Monday, November 26, 2007


Alrite, this is a sneak preview for the upcoming 'In Capital We Trust!' [ICWT!] zine. No exact date regarding to its birth for now though.

Friday, November 23, 2007

...and now back to our programming.

My, oh my... it's Conflict playing their 'hit' song, "The Serenade Is Dead" at the Fenders Ballroom in Long Beach, California back in 1985. Down here is the lyrics; fuckin' sing along now or fuckin' die.

The Serenade Is Dead (January 1984)
She wakes up in the morning; the sun is shining in her face
She turns her head around; she shares the blanket on which the love embraced
She looks out of the window; it's a lovely day outside
She tells herself that things are fine, he pulls the sheets to cover his eyes
The essence of the fresh air, that garden held the love affair
Thinking back their minds are torn in muddle and confusion
So far away another sits, who tries to make the best of it
He don't know quite what's hit him, it's another love illusion
He gazes in his empty room eyes fixed upon her picture
The loneliness, dejectedness, God how the fuck he's missed her
His eyes turn turn to the window, the military roar by
He wonders how much hatred could evolve out of the sky
What God had done for peace on earth, what man destroyed from day of birth
They are concerned with feelings; they're just ashamed to cry
And one mans plan to push the button makes other sacrifice
The serenade is dead and now the only question's why?
Why when we are young, we're told it's right to love
Told it's human nature and that comes from God above
As time moves on we realise that we all look from the pit
While a plan hangs above us, to keep us in the shit
Because the minute we are born, we're told what's right and wrong
Raised with certain morals, never mentioned in their songs
As we grow up, we find out that the paths been neatly set
In a world of such destruction, we only can regret
Regret that is the word of it, as we look for our way out of it
Why can't they understand we don't want any part of it?
The pain they create everyday, that just ain't gonna go away
We've got to stick together, but still you're asking why?
The system stands strong, as our movement starts to crumble
The pressure we once held, has just turned into a rumble
They've got us where they want us, and you all just accept that
Well don't you think its time; we started to hit back
They are the enemy; they want a rope around your neck
And if they will go that far, then what the fuck is next?
Forget the revolution, we've heard it all before
Heard all of the promises of nineteen-eighty-four
Its an impossible task, "oh yes", it stands before us all
Well maybe you'll believe it when your back's against the wall.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Obey your masters!

In `What's the story, midnight gory?’ enty I’ve wrote, “The rest of research will be posted here (perhaps!) soon”. So down here’s some excerpt from the research. Surely I’ll not show the full-blown research, but somehow I’m being kind enough to reveal some of the batik makers’ addresses in here. If you keen of a good quality (and of course the cheapest ones) of batik, I suggest you to contact all of these masters.

Tuan Haji Fadzil Hj. Abdullah
“Batik is in my blood, wherever I go or wherever I’ve been pushed around, I’m still heading back to the Batik business".

67 years old (born in 1940) and he started active in batik making since 1968 at the age of 28 after leaving his career as a teacher. He learned the skills from his parents as a successor. He was one of the persons who struggle to build Koperasi Serbaguna Pembatek Kelantan Berhad (KSPKB) in 1972 (and established on August 2nd, 1973). He’s also appointed to be one of the committee members at the age of 32 during that year. KSPKB is a business centre/market in order to improve the economy of its member according to its own principle and until now, it already has 451 memberships. It’s also an operation centre for any activity for Persatuan Pembatek-Pembatek Melayu Pantai Timur (PPMPT). The PPMPT has formed on July 29th, 1966 at Kota Bharu, Kelantan. Until today 517 members had register to membership of this association. The main purpose of PPMPT is to gather all the entrepreneur of Batik industry under one roof. “Come to our glorious era, I’m surprised to eyewitness that second Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tun Abdul Razak with his cane has come to see the grand meeting around 12:00 pm that we have at the time”, said Tuan Haji Fadzil Hj. Abdullah about the gathering of PPMPT/KSPKB in 1974. Nowadays he is the Yang Di Pertua (President) of PPMPT and in being the president of the association himself, he has to take care of batik makers’ welfare in Kelantan and keep the activities that related well organized. He approaches all the batik makers to be educates more on marketing strategies, all new techniques (in designing, tailoring etc) and to grab any opportunities that came across because it’s rare to come twice. Along with it he also approaches the government to help batik makers in expanding their efforts thru strong supports such as financial loan, intellectual property policies (licensing), welfare and controlling the mass production (made by machine) which plagiarized the works of batik.

