Friday, March 21, 2008


This might be late, but I had a chance to watch this tremendous film project only by today. AIDS JaaGO is a combination of 4 short films dealing with HIV/Aids in India. Jaago means ‘awake’, thus this project is a dedication to the awareness or awakening of [self] realization about HIV/Aids as a whole. Each film discussed the subject in very realistic way on which take the place and situation according to the real life of India. Not to forget, the beautifully crafted cinematography (and so on; hence the technical side or artsy fartsy side of it) and the [very] good story telling of these films is without doubt being able to hypnotize every each viewer. Instead of merely educational, these films also brilliantly entertaining and it’s only taking less than 20 minutes apiece. I’d also like to point out that I love the all 4 which I rate it all with 10/10 ratio, equally!

+ Congratulations to the directors involved for this wonderful effort.

Watch the magnificent four over here.
Be aware, be awake.

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