Thursday, January 21, 2010

"...have a nice day in this cocoon of a secluded place."

I'm not a cat enthusiast myself, eventhough there were 12 cats live in my parents' house previously back in 2008 (currently there are only three have survived). But in having 'Miu' (newly named) in our own residence it means I have to gather back all the information on how to raise a 3-months old kitty and how to treat her (yes, a female kitty) right accordingly. I'm neither too keen nor excited in having one, but things happened all in a sudden. Knowing that wifey loves cat so much, then we decided to brought this small, skinny, starving and hopeless kitty home; fed her, prepared a ‘not-so-good-bed’ for her to sleep and cleaned up the 'mess' (you know what I mean) she dumped in the early morning. We also sent her to vet in order to cure the illness; she’s tragically underweight and has a skin infection. She’s now in the vet and has to stay there in 3 days for an intensive treatment. Hopefully she’ll be okay.

Look at the above picture made me think to make something closer to that for her. I have a huge optimism that wifey would approve it without hesitation. Definitely a thing worth trying out, isn’t it?


+ Image taken from here.
+ Further reading about the design: Here.

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