Koperasi Serbaguna Pembatek Kelantan Berhad,
3512-A, Jalan Sultanah Zainab,
15000 Kota Bharu, Kelantan.
Tel: 09-7441493

Kamarrozaman Bin Haji Mohd. Salleh
Naib Yang Di Pertua Persatuan Pembatek-Pembatek Melayu Pantai Timur (PPMPT). He’s the 3rd generation of the batik pioneer, Haji Che Su bin Haji Ishak who starts batik making in Kelantan since 1911. As being the owner of the Samasa Textiles Industries Sdn. Bhd., he’s also concentrating in textile industries along with his batik making. Samasa Batek Sdn. Bhd. is established since 1977.

5450 B Batu 2, Jalan Kuala Krai,
15050 Kota Bharu, Kelantan.
Tel: 019-937 6474

Nik Soh Bin Nik Yahya
63 years old (born in 1944). First involved in batik making and worked under his brother in law named Haji Wan Baharom since the age of 13 in the year of 1957. Nowadays he’s not making batik because of the age factor, current situations and no heir to continue his works.

No. 497, Kampung Penambang,
Jalan Pantai Cahaya Bulan,
15350 Kota Bahru, Kelantan.
Tel: 09-744 2820

Azman Bin Hassan
The owner of Mey Batik. 45 years old (born in 1962). Almost 15 years making batik since at the age of 30 in 1992. He first worked in batik making is under his brother in law along with the other siblings. He’s still making batik until now and has a shop to sell his own batiks.

No. 5080-C, Kampung Sireh,
Bawah Lembah,
15050 Kota Bharu, Kelantan.
Tel: 012-981 9569

Kamaruddin Bin Yaacob
Batik’s block maker. 65 years old (born in 1942). Being batik’s block maker since the 1960’s at the age around 18 years old until now. He learned the skills from his relative. His son is now helping him to sort out several works according to batik’s block.

Address: Use the same address as Azman Bin Hassan.

Muhamad Ariff Fadhilah Bin Awang
The owner of Dagang Batikraf. 30 years old (born in 1977). Almost 10 years making batik since at the age of 20 in 1997 replacing the business after his father passed away. He has two batik factories/workshops that located besides his house. He concentrates on making school uniforms, private firm uniforms and government bodies.

No. 751-753, Tingkat 2, Tangga 2,
Pasar Siti Khadijah,
15000 Kota Bharu, Kelantan.
Tel: 012-945 6755

Mohd Ali Bin Abdul Latif
57 years old (born 1950). He involved in batik making since 1970 at the age of 20. He gained experience in batik making on his own from working at batik factory which available at that time. After gained much experience, in 1973 he established his first batik factory/workshop. Like other batik makers, he also emphasizes more on new techniques, which make his creation more malleable to recent market situation.

Lot 260, Kg. Che Latiff,
Jalan Kuala Besar,
15350 Kota Bharu, Kelantan.
Tel: 09-7711210

Mohd Azilan Bin Mohd Ali
The owner of Aziz Batek Collection. 33 years old (born in 1974). He’s a diploma holder in Business Management graduated from Universiti Tun Abdul Razak (UNITAR). He started in batik making since 1990 at the age of 17 until now. Apart of being a batik maker, based on his education background he’s now helping his father (Mohd Ali) in marketing strategies for their batiks.

No. 39, Tingkat 1,
Kompleks Bazaar Buluh Kubu,
15000 Kota Bharu, Kelantan.
Tel: 012-955 8669

Taufik Bin Talib
36 years old (born in 1971). He first established his own batik factory/workshop in 1990. He learned about batik making since teenager thru his father. Besides taking orders from his customers, he also produced batik for school uniforms, private firm uniforms and government bodies.

Lot 2305, Kg. Bechah,
(Masuk Depan Rumah Cikgu Taib),
17030 Tendong, Pasir Mas, Kelantan.
Tel: 012-956 0549

Haji Wan Deraman Bin Haji Wan Nik
The owner of Gong Kapas Songket & Batik. He’s 59 years old (born in 1948) and a government retiree. As been told, he retired early because he wants to continue his father enterprise in batik making. This happens after his father passed away 30 years ago circa 1970’s. Besides just handling a batik factory/workshop he also tries to bridge the gap between the traditional side and the commercial market success thru his creations.

PP 54, Tingkat Atas (Tangga No. 3),
Pasar Besar Kedai Payang,
20000 Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu.
Tel: 019-983 6153

Haji Shafiee Bin Ghazali
The owner of Nozi Batek. 45 years old (born in 1962). In the beginning he just sells batik at the market’s sidewalk and the night markets around Kuala Terengganu. He first established his own batik factory/workshop in 1990. He learned about batik making since teenager thru his friends at Kampung Losong, Kuala Terengganu who active in batik making circa 1979; he was 17 years old at that time. Being a creative person by nature himself, he started to make his own batik since then. Besides taking orders from his customers, he also produced batik for school uniforms, private firm uniforms and government bodies.

