, Sorry for nothing”. What’s the meaning behind that phrase? Just curious to know.

Actually that phrase got to be on my mind and my mouth when I got lost and being betrayed by my love one. That is in the past, something that I hope I could forget. On that time I am really disappointed for what she had done to me, I am always keep on thinking what ever I done. Whether I have do anything wrong or what. I just could not accept what she has done at the first place. And for what she had done to me, I really want to thanks her. Everything that we share together, great time, tears or anything else. That is what I want to thank her. She got to teach me lot of things, about life, love, hope, dreams and so many others. And I really feel sorry if I could not be the best for her so that she does all those things to me. That’s the entire story behind the phrase.

23. How much capitalist and multinational corporations have invaded your life? How much it has strengthened the value of your life instead? Are you financially ok?

I think that would be almost 80-90% and it still growing each day I consume something. But as for my belief on anarchist ideas, I am always try to minimize those with my own ideas and way of life. As people can see, I’m such a simple person, which doesn’t need for those fashionable and trying-to-fit-in like everyone in this so called life named system. I always try to maximize my ethical conduct and using my do it yourself ethic to keep on the track with my daily life. As long as I could, I will try for it! For sure, capitalist had been the biggest problem but yet in economical aspect, it will strengthen the way how you want to continue your life and consume their way of system. The most important thing is how we want to manipulate and make decision to make sure we won’t be other victims of the capitalist system. For the time being, I’m still financially not stable but trying to act one and set up the way how I want to control everything in the best way.

24. We take a step into global issue now and it’s getting even clich√© then. What’s your opinion towards what has happens in between USA and Iraq lately?

The simple way for me to say is, I hate the campaign and it just another tools how people want to conquer the whole economic and political situation of one country. War on terrorism is another form of terror which I see only resulting suffer and misery. I’m sick talking this since I was young but still nothing have change. People keep on talking about this, making movies, protest and lots more, but what we see is another war another institution of destruction. Help ourselves by making move and every step we choose to eliminate discrimination. Religious war is the biggest problem nowadays, and I really hate this. War creates misery and suffering of every each of us. Let us sleep well and finish up our life peacefully.

25. When speaking about moral, anyone will picture it as something has dealt with good and bad thing. So, how you picture ‘moral’ by yourself? Is moral actually is a set of mind built by society at large or individual themselves have setting about the level standard of the moral itself? Is it such a collective agreement had been made towards what moral actually is? So what happens to the individuality back then? What’s up with the ‘immoral’ though?

I’ve grown up in a society that holds lots of morality and orthodox believe. I’ve been told what do’s and don’t also what is good and what is bad. As I’ve grown up and think well bout life and the sick of the society, I think all of us indoctrinated by our own ancestor and for the sake of our government and the sickness system. All of this is another set of mind that will result most of the problems we are facing nowadays. Children never get their freedom to choose their own way as they will be punish or discriminate in the name of good or bad. For me moral it is another form of how people want to make them even better and rethink back what they have done and remember each mistake. In Malaysia, the society especially the villagers and religious people already set lots of moral and immoral laws and orders. This collectively accepted since the early of existence. Some of them set by the ruler to make sure that no one will ever resist and continuing obeying their rules. We can see people punish because of their resistance to make sure freedom and justice on its place. Hang Jebat, Laksamana Bentan, and lots other epic for us to be aware and set the standard of morality. Don’t forget other form of morality standard which you can easily realize once you make some mistake such as being gay/lesbian, prostitution, sexism and the list continue each day of our life. Welcome to the world of orthodox and morality stupidity!

26. How much times consume you in making of ‘No More Tears’ and ‘East Rage’?

I think I will depend on my situation and my free time. I believe this as my hobby and my passion so I don’t want it to be disturb by any problem like rushing and pressure on due date. As long as I feel happy then I’ll finish up every each zine. Also there are lots other reason for an issue to be publish like the contributions, how much time taken for the interviewer to answer our interview set and so on. For me, doing and editing zine/newsletter need passionate and our patient to make sure every each issue will be out on time.

