Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Today is the fifth of January and to start writing for a debut entry ‘exclusively’ for the New Year, 2010 is obviously late I know. But I’m not too keen to write anything about New Year resolutions and things that related to it because for me it would be a waste of time, as I believe everything shouldn’t be waited until the ending/beginning of the year to be fulfilled or settled as I always consider things could be commence anytime as we willingly wanted it to be. So, you’ll not be seeing any words I wrote here indicating resolutions or my wish to be fulfilled for this year. I just let it be.

The New Year celebration is still the same for me like the previous year, 2009. I just stayed at home watching TV and browsing the net as usual. Nothing is exciting me to celebrate anything related to January 1st every year, really.

But I give the news down here an exception;

This one:

+ Further reading: Here.

And this one:

+ Further reading: Here.

Therefore, happy 2010 everyone!


ฉัน เป็น บ่าว ของ อั ล ล อ said...

ahaa..the madman is back.
baru aku tau Burzum tu nama dari Lord Of The Rings.

DEP punya release memang dinanti nantikan

Zach Van Alley said...

hehe. Burzum & DEP memang best. tak dapat dinafikan. Bold pun best juga. :)

ฉัน เป็น บ่าว ของ อั ล ล อ said...

Tapikan, memang band-band yang release under Relapse Records memang terbaik.Even Converge pun pernah under Relapse. Memang ni label yang aku percaya kualitinya

Zach Van Alley said...

yes, memang terbaik.

But how about Earache, Hydra Head, Dimmak, Osmose, Southern Lord, Rise Above, Jade Tree, Ipecac, Neurot, Deathwish, Three One G, Slap A Ham, 625, HG Fact etc?

Ni semua label-label yang sangat terbaik.