Monday, January 25, 2010

Aizati: 1975 - 2010

Today, 10:30 in the morning I arrived at her family's place in Titiwangsa to pay the last respect. There, at the burial service I was a lil' bit internally devastated whilst all in a sudden remembered the last time we had a conversation, I told her, "things wouldn't be the same without you here", right after knowing that she has sent a resignation letter to management.

And she calmly replied, "it's okay... you still have our friends right?". Truly remarkable.

Then I automatically replied (without hesitation), "no, it wouldn't, coz' you're one of a kind", as if I knew she'll be gone forever.

It feels that the conversation just happened yesterday, but now she's gone.

Aizati, you'll be deeply missed for most of us here. Amin...

Zaki & Leila