27. Eating or sleeping? Which one you like most? Why?

Hey, at the time people read this, I have been evolving to be another different man. Yeah, it was really hard when people keep asking you why you are so fat or chubby, etc. And the best answer for that will be I’ve been born to eat. So I think I’d rather choose eating rather than sleeping. I am not an addict sleeper, but when I’m so tired I could be one for sure!

28. Birthday party or farewell party? Which one you like most? Why?

Can I choose both? For my whole life, I just got the chance to have my first farewell party last year, I mean in works. And this show how people appreciate you and showing your respect. And for birthday party, I rarely celebrate this but yeah, when people doing this for you, it shows that you are there for them and they are really happy with you. So I think I’d rather choose both of this. Hahahaha….

29. Tell me your opinions about the condition of mother earth nowadays. As it slowly down to rot, what's thing come to your mind that you think deserved to be heard by all those evil-richness-scumbag that keep continuously sucking those mineral greedily out from the soil?

Hell yeah! Our mother earth is rotting every each day and I think nothing will be solve as all the people that you claim as evil-richness-scumbag isn’t the only reason, but yeah, all the other people living on earth. The low of their ethical, civics and awareness on how important our environments and earth still the biggest problem. Polluting and destruction in the name of progress and civilization will end up with us lost our living places. I got no words for those kind of stupid and greed people, but one day, you will face what you have done back then. That’s all for the reminder. Global warming is your special present in your next birthday!

30. What’s your opinion on marriage and on having children? Did you find it necessary as a bond for a couple to keep on living together? Or is it such a state of mind (or psychology) in proving that they are already shared their life?

I think marriage isn’t the end of the relation, as for me it is just something we try to tell the world/friends that we gonna be with her/him. Sharing life doesn’t need us to make announcement or celebration, but yeah, living in the narrow minded and morality society, marriage is another way of how you want to protect yourself from being oppressed in the name of religious believes. Also, sometime the ideas of marriage will be needed as one of the ideas of sharing life is to have children and from my experience, it will be hard for the children that don’t have registered mum and dad to continue their life, education and works. As we all know, Malaysian have been indoctrinated which lots of laws, believe and yeah, all those form of stuff come from their religious believe. For me, I still believe this as the new step of relationship between two people starting from knowing each others, couples, engage, marriage, and the list goes on. Yeah, marriage is necessary but not all the relationship show end with it. Depend on how the couple wants to end up with. I will marry one day and have children and you can say that I’m eating back my words but this is some of my ideas and future plan.

31. Bestiality (sex between human beings and animals) present a special problem in that it extends beyond the category of ‘freely consenting adults’. For this reason, some would say this type of sex involves ‘animal molestation’ and is therefore wrong. Yet we kill animals for food and eat them; is this any more respectable than having sex with them and letting them alive? Sounds bizarre right? Really need your view here…

Tough question but I will try to answer from my experience and my personal believe toward life and sexuality. I’ve been introduce with this kind of ideas (problem?) which is bestiality (sex between human being and animal) when I was 9 years old. One of my teachers telling me a story of a man did this kind of sexual orientation with goats/cows. And for sure everybody will be shocked and being such a morality with this. Years back I also found some of the porn business exploiting or maybe it’s the truths which show women/men doing sex with animal like horses, dogs or cats. In one way, as you said in your question, for some reason, some people doing this because of their love towards their pet or maybe had been his/her soul mate and partner in life. For many of us, this won’t be accepted and yet people will say that is another form of oppression towards animals. And for other point of views, I look this as another form of exploiting and manipulate animals for people to get their sex pleasure. And for my own experience, people will do everything to get this even though it won’t be accepted by the others. Sexual pleasure, climax or some more other weird word is something that you can’t even know how to describe and yet to get one. Hahaha, so I think I will depend on the situation and reason why the people done this. There are lots of sadist people out there and need attention and our help to make sure that nothing bad and worst will happen such as rape and kills.

32. Please give me one question to answer please.

This is really cool man! So did you mind telling me how you deal with people around you in the past few years with lots of controversy and how you deal with life and still stand strong as yourself with the same ideas you hold?

