Monday, January 28, 2008

The exploded sky...

Okay, first of all thanks to Zul Khesum for reminding me that the highly anticipated instrumentalists from Texas, Explosions In The Sky will be here on February 19th this year presented by Soundscape Records. This would be a big shocking for me to see such act like EITS being able to make an appearance in this humid/warm yet ornate place given name as
Malaysia. Despite the fairly high entrance fee (see the flyer above), I must say that this show is somewhat not to be missed and might be a huge loss for some whom unable to attend. Either you’re post-rocker, indie-rocker or even metalheads shouldn’t be missed to eyewitness yourself some sort of beautiful craft of instrumental music which being launched to its top notch.

You can blatantly say that EITS is in the same field of those shoegazing hordes that plundered the seas of independent scene currently or even anything that could be embellish any style they play, but what they have stated in wikipedia that they simply considered EITS as a rock band not even post-rock; on which being typically illustrated by some.

Yeah, they’re a rock band indeed. Suitably pronounced, a rock band that rocks!

Also quoted from wikipedia, drummer
Chris Hrasky has said, I don't think any of us [in EITS] want the sort of 'leader role', so a leaderless band is kind of the best, best option for us”.

Hmm… well said on behalf of their existence, therefore I’ll not hesitate to go. For me a good band comes in package. It is not only about the music they deliver or even the way they improvise chords and musical tones such things like that, but the attitude always count. And the good well spoken words that added in every each response for some deliberate questions will be always reflected the level of thoughts thus the stance of the band itself.

That’s why my attention would go for something considered odd to some especially for those who loves Mawi or even that RTM’s opus. No, no… I’ll not continue my random accusation or loathing towards them as I believe it’s such a waste of time to state in here anyway. And to my skeptical view, I wonder if those mentioned are able to come up with self descriptive brilliant ideas such thing like EITS (and those in the same league) have answered. I know that I have a deep prejudice in that kind of people. But, to tell you the truth I really can’t help it the way it is.

So, if you like EITS or simply love post-rock or shoegazing (again… what a word!) with instrumental shade, I suggest you to attend this show or you’ll live remorseful in your entire life.
Bear in mind if you like Dirty Three, Mogwai, Isis, Mono, From Monument To Masses, Pelican, Khoma, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Sigur Ros, Jesu or any of these bands, I guarantee that you’ll also love EITS to the most.

Do check it out now and I bet you’ll be hook up with EITS for days (or might be forever). And please browse here in order to add more melancholic/dreamy atmosphere while listening.

Oh, in addition EITS somehow reminds me of
The Day The Sky Exploded, a horrifying epic and classic Italian Sci-Fi film of the 50’s.

Take care for now. Bye.

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