Monday, January 25, 2010

Aizati: 1975 - 2010

Today, 10:30 in the morning I arrived at her family's place in Titiwangsa to pay the last respect. There, at the burial service I was a lil' bit internally devastated whilst all in a sudden remembered the last time we had a conversation, I told her, "things wouldn't be the same without you here", right after knowing that she has sent a resignation letter to management.

And she calmly replied, "it's okay... you still have our friends right?". Truly remarkable.

Then I automatically replied (without hesitation), "no, it wouldn't, coz' you're one of a kind", as if I knew she'll be gone forever.

It feels that the conversation just happened yesterday, but now she's gone.

Aizati, you'll be deeply missed for most of us here. Amin...

Zaki & Leila

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Aizati Aziz

Aizati (far right) with us after a breaking fast gathering during Ramadan September 14th, 2009.

Received a shocking news one hour ago from a friend. And found a confirmation thru Facebook: "Friends, Aizati passed away just now. Accident. Skrg masih di Alor Star. Yes, she is really gone... just a few hrs ago. She fell down from her bike at about 150km/hr and hit the divider. That's what I heard from one of the riders (my husband's friend)".

Al-Fatihah to Aizati Aziz. She was known as a great comrade for all of us.
Takziah to Luqman Lee and family.

Saturday, January 23, 2010



+ Miu died yesterday morning. She couldn't make it. Doctor said her body was too weak to bear with the pain and she has suffered with the illness for quite some time, only god knows when. We have tried to save her but it was her destiny to leave early at the tender age of 3 months old. We buried her next to our late hamster's (Pito) 'resting place'.

+ Leila flew to Botswana yesterday night at 9:45 pm. She has arrived in Johannesburg today at 2:00 pm and now waiting a transit flight to Botswana. Based on my past experience, Johannesburg Airport is quite okay but a lil' bit busy especially in the early morning. For the time being, she's okay at least. Miss her so much though.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

"...have a nice day in this cocoon of a secluded place."

I'm not a cat enthusiast myself, eventhough there were 12 cats live in my parents' house previously back in 2008 (currently there are only three have survived). But in having 'Miu' (newly named) in our own residence it means I have to gather back all the information on how to raise a 3-months old kitty and how to treat her (yes, a female kitty) right accordingly. I'm neither too keen nor excited in having one, but things happened all in a sudden. Knowing that wifey loves cat so much, then we decided to brought this small, skinny, starving and hopeless kitty home; fed her, prepared a ‘not-so-good-bed’ for her to sleep and cleaned up the 'mess' (you know what I mean) she dumped in the early morning. We also sent her to vet in order to cure the illness; she’s tragically underweight and has a skin infection. She’s now in the vet and has to stay there in 3 days for an intensive treatment. Hopefully she’ll be okay.

Look at the above picture made me think to make something closer to that for her. I have a huge optimism that wifey would approve it without hesitation. Definitely a thing worth trying out, isn’t it?


+ Image taken from here.
+ Further reading about the design: Here.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

digitally whispered

How [extremely] manipulated a sound of 'someone packing huge beer kegs into a truck' can be?

Find your answer over here: Telephone Game: 30 Whispers Down The Line { sound + collab }

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Finally, here's the outcome of what I've worked for previously. Go get it now! Thank you.

the wavelength

This is cool, isn't it?

Thursday, January 14, 2010

point. click. whatever.

Curiosity killed the cat... but you may just click on the images above to kill your curiosity, because [I believe] you’re not an animal [and not even a cat] yourself. So don’t worry about it.

Thank you for clicking.


wake up and smell the...

The other day a friend told me something that made me ponder a little while. He mentioned that he missed the smell of jamming studio and the vibe that we can get from it. Well, I have to agree with that since we’ve been out of touch for quite sometimes and we were busy doing our own stuffs meanwhile neglecting a common ground that we have been sharing together since the last time I hardly remember when. So, that was it. After a session of our first rehearsal, we keep continue doing it until recently. Now we have 2 solid songs and 2 more songs waiting to be polished which are still in progress. Wish us luck and hopefully everything will work out fine as it has been expecting to be.


Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Today is the fifth of January and to start writing for a debut entry ‘exclusively’ for the New Year, 2010 is obviously late I know. But I’m not too keen to write anything about New Year resolutions and things that related to it because for me it would be a waste of time, as I believe everything shouldn’t be waited until the ending/beginning of the year to be fulfilled or settled as I always consider things could be commence anytime as we willingly wanted it to be. So, you’ll not be seeing any words I wrote here indicating resolutions or my wish to be fulfilled for this year. I just let it be.

The New Year celebration is still the same for me like the previous year, 2009. I just stayed at home watching TV and browsing the net as usual. Nothing is exciting me to celebrate anything related to January 1st every year, really.

But I give the news down here an exception;

This one:

+ Further reading: Here.

And this one:

+ Further reading: Here.

Therefore, happy 2010 everyone!