Wednesday, December 31, 2008


a monologue upon leaving and bidding farewell

A photocopied zine contains a dozen of poetry and prose with tons of still life drawings.
Published at 4:35 am, on Saturday of November 8th, 2008.


Extract from ember number ten:

Where the wind blows
no sight for the one who’s blind?
so touch me in my heart
i wish i could feel it like before
when you were here by my side

louder than you can shout
how far it can be heard
laughter of joy and conflicting tears
critically acclaimed of what has been said

go with the flows
where the wind blows
au revoir to you
till we meet again

and i’ll never come back.


Price: 50₵ (by hand) | RM1.00 (postpaid)

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Received a surprising yet joyful SMS from Pat (Apparatus, Punk/ Ping/ Ponk, Defeat etc) today, it says, “isteri saya selamat melahirkan anak perempuan. Alhamdulillah” .

Congratulations and well wishes for Pat and Nad on the birth of their new (read: debut, haha) baby girl!