Batu 12, Jalan Kelantan,
21060 Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu.
Tel: 019-983 7098

Tuan Haji Suhaimi Bin Embong
The owner of Desa Murni. 39 years old (born in 1968). He first established his own batik factory/workshop in 1990. He continues his father skills in batik making since 1972. His factory/workshop produced digital batik unlike the other batik makers who concentrate more on traditional way. His method somehow has been said by some of the traditional batik makers as a just normal textile printing not the batik as they knew. But Tuan Haji Suhaimi said it’s just an evolution for the previous ones and also a method in order to have a large quantity (mass production) of batik at a time. Besides taking orders from his customers, he also produced batik for school uniforms, private firm uniforms and government bodies.

D, 323 Kg. Pulau Rusa,
20050 Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu.
Tel: 019-983 4594

Sunday, November 18, 2007

What else do I need to say?

The recent event last week on Saturday, November 10th, 2007 really caught my attention. Those puny minds never stopped such act until they've encountered themselves those tear gas and pepper spray that they've spilled over the people. I wouldn't be surprised if one day there will be a big riot (or coup d'etat, perhaps) concerning to corruptions on which Malaysia government has done. Personally I don’t want it to be as worse as Tiananmen Square Massacre, in case for example. But somehow as being documented by Brutal Truth for their debut album title; ‘Extreme Conditions Demand Extreme Responses’, it just make sense for any consequences. Just wait for the moment, there are many events that happened but still the government didn't overcome it wisely. Name it all the nonsense such as useless tolls, taxes, overprized fuel, high cost of living/education, 'legal' crime, the constant failure of public transportation, twisted parliamentary agendas and so on.

I do understand that we can’t please everyone at a time. But somehow in being a government if they failed to do such things to satisfy the people why they even bother to rule them in the first place? And why there are always be restrictions for those whom able to think for themselves? Or is it
just to use ‘the power that be’ to slave the people for their own benefits? This could be meant something. And I smell gasoline burnt up their stinky asses. As the end result, we all know that those feeble slogans are only for the weak who can’t think by themselves. It has been already revealed wide open bits by bits. People now can see the absolute truth behind it all. So the ‘responses’ can be happens anytime from this very moment as the conditions rapidly goes extreme and uncontrollable. Don't underestimate the power of the people, so does the fellow earthlings.

Okay, for the people who love to dance at the streets and like to play with the bludgeon games, read here for more empowerment.

Good luck for now.

Friday, November 16, 2007

What's the story, midnight gory?

Kelantan: Greeny life, that is.

Terengganu: After the rain. It's the boat to carry passengers across Terengganu River to Seberang Takir.

Finally, I'm back in KL today. 5 days outside the city life (hence the condition without the townscape, internet connection, the usual atmosphere and less carbon monoxide), I've learned more about the real beauty of human being. A trip to Kelantan and Terengganu for Batik research (also in searching of its prominent figures) had opened my eyes about one of the greatest artistic legacies throughout Malay Archipelago district. I'm impressed by the high skilled of these Batik activists and the workers while decorating floras/designs on every piece of white clothes. It such an amazing moment while witnessing it right in front of my eyes about the process from its very beginning until the finishing works. Most of the Batiks are produced in very limited numbers, which means on the other hand it has made those Batiks more precious and high valued in mainstream market. Every each Batik workshops normally have their own specialty or method which means they might have different techniques and special ingredients in order to attract more consumers to buy their masterpieces.

The only turn off situations of these two places are actually about their drinks and its weather: Kelantan's drinks are too sweet and Terengganu weather is too hot.

But the foods are always yummy! Name it from Nasi Dagang, Nasi Kerabu, Kuih Akok, Keropok Lekor (Pasar Payang rules!), Tom Yam soup (especially at Rantau Panjang), fresh grilled fish, pulut panggang, budu etc. I even found a packet of Gula Tarik (which is the only packet that has left)! When I was a kid, Gula Tarik is the only candy that I've enjoyed eating. This candy made from traditional ingredients (a mixture of palm sugar, coconut milk and a lil' bit of flour) without any chemical or preservative. Be warned that this candy is too sweet but somehow it really brought back memories of the past. Oh, before I forgot, the prices of goodies at these two places are extremely cheap, reasonable and it’s mostly out of my mind! So, you have to make sure to bargain for the best price when you're buying.
Alright, back to our mission. We have found the conclusion that Batik in Malaysia is actually started from the southern side of Peninsular Malaysia which is at Muar, Johor. It's started there earlier long before it has landed in Kelantan during the year of 1911. The rest of research will be posted here (perhaps!) soon. But please don't wait.
Okay, do
wn here are another pictures that I’ve taken during the trip. Enjoy!

Kelantan: Not so busy night.

Kelantan: Working on her masterpiece.

Terengganu: Soal: Siapa Bakar? Soal balik: Abu Bakar? Haha!

Terengganu: The behaviour. At the stairs of Pasar Payang.

Terengganu: The tidbits.

On the way back.

