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Monday, January 28, 2008


It's Heima by Sigur Ros.

The exploded sky...

Okay, first of all thanks to Zul Khesum for reminding me that the highly anticipated instrumentalists from Texas, Explosions In The Sky will be here on February 19th this year presented by Soundscape Records. This would be a big shocking for me to see such act like EITS being able to make an appearance in this humid/warm yet ornate place given name as
Malaysia. Despite the fairly high entrance fee (see the flyer above), I must say that this show is somewhat not to be missed and might be a huge loss for some whom unable to attend. Either you’re post-rocker, indie-rocker or even metalheads shouldn’t be missed to eyewitness yourself some sort of beautiful craft of instrumental music which being launched to its top notch.

You can blatantly say that EITS is in the same field of those shoegazing hordes that plundered the seas of independent scene currently or even anything that could be embellish any style they play, but what they have stated in wikipedia that they simply considered EITS as a rock band not even post-rock; on which being typically illustrated by some.

Yeah, they’re a rock band indeed. Suitably pronounced, a rock band that rocks!

Also quoted from wikipedia, drummer
Chris Hrasky has said, I don't think any of us [in EITS] want the sort of 'leader role', so a leaderless band is kind of the best, best option for us”.

Hmm… well said on behalf of their existence, therefore I’ll not hesitate to go. For me a good band comes in package. It is not only about the music they deliver or even the way they improvise chords and musical tones such things like that, but the attitude always count. And the good well spoken words that added in every each response for some deliberate questions will be always reflected the level of thoughts thus the stance of the band itself.

That’s why my attention would go for something considered odd to some especially for those who loves Mawi or even that RTM’s opus. No, no… I’ll not continue my random accusation or loathing towards them as I believe it’s such a waste of time to state in here anyway. And to my skeptical view, I wonder if those mentioned are able to come up with self descriptive brilliant ideas such thing like EITS (and those in the same league) have answered. I know that I have a deep prejudice in that kind of people. But, to tell you the truth I really can’t help it the way it is.

So, if you like EITS or simply love post-rock or shoegazing (again… what a word!) with instrumental shade, I suggest you to attend this show or you’ll live remorseful in your entire life.
Bear in mind if you like Dirty Three, Mogwai, Isis, Mono, From Monument To Masses, Pelican, Khoma, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Sigur Ros, Jesu or any of these bands, I guarantee that you’ll also love EITS to the most.

Do check it out now and I bet you’ll be hook up with EITS for days (or might be forever). And please browse here in order to add more melancholic/dreamy atmosphere while listening.

Oh, in addition EITS somehow reminds me of
The Day The Sky Exploded, a horrifying epic and classic Italian Sci-Fi film of the 50’s.

Take care for now. Bye.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Kau nak kena terajang?

“Ala Zaki, aku ni pun sekarang pergi kerja balik kerja je la. Tak ke mana pun. Kawan-kawan ramai dah kahwin. Datang gig pun sesekali je. Hari tu baru first time pergi gig kat Central Market setelah 3 tahun tak pergi KL. Hehe.” – Din Akar.

If you’re a zine maker and a Punk/HC music enthusiast, I suggest you to attend this gig. Because this gig is a launching party for the newly released Roots zine reaching number six in this year, 2008. Added to it the selections of bands that will be performing are also good: At its best in its own class. No joking! Check it yourself those bands. You’ll not hesitate anyway. It’s no use to babble further, we should better give this event high priority instead of other things on that day.

End of phrase.

But for me, I don’t know yet. I have several things unsettled in
Kuala Lumpur. Whatever it may take, I’ll try to give it some space for this event. If nothing big happens on that day, I’ll certainly no doubt to be there.

Alright Din, I’ll call you later soon. Bye.

PUSh your own [creative] HEAD!


Stop copycatting other artworks for your own purpose! My annoyance became huge every time seeing artworks depicts the style/stroke of one of my biggest influences, that would be none other; Pushead.

Hey, you Punk/HC kids that supposed to build your own style. Shame on you!

I don’t care if this is not even a big deal for Pushead himself. Or Pushead himself said that this will be one of the by coincidence tactical strategies for him to be more widely known etc. But for me, by exactly depicting one’s style would be distorting a value of individuality or insulting someone’s intelligent, effort and even hard work.

Why ones could take it as his/her style while the person who actually built/made it in the first place has took it ages to develop it on their own? How can be ones easily take the glory and invention just only by seeing and then copy it without any hesitation? Furthermore claiming it as his/her works? And shamelessly claiming that they have practised a lot to get what they have got currently. What a bloody jerk?!!