“Okay, it is one hell of a cool question indeed. Firstly, I’d like to apologize if my words sound pretentious or preachy, but what you’ll be reading after this accordingly is somewhat reflected my thought at this moment. So be it. For your information, I live quite simple life any human ever have. And for me, in this life no one will care for you, if you never care about yourself in the first place. As a human we’re actually perfectly imperfect creature ever exists in this world. But it doesn’t mean that we can’t be a better or the best. Thus how fucked up life treating us, for me it’s only a circle on which we have to roll in it everyday. To be honest, I just don’t care much about people who gave me shits or problems as I believe it’ll keep falling back at those type of person sooner or later whether they’re conscious or not. I can be somewhat outspoken and straightforward in dealing with something but I can be also quite secretive person most of the time. One would say I’m predictable in a way of my act, but one also may find me full of surprises when dealing with unexpected situation. Whether I’m realize or not, on certain degrees this quality gave me strength to be what I truly am and it makes me still standing strong to this present day with the same ideas I hold since aeons ago. To be honest, I assume all the people around me as a people, a normal one; neither the upper nor the lower than me. All human are born equal, neither superior nor inferior. I don’t expecting much from people as I’m sick of people who expecting much from me. I’m also aware that people change and they evolves in one way or another equivalent with the changing of time. Every time I dealt with hardship, I keep telling myself that ‘everything’s gonna be all right’; it can be somewhat cure for me and it works well so far. I’m trying to be as a happy person as I can be though life can be somehow cruel and unfair sometimes, but hey, it’s life anyway. What is life if it is not including ups and downs? How cruel and unfair life treating us, it must be goes on for sure. Added to that, I’m flexibly positive thinking sort of person, and I try to look at the positive side as much as I can even though it’s hard for other people to see. But seriously said, I often disappointed for what I’ve made after such trust I had given towards some people. Not that I said the betrayal that I’ve got made me disappointed, but then the dishonest on which they’ve spilled make me wonder on why people are easy to commit such (awful) things? And one thing, I don’t care much about what people think about me because I know who I really am and for me it’s nothing cooler than being able to know your own self better. Be true to yourself man… and don’t forget to be true to others too. Peace!” – Mohd Zaki Ali.

33. Don’t you mind telling me your future plan?

I think this will be a common question but yet everyone will come up with their future plan even though none of them will be achieved or done. I consider myself failed to finish my past project and the future wont be the same if I try not to be past. I will come up with another plan to achieve my goal and trying my best to make my plan done. As for now, I am concentrating to my new zine issue and yeah, my small records label. There are lots of coming project such as CDs and tapes releases. Also for the zine, I’m trying my best to finish the new issue which might be releases with a new name, ideas and format.

34. What’s your reaction towards this interview at the first place when you’ve received it?

At first, I was really shocked and this has been a great honor to be in the part of ‘A Dream?’ which has been one of my favorite zines in the past few years. For your information, this is the second interview I ever get and it make me feel how I been appreciated by the scene and friends. It shows how the bond between us makes us even stronger. Thank you again for the intention to have an interview with me in the first place.

35. Ok Talib Joe, this is the end of the interview, anything else left to say or something you like to add? Your latest address? Thanks for this participation… thank you.

Thank you again for your attention and the whole set of interview. This is one of the adventure and thrill interview I ever get. Sorry for the lateness of answering this interview. Yeah, I’m still standing strong here and fighting for what I believe since day one. People please get in touch and share the ideas. You can contact me through email;, or my page at or

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Iron men...

Deathwish welcomes "Irons" to the affiliated family

Jacob Bannon, Dwid Hellion, and Stephen Kasner are "Irons".

"Irons" are a collaborative effort of these three artistic visionaries. A collective effort to create apocalyptic, non-linear music from a primal fine art based mindset.

"Irons" are currently writing/recording/collaborating for a future 2008 release on Deathwish.

Members are also currently working on their own material:
Jacob Bannon: Currently recording his "Wear Your Wounds" album and other releases.
Dwid Hellion: Currently working on future Roses Never Fade and Integrity releases; to be released in 2K8.
Stephen Kasner: Currently mixing his Blood Fountains debut solo release, and working on fine art projects.