Before I’ve forgot, I have a news to tell. Today, around 3:30 pm during our stop for lunch at Kemaman I’ve received a forwarded message from friend, Pat about another friend of mine named Syukree being hospitalized because of chronic stress. Personally, I’m neither shocked nor surprised when receiving such news like this. For me, stress also known as a panic attack, pressure, hypertension, manic depressive, mental depression or whatever you want to call it. This happens as a result from frustration, lack of rest and so on which usually lead to an odd high/low blood pressure. Somehow it’s also will make the person goes limp and in the state of vegetable.

Syukree not the only person who encounters this problem and so far there are some of my friends also stumble upon this condition before. This is almost a normal thing that would happens for those who unable to manage their time and psychological properly. Based on my experience last time, as being an editor of a comic/lifestyle magazine that released twice a month, I also had heavy migraine several times. Going back late from work, insomnia, unorganized lunch/dinner schedule, piles of workload, deadlines etc. These contributed to a stress which made me numb most of the time.

Okay, back to the main story… I’ve called Syukree but his brother picked up the phone and told me that Syukree’s condition is not as good as I’m expected. He mentioned that he doesn’t know when Syukree can be fully recovered and leave the hospital for good. At this moment Syukree is still remain silent and voiceless. This is weird concerning to the real Syukree that I’ve known and it’s certainly doubtless that this is a serious matter. After talking with his brother, I’ve sent messages about Syukree to several friends and the reaction almost the same like mine.

The plan so far is I’m with the other comrades will visit him at the Psychiatric Ward, 3rd floor, Menara Timur, University Malaya Medical Centre (that’s where he’s being hospitalized) on this Sunday, November 18th, 2007 but nothing yet sure until further confirmation. Hope Syukree will be back to normal soon. We pray for that...

Thursday, November 8, 2007

All apologies...

Nota buat rakan:

Terlebih dahulu aku nak minta maaf sebab dah lama tak jumpa kawan-kawan, terutamanya yang rapat macam kau ini. Kerja dan urusan peribadi banyak ambil masa kualiti aku sejak kebelakangan ini.

Sebenarnya aku ada benda nak beritahu. Bulan Disember bertarikh 22 haribulan nanti aku ada majlis separa besar. Tarikh itu adalah hari pertunangan aku.

Aku kenal dia dah lama. Sejak tahun 1999. Aku pasti kau tahu siapa dia.

Sebarang pertanyaan dan kemusykilan? Hubungi aku.

Sekian terima kasih.

Darn it YourSpace!

Okay, first of all "FUCK MYSPACE!". The uploaded songs of my band (click here, here and here) can't properly played in there. It's such a waste of time to upload your songs in there. It has always been a hard time for me to check out and hear songs from the other bands as well. I'm thinking of deleting the account soon. So, no more MySpace for Nuisance Drilled. Thou shalt not post any message or comment over there. I'll definitely not reply any of those, seriously. But one thing for sure that it has moved to the other application as well. As for now I've uploaded 3 songs of the upcoming CDEP in the iLike account. You can listen to those 3 songs without hassle and frankly speaking the sound is much more better than the MySpace itself. Simply click at the image below to hear the songs and do enjoy every bit of it!

You can consider this as a sneak preview, pre-hearing, leaking or whatsoever (and I don't fucking care). Added to it, I need more labels to join me in releasing this piece of shit. I'm dead serious here. I do need more... and 100 labels would be more better! The genre? Nuisance Drilled is a manic depressive Sludgecore band with a tinge of Crust & Roll, you bugger!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

It's rainy day...

Issued by Malaysian Meteorological Department
Ministry of Science, Technology & Innovation
at 7.30 pm 07/11/2007

A moderate earthquake has occurred with these revised parameters:

Time of Occurrence: 7.04 pm on 7 November 2007

Coordinates: 3.8 South 100.7 East
Location: Mentawai Region, Indonesia, 167km west of Bengkulu, Indonesia. 678km southwest of Johor Bahru.
Magnitude: 5.0 on Richter scale

No tsunami threat.

This will be the final information issued by the department for this event unless there are further developments or additional information becomes available.


Due to the heavy rains that occur today at 1:30 am, I've quickly browsing the net to find some information about it. This rain is so unusual for me; based on my experience living a life in Cyberjaya since 2001 until now. The heavy rain which includes the stormy wind falls like it'll never stop forever. It makes me worried, seriously. So, after browsing the net, I've found the information above. Simply click here to know more about it. The information will be changed from time to time I guess, but as for now (Thursday, November 8th, 2007, 2:21 am) the site appear the news abovementioned. Yes, it's November and December is coming all the way, so I think you guys better check the weather first before submitted yourselves for any outdoor activities.
It's pretty risky anyway. I hope this entry helps a lil' bit. Thank you.

When nature calls: A great masterpiece by Hokusai.