Sunday, March 30, 2008

The ravens set me free...

About minutes ago, I was browsing over the net right after finished making layout for the upcoming Nuisance Drilled debut CD. It seems that the layout of the CD is quite awesome with a bit of minimalistic touch. Hehe. Despite of the awesome feeling meanwhile browsing here and there in the borderless sphere of world wide web, I’ve found somewhat a shocking news, a really sickening one. Even though the news is already quite old but still I can taste the bitterness about it. But, does it really matter anyway?

For me, it does really matter. What a world we are living in!

+ Read the news here.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Lapok Code.

First of all, I don’t vote. Not even a single party that I believe in and none of them can give me what I want. What I truly want? A justice, liberty and equality for all. Yes, it sounds utopia and perhaps out of mind by some people; though it would be another story that needs to be discussed. To quote George Orwell, he has said, “There are some ideas so wrong that only a very intelligent person could believe in them”. I think it’s best to reflect my intention and hope. For me, politic is dirty and I don’t like to play with dirt. I’d rather stay in silent than playing any role in it. But as stated in my previous entry on which I’ve quoted from Brutal Truth; ‘Extreme Conditions Demand Extreme Responses’. So, I guess anyone would be able to foresee what it would take to live in this current situation. No matter how, we have to deal with it.

Anyhow, what you’ll witness down here is footage of video clip which included a hidden condemned towards the biggest political party in Malaysia. Surprisingly it is actually a merely sarcasm they put into a simple comedy yet hilariously critical in a sense of political demeanor. I don’t know either this plot is on purpose or accidental, however this is pure genius, I reckon. So then, kudos to the late P. Ramlee and his colleagues (S. Shamsudin and Aziz Sattar in ‘Pendekar Bujang Lapok’, a comedy film in 1959) for this brilliant idea!

“Alif, mim, nun, wau… alif tendang wau… sarkas!”. (“Alif, mim, nun, wau… alif kick wau… circus!”).

Those 4 are Arabic alphabets: Alif + mim + nun + wau = It’s pronounced as UMNO.

Alif kick wau means no wau in the spelling. Alif + mim + nun = Aman (Peaceful).

Peaceful included in UMNO slogan: Safe, Peaceful, Prosperity (Selamat, Aman, Makmur).



Hmm… cheeky blokes! Haha…

Sunday, March 23, 2008


A Futurist/Dadaist noisemaker, Alienist providing a soundtrack for the ‘dance’ performance by Sonna at the Artists Lounge of the Art Basel art fair in Basel, Switzerland somewhere in June 2007. Alienist presented around a core of deep drones, radiator drifts, live looping, locked groove vinyl, contact microphone abuse, circuit bent scratching, silence and noise. Sonna offered a dramatically disturbing, pretty inspiring and mind blowing physical movement reminiscence of Butoh dance in a full blast of expressive comprehensive manner.

This perfect combination is an explosive!

Final and Aoki...

I’ve missed two things for this month.

• Firstly:

This is already SOLD OUT.


• Secondly:

It was yesterday and I’ve entirely forgot about this.


Friday, March 21, 2008

1st April: Boycott Malaysian Media Day.

Nadzim aka Yob has sent me this message a day ago. Alright, let’s together boycott any kind of Malaysian media, be it the newspapers, televisions or radio stations. The reason? Down here I’ve paste some info which sent to me via Facebook (yeah, instead of being Tom Anderson’s darling, now I’m a casual user of social networking tool owned by Mark Elliot Zuckerberg). I edited a bit to make it ‘nicer’ and of course at the last line there’s a lil’ bit of changing. Haha!

“The Malaysian Mainstream Media has always been biased and it's getting worse. Since the 2008 General Elections the Malaysian Mainstream Media has become more apparent with its biases towards a certain political party! Especially recent reports by BERNAMA who apparently misquoted Penang CM Mr. Lim Guan Eng on the May 13 issue and not to mention making mountains out of mole-hills!

So I say let's switch off EVERY single Malaysian Mainstream Media for a day and let that be April 1st 2008! Don't buy newspapers (or go to their websites): Say “NO!” to The Star, NST, Utusan, Berita Harian etc. Don't watch local channels: Say “NO!” to RTM1, RTM2, TV3 etc. Make this known and make April 1st, a day where we demand the Malaysian Media truth in their reporting!



We are no fools! We can handle the truth!

Commemorate April Fools day by not being one. Do not allow ourselves to be fooled.

Send a message to our media superpowers that we are matured Malaysians and we can think for ourselves. The media must serve the conscience of the people and answers to no one but to truth alone.

If we abstain from buying the newspapers, watching TV, tuning into the radio for news, logging on to news portals on the internet, even for one day, the loss generated will hopefully gain us a step closer to free and accountable journalism in Malaysia.

Free your mind!

+ The expected FAQ:

Q: The Sun is free, so how?
A: Just well. Just don't take a copy. Let them collect back and recycle. ;)

Q: Why don't we make this boycott for a week?
A: (1) This initiative is to instill awareness, (2) We still want Malaysian mainstream media but a more fair and truthful version, (3) We'll experiment for a day first for now... if the response is good we can even extend this to a month. ;)

+ For alternative news source:
Malaysia Today
The Malaysian Insider
In Capital We Trust! Hehe…


This might be late, but I had a chance to watch this tremendous film project only by today. AIDS JaaGO is a combination of 4 short films dealing with HIV/Aids in India. Jaago means ‘awake’, thus this project is a dedication to the awareness or awakening of [self] realization about HIV/Aids as a whole. Each film discussed the subject in very realistic way on which take the place and situation according to the real life of India. Not to forget, the beautifully crafted cinematography (and so on; hence the technical side or artsy fartsy side of it) and the [very] good story telling of these films is without doubt being able to hypnotize every each viewer. Instead of merely educational, these films also brilliantly entertaining and it’s only taking less than 20 minutes apiece. I’d also like to point out that I love the all 4 which I rate it all with 10/10 ratio, equally!

