Thursday, November 8, 2007

Darn it YourSpace!

Okay, first of all "FUCK MYSPACE!". The uploaded songs of my band (click here, here and here) can't properly played in there. It's such a waste of time to upload your songs in there. It has always been a hard time for me to check out and hear songs from the other bands as well. I'm thinking of deleting the account soon. So, no more MySpace for Nuisance Drilled. Thou shalt not post any message or comment over there. I'll definitely not reply any of those, seriously. But one thing for sure that it has moved to the other application as well. As for now I've uploaded 3 songs of the upcoming CDEP in the iLike account. You can listen to those 3 songs without hassle and frankly speaking the sound is much more better than the MySpace itself. Simply click at the image below to hear the songs and do enjoy every bit of it!

You can consider this as a sneak preview, pre-hearing, leaking or whatsoever (and I don't fucking care). Added to it, I need more labels to join me in releasing this piece of shit. I'm dead serious here. I do need more... and 100 labels would be more better! The genre? Nuisance Drilled is a manic depressive Sludgecore band with a tinge of Crust & Roll, you bugger!


Nox said...

Gila best! Tak sabar tunggu release korang! Thumbs up!

Petikan filem apa kot kat intro lagu Life Happens Once?

Zach Van Alley said...

Terima kasih Encik Nox.

Oh, itu petikan dari filem "6 Jahanam".