Monday, November 26, 2007


Alrite, this is a sneak preview for the upcoming 'In Capital We Trust!' [ICWT!] zine. No exact date regarding to its birth for now though.


Anonymous said...

Look promising boss! Bila nak release?

Zach Van Alley said...

Look promising? Thanks. Anyway, no exact date la bro. It'll be released once it is complete.

Anonymous said...

Yeah good luck. I'm also working on mine, but it'll be cut n paste classic disorder kind of zine, you know, like we used to read masa kat bangku sekolah dulu!

zeezam said...

i love zine.

Zach Van Alley said...

Nox: Good luck to you too, bro. Kalau dah siap sila beritahu. Nanti kita trade.

Zeezam: Phew, I love zine too.