To some degrees, this bothers me much, seriously!

Though, I’m irritated a lot with artworks portray human body attached with skull instead of normal head and the body covered with tattered/worn out clothes (which often signify zombie alike) in almost Punk/HC releases which exhibited through vinyls, CDs, cassettes or even the merchandises. As for this style, exception definitely goes to Pushead himself alone, not for others. Because he’s the one who invented it! Not you, copycat jerks!

There are many subject matters for us to explore, why shrunk it, limit it and recycling the same object/subject over and over again? Widen your puny mind a bit and see the surrounding around you, there always be another thing to observe. Your perception towards artistic value and skills won’t go anywhere if you still plagiarized others.

Explore. Be creative. Build your own!

All in all, as being someone who believes in individuality and yet carry the Punk/HC flag up high, let me reminds you once again…

Do It Yourself, muthafukka!!!”.

Please PUSh your own [creative] HEAD… and make the ‘pus’ out of it.

+ Click here for the ORIGINAL STYLE/STROKE of the origin from the man himself; Pushead! Then peek in here, here and here for a lesson.


Thursday, January 24, 2008

New hero added!

After 3 days overdue (it’s quite long awaiting though, I guess), my sister finally has given birth a new hero for Ali Mohammed’s family. Yay! He was born today; Friday, January 25th, 2008 around 2:30 early in the morning.

Congratulations to my sister and her husband.

Hi and welcome to the family, Mohammed Aliff Haziq... my newly born nephew!

Sunday, January 20, 2008


Taken from here. Hello Dan!

+ For more info, please submit yourself here.

Friday, January 18, 2008


"NASUM was the undisputed leader of grindcore's second wave and nothing proves this more than 'Doombringer'; a blistering 25 minute live set of untapped rage recorded in Osaka, Japan on the bands final Japanese tour. 'Doombringer' proves why Nasum set the standard for grindcore in the 21st century"Relapse Records.

You’re either a retarded grind bastard or having Justin Timberlake as an obsession for swallowing shit wanking behaviour if you ask me what the fuck Nasum is. As been confirmed by Anders Jakobson (former Nasum drummer and currently with Coldworker), they’ll release t
his digipack on April 3rd this year and most probably the final release to officially buried their existence after the ‘depature’ of singer/guitarist, Mieszko A. Talarczyk in 2004 and 2005’s fully loaded ‘Grind Finale’ double CD.

+ Down here is the “Wrath” video clip by Nasum:

Monday, January 14, 2008

A great escape.

Finally, I have completed my task as a trainer for a group of lecturers at one institute in
Penang. I was there with three of my colleagues for about a week and to my surprise, every bit of programs went flawlessly well. But then, the only hiccup was none of them familiar with arts and things that related. We were asked to teach them some modules on which we specialized for, err… not so actually because I was only done my jobs and about those specializations, hmm… frankly speaking, I won’t care that much.

Enough said.

Honestly, my only intention was all about to escape for a little while from the monotonous environment of daily life especially when you’re factually live and work in Kuala Lumpur. Its boredom that produced every single day is likely killed me slowly in silence. To have a sort of quiet life and being away from harshness of rat race society in a week can be a meditation and healing for every sullen hearts.

But, every privilege has its own price, which I have to pay; I had to leave my
fiancee a while during my escape, so did with our trip to ‘Crab Island’ which we planned earlier with Syibratul and her beloved husband (Shamril) had to be cancelled due to my absent. But the trip still on for them; both husband and wife. Not for Leila though, she decided not to go as I wasn’t around at the time. Sorry dear, it was about a week of escapism… and the opportunity, as I believe doesn’t come twice.

Now as usual in my office I’m completely blank to write about anything. Everything seems gloomy and demotivated.

I need a holiday… a real good one.

Anyway, I have sad news to share with everyone who read this.

Mourn now, mourn later.


Sunday, January 6, 2008

Spider lily.

Higanbana’ is the latest release from Japanese king of noise, Merzbow.

Simply click the image above to find out more. Briefly it’s just a simple review with inclusive of two sound samples.

For your information, Higanbana means equinox flower.

Cycling the world of injustice!

Rotten Sound is releasing ‘Cycles’ album, which consists of 18 uncompromised tracks. 'Cycles' was produced by Rotten Sound together with Janne Saksa from Sound Supreme Studios (recording and mixing) and Pelle Henricsson from Tonteknik Studios (mastering). Cover artwork (Thomas Boutet, Mush-Design) illustrates how man is decomposing through its own stupidity”.

