Thursday, August 28, 2008


Esok malam makan sate kat Kajang dengan Leila & Mak Tah.

Ada sesiapa nak ikut?

Sabtu petang balik Johor, sambut ramadan.
Sure tak boleh ikut.

+ Sambut merdeka? Sudah lama aku campak jauh-jauh.

Friday, August 22, 2008


0.2 black uni pin fine line technical pen on brown paper file folder.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Disarm or Die!

Do you still remember Battle of Disarm? DIY Records? Ryuji Asada has an important message for us.
Read here.

Moss - Sub Templum.

If you're longing for extreme 'loathsome' sludge/doom metal (or drone, but with drums), this one is probably for you. Carved in the veins of Sunn O))), Teeth of Lions Rule The Divine, Earth, Khanate, Thorr's Hammer, Corrupted, Grief and the likes, Moss is back with their usual ultra heaviness to make the weak-hearted-emo-wankers weeping even more and the fashionable doomsters secretly digging back their old crust records.

Okay, this is heavily distorted and simply a madness. Enough said.

Friday, August 15, 2008


Gridlinked is one of the first prominent works by English novelist, Neal Asher. As he is best known for being a sci-fi tinged writer; in the Gridlinked, Asher also writes about an obvious sci-fi thingies as well. Okay, cut the crap out of the Godzilla anus! I will not further this entry discussing about a book, as my mood right now is about to thrash! My real intention actually was all about to talk about a debut release of Gridlink (name taken from the title of Asher's novel though), the speedy hyper tornado grinding thrash band from New Jersey. As I was browsing through the net and then I found myself the reviews from many trusted sources about the album (Amber Gray), but still the best review that I can assure is the summary from their label, Hydra Head. But I'm too lazy to write my own review, thus down here I paste the ever useful synopsis by Hydra Head alone. I'm probably a bit late to talk about this release, but who cares anyway? Read on.

"Apparently, destroying our faces once this year just wasn’t enough. After thrashing and shredding us with the Hayaino Daisuki EP just a few months back, former Discordance Axis vocalist Jon Chang comes shrieking out of Hoboken to smash us in the man-tits with Gridlink. Pissing through 11 songs in under 13 minutes, Chang and his boys Matsubara(guitar) and Fajardo (drums) whip up the kind of insanely technical grind blur that kills grandmothers instantly and makes the dudes from Napalm Death feel even older than they really are. Best of all, you can play the entire album twice in less time that it takes to listen to Reign In Blood, which is perfect for all you ADD-types out there who stopped reading this halfway through the first sentence so you could IM your coworker about the… hey, is that a real iguana? What’s on TV tonight? Where are my keys?" - Hydra Head Records.

Alright, buy or cry!