Saturday, January 26, 2008

PUSh your own [creative] HEAD!


Stop copycatting other artworks for your own purpose! My annoyance became huge every time seeing artworks depicts the style/stroke of one of my biggest influences, that would be none other; Pushead.

Hey, you Punk/HC kids that supposed to build your own style. Shame on you!

I don’t care if this is not even a big deal for Pushead himself. Or Pushead himself said that this will be one of the by coincidence tactical strategies for him to be more widely known etc. But for me, by exactly depicting one’s style would be distorting a value of individuality or insulting someone’s intelligent, effort and even hard work.

Why ones could take it as his/her style while the person who actually built/made it in the first place has took it ages to develop it on their own? How can be ones easily take the glory and invention just only by seeing and then copy it without any hesitation? Furthermore claiming it as his/her works? And shamelessly claiming that they have practised a lot to get what they have got currently. What a bloody jerk?!!

To some degrees, this bothers me much, seriously!

Though, I’m irritated a lot with artworks portray human body attached with skull instead of normal head and the body covered with tattered/worn out clothes (which often signify zombie alike) in almost Punk/HC releases which exhibited through vinyls, CDs, cassettes or even the merchandises. As for this style, exception definitely goes to Pushead himself alone, not for others. Because he’s the one who invented it! Not you, copycat jerks!

There are many subject matters for us to explore, why shrunk it, limit it and recycling the same object/subject over and over again? Widen your puny mind a bit and see the surrounding around you, there always be another thing to observe. Your perception towards artistic value and skills won’t go anywhere if you still plagiarized others.

Explore. Be creative. Build your own!

All in all, as being someone who believes in individuality and yet carry the Punk/HC flag up high, let me reminds you once again…

Do It Yourself, muthafukka!!!”.

Please PUSh your own [creative] HEAD… and make the ‘pus’ out of it.

+ Click here for the ORIGINAL STYLE/STROKE of the origin from the man himself; Pushead! Then peek in here, here and here for a lesson.



Anonymous said...

amboi marah sangat nampaknya kie? tapi betul la apa kau kata created your own style...tak rabak pun tak pa dari curi stroke orang tak best original is the key word... zK

Zach Van Alley said...

Originality satu hal. Tapi pada aku yang lebih penting adalah identiti. Memang aku akui sesetengah pendapat ada berkata, "tak kisah apa cara pun, janji sampai matlamat".

Dan ia seperti berbalik kepada frasa "Matlamat menghalalkan cara".

Well, pada aku it's not fair for the one who's really invented the style la. Bersusah payah dia cari identiti, then sesenang je orang kaut dia punya idea/identiti.

Mengambil pengaruh tak salah. Tapi apa kata improvise, kalau tak dapat improvise banyak sikit pun takpe. Or kalau tak dapat nak jadi kreatif, why don't be somehow innovative? Tak susah kan?

Dan aku setuju sangat dengan pendapat kau - "tak rabak pun tak pa dari curi stroke orang tak best". Memang la tak best, lagi-lagi kalau tiru sebiji sampaikan orang boleh trace yang dia ni tiru dia ni etc. Malah lebih parah bila orang sangka lukisan/ilustrasi tu dihasilkan oleh pelukis asli. Sadis wooo...

Okey Zul, terima kerana respond. Cheers!~