Yes, fortunately the Finnish grind thunderous, Rotten Sound are back again (after 2006 MCD/MLP ‘Consume to Contaminate’) and have something for us this year, 2008. The seventh full-length album ‘Cycles’ will be released on January 9th by Spinefarm Records.

It’s synonymously known for many that Rotten Sound has something distinctively similar in its sound signature with the like of Carcass, Entombed, Napalm Death, Extreme Noise Terror, Nasum, Gadget and the new grind superstars, Coldworker. Whilst the way Rotten Sound mix between the new technicality high musicianship of grindcore and the harshness of the old ones have been already somewhat remarkable as their own styles since the notably infamous 2002 CD/LP ‘Murderworks’.

How about the lyrics then?
Frankly speaking, they’re no bullshit!

Now get ready for some sweet (and ears bleeding) annihilation!!!

Rotten Sound

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Relax, it's a pop corn time...

To spice up a little bit of your New Year fever here’s some of the films that I’ve track down to be released soon. On the other hand, these are the 3 films on which I would die for to watch it by any mean necessary.

L: CHANGE THE WORLD. This is actually a spin-out sequel to the popular Japanese thriller, Death Note live-action movie. This time it focuses on the character "L.". The film is based on the Death Note manga by Takeshi Obata (mangaka) and Tsugumi Ooba (storyline). It stated that this film will be premiered on February 9th, 2008.

SPEED RACER. Okay, this is another live-action movie based on the classic 1960's Japanese manga (Speed Racer: Mach Go Go Go) & animated series by Tatsuo Yoshida (mangaka/storyline). The film is about ambitions of a young race car driver as he attempts to obtain glory, with the help of his family and the Mach 5, the advanced car created by his father. It’ll be premiered on May 9th, 2008. This is actually the USA version, so you’ll not be seeing the Japanese version of Go Mifune though. You’ve been warned!

TRANSFORMERS 2. Yes, you read it right; Transformers 2. It’s a second installment of Transformers live-action movie and this sequel is planned to be premiered on June 26th, 2009. Yup, again you read it right. It’s 2009, not 2008. By the way, I strongly believe this is still under consideration and any changing schedule will be happens anytime. The status of this film is now currently in production process. Hopefully, this will maintain the intensity of the first one as I’m sick and tired with the failure of any extension of the so-called blockbuster movies previously.


+ This image taken from here.

2k8, it’s just two years more to say “Hi!” to 2k10 and it’s perhaps a year of Postmodernism at its [almost] highest stake. Everything is no longer impossible. Everything is possible. There’s no such thing as right or wrong anymore. The ‘reasonable’ pragmatic reason will always be added to every single action until we daze and confused to sight a thing. Well, just get ready for years to come. This is one of the perfect examples for the spreading disease takes its toll. Or is it only another matter of the inferiority complex and low self-esteem?

"The loudest one in the room is the weakest one in the room”. Is it true?

Alright, ever wished to kill somebody lately? Go here to find out the easiest way to commit such thing.

Good luck!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Stephen who?

I can’t wait to watch this. It has been planned to release on January 31st, 2008. CJ7 is the newest film written, produced, directed by Stephen Chow and [as usual] he also acts in it. This time through this film Stephen Chow takes on Sci-Fi adventure tinged of comedy, which is I could find it uncommon and it must be a whole lot more exciting. Now let’s read the summarized plot outline:

”CJ7 is a comedy about a poor laborer ‘father’ (played by Stephen Chow) and his young ‘son’. When a fascinating and strange new pet enters their lives, they learn a poignant lesson about the true nature of family and the things money can't buy.”

I’m not sure whether this film will be able to overshadow the reputation of the prominent ones or it will be just the same like the rest. Masterpieces such as Shaolin Soccer and Kung Fu Hustle or even the earliest ones like Fight Back to School, King of Comedy, Sixty Million Dollar Man etc were too strong to defeat, in case if you care about it. We’ll see then by the way.

Oh anyway, it’s also confirmed that Kung Fu Hustle 2 will be released in this year. Wait, the man will be also the producer of a film based on the infamous manga by Akira Toriyama; Dragon Ball. The film named after the manga itself is scheduled for worldwide release on
August 15th, 2008. Both of the films are currently still in production process.

Okay, let’s hope the CJ7 will be released according to its schedule. Or the changing date will be only cause a chaos.

I really mean it.