Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Hello everybody, perhaps most of you might have heard about Sigur Ros and their mesmerizing 'melancholic' tunes that obviously could put into tears to some 'cold-blooded' scenesters' eyes. One might also think that those tunes are only applicable and can be made by whom of which live/born in Iceland, but right now... I plead on my bended knee for that thought to be thrown away, coz in the 'holyland' of emerging extreme metal, crust, hardcore 'permanent fad' named Sweden there's always a hope for any genre to be survived. Are these blokes from Umea could be one of your favourite Ambient + Post-Rock bands to date? This video down here would be an eye opener to some, maybe.

Hmm... the sound is much better to be heard via Vaio CS speakers, I wonder why?

Why Vaio CS? Hehe. And hehe.

Hint: Laptop!

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