+ Congratulations to the directors involved for this wonderful effort.

Watch the magnificent four over here.
Be aware, be awake.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


You know Jamilul Hayat? “Gelora Cintaku”? It’s essentially my most favourite song of the 80’s and I’m not ashamed to admit that this is the song I sang whenever I stumble upon such a poignant moment or if having a [very] difficult condition. I fell in love with this song since I was 10 (in 1988) right after enjoy seeing/reading of a cartoon (at the ‘MVGH’ section of the infamous Gelihati) associated with the lyrics of this song drawn by Yusof Osman (YO), an excellent cartoonist back in the late 80’s/early 90’s. I love the way YO illustrated the story of this song and the characters/perspectives that adorned in every single panel works well flawlessly!

Personally I’m not so sure about the date, but one thing for sure this song has something memorable about my childhood and stuffs that related.

For me, you’re not retro enough if you didn’t know about this song. Get it? So, then go figure it out, right now. Okay, you’re required to have RealPlayer to play this song by the way.



+ Okay, I noticed that .ram file above is corrupted and most probably the owner has closed the precious site entirely. But sure it’ll be a replacement, a good one I must say. Instead of a disappointment thru the previous one, now you can also get the “Gelora Cintaku” in here plus with the other songs as well by the legendary Jamilul Hayat respectively.

Smile now or never!

Sunday, March 16, 2008


Rotten Sound has sent their first official promo video (of "Prai$€ the £ord") from the latest album, "Cycles". And they're still impressive just like before. Fukkin’ killer song undoubtedly!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Top of the Pops?

Eventhough I’m the late 70’s child, but somehow 80’s and 90’s are really my thing. I grew up during that period of time and I’ve begun exposed to the ‘real’ world since those days. No, no… I’ll not put some of the past memories of mine back in here. Anyhow I just want to share the list of Top 100 songs from those three eras. Okay, we get back to the mainstream heyday just for a little while. It doesn’t hurt that much for all I care anyway. Unless if you have relatives who died while singing one of these songs. Haha! Okay, I know that’s indeed not funny. Sorry for the worse joke. Let us all begin...


+ It's "Unbelievable" by EMF. Sing it all out loud, now!

Globally or locally? And HIV?

Hi again, fellow friends and to whom it may concern. I’m back after a short while hibernation since last time I posted the last entry in here. Good day for all of you. During my disappearance I’ve found myself three releases that recommended and must have in 2008. You could ask me, why? Okay, after all this must be an immediate intro. So, just click at the name of the bands to find out more. Thank you.

Mars Volta


Genghis Tron

Alright, I know that these three are all from outside. Not any single of them from Malaysia. Okay, if you want something local, you can always visit Ricecooker or simply type any of your favourite Malaysian band’s names at the search box in myspace; you’ll probably get the latest news from them directly and if you lucky enough you can also get the hottest rumours among them all. I’m out of any latest hearsay from the local scene bit by bit since myspace has taking the main role in spreading news and information. Not that I say Ricecooker has also been taking the duty as myspace but I’m just miss the good old days where people from every places were using snail mail to send flyers about the latest news, releases, distro lists, zines, newsletters, gigs including usual letter sent to friends among ourselves.

The internet somewhat has killed what’s good that we have in the past. I don’t mind e-mail as it’s almost the same as snail mail, though it’s even faster than snail mail itself. It makes our communication much easier and faster as we know it. Yes, myspace (including any other social networking website) has taken the same role even developed it much further than those two; snail mail and e-mail. But it’s such a distraction for me in having a sort of profile on which reveals every part of our personal life (depends on how much you revealed yourself and how much people commented you will giving out such information) thus our first intention in sharing information of the latest news and whatnots according to ‘scene related’ can be somewhat second priority after many intervention, for example; one would wonder on how you look, how much records you have (by looking at the Interests box), how many ‘cool bands’ you have as your ‘friends’ and last but not least, how many hot myspace babes you have or they’ll be probably scrutinize on how many of those babes have wrote at your friends comments’ section! Hmm…

I’ll not touch on how many hours one would spend in front of computer just only wandering around in every single account that have registered in myspace. You know the entire drill, answer it yourself.

Therefore, if you’ve got any message from me via myspace during the past one or two years back, it’s certainly wasn’t me. I have quit using that so-called networking since the middle of 2006. No specific reason for that. Honestly I don’t care much either the owner of myspace is a capitalistic businessman sort of person or even it’s owned by the friendliest crusty live in squatter nearby your beloved parents’ house; but it’s just I’m sick and tired of things abovementioned, plus having friend requests from someone that I don’t even know and later on they just keep those so-called ‘space-friends’ in their account to make sure they’re having friends more than others. Added to that, the Top 8 (and so on) friends feature which appear at the front page is just sickening and stupid for the most part of it. Again, no specific reason… that for me it’s just so high school thingy and undeveloped mentally.

So then, since the middle of 2006 until now I’ve been an alien to any news or flyers according to any [band] releases or any gigs organized which posted in myspace. Since then, I’m not engaging towards anything that happens in it. And I’m happy for that.

Before I forget, yesterday I’ve taken HIV test. For those who unfamiliar about certain regulation that everyone lives in Malaysia should oblige before married, we actually have to take the HIV test in case to prevent the virus to be widespread without control. It was quite a relief for both of us that we’re free from any infection of the virus. So, our wedding is fully confirmed then. Loud applause please!

I might be out of topic on this one. I think I should end it right now. Okay, full stop.