Wednesday, November 7, 2007

It's rainy day...

Issued by Malaysian Meteorological Department
Ministry of Science, Technology & Innovation
at 7.30 pm 07/11/2007

A moderate earthquake has occurred with these revised parameters:

Time of Occurrence: 7.04 pm on 7 November 2007

Coordinates: 3.8 South 100.7 East
Location: Mentawai Region, Indonesia, 167km west of Bengkulu, Indonesia. 678km southwest of Johor Bahru.
Magnitude: 5.0 on Richter scale

No tsunami threat.

This will be the final information issued by the department for this event unless there are further developments or additional information becomes available.


Due to the heavy rains that occur today at 1:30 am, I've quickly browsing the net to find some information about it. This rain is so unusual for me; based on my experience living a life in Cyberjaya since 2001 until now. The heavy rain which includes the stormy wind falls like it'll never stop forever. It makes me worried, seriously. So, after browsing the net, I've found the information above. Simply click here to know more about it. The information will be changed from time to time I guess, but as for now (Thursday, November 8th, 2007, 2:21 am) the site appear the news abovementioned. Yes, it's November and December is coming all the way, so I think you guys better check the weather first before submitted yourselves for any outdoor activities.
It's pretty risky anyway. I hope this entry helps a lil' bit. Thank you.

When nature calls: A great masterpiece by Hokusai.

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