Friday, April 11, 2008

_______ wheel.

What is this?

Is this helping you?

Okay, look here for further understanding.

So, now you know slightly a bit about colour theory.

+ See an optician if you notice that you’re actually colour blind.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

doom master

It’s Corrupted.

Somebody kind enough please bring them over here also.


The mighty Jahanamers present...

...and we should be there!

Saturday, April 5, 2008


It’s Genghis Tron.

Somebody kind enough please bring them over here.


Thursday, April 3, 2008

Oh April...

It seems my laziness to write began stronger in April. I feel my spine weakened and my brain is too slothful to think of put in writing about anything. Initially it would be because of classes that have already started this month and I’ve to concentrate on my fellow students more. Added to that, there are heaps of reading/hearing materials that I’ve missed to enjoy which I’ve bought few months ago. So, I’ve decided to dedicate this April to be a month of reading/listening the materials that I’ve halfheartedly left behind. Hopefully I’ll be able to finish them all during this month, or else it could be another useless junk; wasted without being touch at all.

The end result; it would be less writings throughout these days for sure.

Down here I wanna share with all of you the 4 newest stuffs that I’ve been reading and listening to all this while:

Plan B magazine Issue 30. Featuring Dylan Carlson of the mighty DIY drone/avant-metal, EARTH as the cover and inside they’ve also discussed about the new gospel tinged album of EARTH, “The Bees Made Honey In The Lion's Skull” as well with among other usual art/music matters.

• Komikoo comic magazine Issue 2. A brave and honest (yet still has the humorous essence) comic ever published in Malaysia to date. I miss something like this right after a demise of those legendaries like Fantasi, Gelihati, Batu Api etc. It’s also not to forget when Gila-Gila has lost its fang unlike the good old days of the 80’s/90’s. Komikoo somehow bringing back the critical thinking tradition in comic magazine instead of the others (like Gempak and Apo?; in case of example) that keep thrusting readers with their void jokes again and again. With good writings and brilliant drawings, this is absolutely highly recommended for any comic lovers.

• New Malaysian Essays 1. I’ve bought this on April 1st and as been expected it was a worth buying that only costs me RM30! The beautifully blended essays which included in this book are actually a remarkably stepping stone for other independent writers to be more courageous to publish their own writing in order to reach the masses instead of just posting the write up in their own respective blog (on which meets the limited number of readers who only have the internet access) redundantly. The ‘antagonists’ that collectively involved in this book are the prolific Malaysian writers including Brian Yap, Aminuddin Mahmud, Burhan Baki, Saharil Hasrin Sanin, Amir Muhammad and Sonia Randhawa. A collaborative work like this somehow reminds me of Goblog that has been released in 2006. Buy or die!

• Dull Entertainment Programme: “This One’s Forever”. This album is a re-release of the old DEP’s materials (previously cassettes) in a CD format on which contains 12 songs. I bought the CD from Atie (Acai’s housewife which happen to be my office colleague) by hand with only RM10. It does bringing back my memory from the early 90’s on which that time was the most graceful days of the local scene. Okay, just read the DEP’s blog to read more information about their [sudden] comeback and stuffs. Say “Hi!” to these old friendly scenesters because they’ll remember you even though you’re just passerby in their life. Anything counts for this fellow abruptly. Why I said such thing like that? It’s because I’ve experienced it myself. “Hi Acai!”.

Okay, that's all for now.


Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Cult of the moon...

Cult Of Luna
has finished recording its fifth full-length album at Tonteknik Studios in their hometown, Ume√• and now has started the mixing process. It’s reportedly eight songs were laid down for the effort. According to a press release, this album would be a proven material for the band attempt to adapt its sound on which welcoming a harsher and more primal element to its already complex approach.

Album title is not yet confirmed, and I heard the album approximately will be released this year in June.

Honestly, I can’t wait.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Trekkies alert!

This would be astonishing… but this one is definitely the most astonishing among others.

Don’t be surprised, will ya.