Tuesday, October 30, 2007

"Who are you and why you're here?"

If you think that we're only in it just for the fuckin' mindless loud music, so please move your fuckin' hippies' ass out of here. Because it isn’t even worth a shit.

Be alert that the decisive and half baked cursing words which I'm using above is all about a reflective reaction towards an excitement of my today’s discovery. That’s all.

The reasons why I'm happy and all excited:

Reason number one: How about these three issues?

Reason number two: This debut?!! The oldest one?

It's Profane Existence, man! Thanks a lot, Slobodan Burgher! You're really made my day!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

I love D-Beat!

+ Pic taken from here.

Read about this news today. Apparatus is definitely one of the best D-Beat bands from Malaysia. They've been around since the year of 2000; if I'm not mistaken. I'm glad that they're still thrashing hard until nowadays. So better hurry up and wait no more. Get this EP as soon as possible because I believe it's gonna be very limited in numbers!

Alright, I end this entry with a cheesy (somehow cliché) quote; “D-Beat raw 'crust' punk in your fuckin' sorry face!!!”


Fuck. Off. And. Die.

The Norwegian ‘New Wave of Black Heavy Metal’ band, Darkthrone (1987 - present) is back with their (new) 13th album, “F.O.A.D” (an acronym for “Fuck Off and Die”) on the October 1st this year. Some sources stating that this album had actually released on September 25th (some also said it was on September 13th); on which I don’t know the exact date. But on June 29th, in the Darkthrone site it has stated that this album will be released around September (without stating on which day). “F.O.A.D” obviously in musical term is the continuity from the previous 12th album, “The Cult Is Alive” (Peaceville Records, 2006). Where the influences (for both of the releases) came from various genres such as Thrash Metal, Power Metal, NWOBHM (akin to Motorhead, Hellhammer, Celtic Frost etc), mixed with a tasteful joy of numerous Hc/Crust Punk bands (name it yourself!) and of course, Death/Black Metal (in the vein of their earlier stuffs). Peaceville Records still responsible to produce this album and it contains 9 songs. I can’t decide whether this is a crossover album or not, but the strongly essence of Lemmy Kilmister in the Nocturno Culto vocals gave me a hint of Motorhead and the groovy drum beats of Fenriz reminds me of G-Anx, Totalitar, Amebix and the like. It’s also stated in their site that, “This album is the soul of a lifetime of rock and metal, and it sounds like a war between Atlantis and the rest of the planet”.

Judging to the musical preferences, “F.O.A.D” should be interesting… plus the sound is somewhat unpolished and raw. Instead of going to hi-tech (to get the hi-fi ‘metal’ sound), they’ve decided to record themselves on their own little studio, Necrohell Studios. Which made “F.O.A.D” is kind of like ‘old metal with old sound’. Added to it, Fenriz also said, “The demo sound is like an architects’ dream... and the plastic modern album sound is the result of the architects compromise with the little people, trying to please everyone (and everyone sucks)".

Okay, for me this is the best Darkthrone’s stuff ever since their debut album, “Soulside Journey” (Peaceville Records, 1990) because it defines and includes all the best riffs that anyone could create for the rest of old metal/crust punk madness. Name it yourself those oldies, I bet they’re all including in here precisely.

So then, never mind Driller Killer gone metal, here come Darkthrone for the punks! Haha!

The tracks of “F.O.A.D”:
1. These Shores Are Damned
2. Canadian Metal
3. The
Church Of Real Metal
4. The Banners Of Old
5. Fuck Off And Die
6. Splitkein Fever
7. Raised On Rock
8. Pervertor Of The 7 Gates
9. Wisdom Of The Dead

+ Last but not least: Up the punks (err… and the metalheads also)!

Darkthrone in the 90's

Darkthrone, this present day

Saturday, October 27, 2007

When all is said and done...

This is the (new) official music video for the song "When All Is Said and Done" from the album, "Smear Campaign" by Napalm Death. Happy Grinding!

Friday, October 26, 2007


Okay, this is the (new) official music video for the song "AOTKPTA" from the album, "New Erections" by The Locust. Enjoy your watching!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Selamat Hari Hartal!

"Bagi memperingati perjuangan rakyat menuntut demokrasi dari penjajahan kolonial, ingin aku cadangkan supaya tarikh 20 Oktober dijadikan sebagai hari perayaan kebangsaan dan cuti umum buat seluruh rakyat Malaysia sempena menyambut "HARI HARTAL" - hari perjuangan demokrasi rakyat." - Fahmi Reza.

*See those images above? Please click here to see more about "Hari Hartal".

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Pelan Melepaskan Diri Kali Ke-3 Encik Dillinger!

Yes, the picture above is a new album by The Dillinger Escape Plan/TDEP. It will be the third full-length album by this New Jersey based Mathcore band which is named after an American bank robber, John Dillinger (or better known with the nickname, "Jackrabbit"). This album is to be released on November 13th, 2007 thru no other than Relapse Records. Judging from the band's previous releases (especially 'Calculating Infinity' and 'Miss Machine'), I wish they’d maintain (therefore continue) their intensity of great musicianship and creativity in 'Ire Works'.

Anyway, the sad side of this news is Chris Pennie (the former drummer and the co-founder of TDEP) had left the band on June 15th, 2007 to join a New York's Progressive Rock band, Coheed and Cambria. Also it goes with Brian Benoit (the former guitarist), which has to leave TDEP on August 5th, 2007 due to his health condition. By the way, the departure of these two talented musicians has been replaced by Gil Sharone (Stolen Babies) and Jeff Tuttle (Heads Will Roll & Capture The Flag).

Since the early beginning circa 1996-1998, TDEP has been helping to define the real tune of Mathcore with two promising debuts; 'The Dillinger Escape Plan' EP (1997, Now or Never Records) and 'Under The Running Board' EP (1998, Relapse Records). Until now they're still continues to carry the flag of Mathcore and raising it up high even more. They’ve also inspired many bands that into this kind of music since then. Name it yourself all the
Mathcore bands worldwide after the birth of TDEP, I bet most of them have been inspired by TDEP.

But, somehow I think TDEP themselves have been inspired by Meshuggah (formed in 1987), an Experi-Metal/Math Metal band from Umea, Sweden. For the proven, please listen to ‘Destroy Erase Improve’ (1995, Nuclear Blast Records). Okay, in case of its origin (at least for Mathcore) I think it matters a lot! Ya know, the discordant, technical riffing, complex time signatures, passionate/energetic vocals and avant-garde (read: unconventional) verse-chorus song structure etc.

By looking to the cover, this album anyhow giving me the vibes feeling of The Dark Side Of The Moon’s Pink Floyd and Octavarium’s Dream Theater. Perhaps the music would be slightly the same? Ops, this would be another story!

Alright, enough. As for now, let's hope for the craziest Mathcore fiesta!

+ The Dillinger Escape Plan (2007) with current members. From left to right: Gil Sharone, Greg Puciato, Liam Wilson, Ben Weinman & Jeff Tuttle.

+ A quick update: Where Calculating Infinity was a combustible technical tour-de-force and Miss Machine juxtaposed the band’s explosive song crafting with dark, mature melodies, Ire Works is all about channeling the collective experience and a lot of, well, ire. “I would say these songs are just pissed off”, describes Ben Weinman. “This record is all about feel. Even the electronic elements on this record are very emotionally driven". - TDEP in JamNow.com.


One of my close friends since I was the age of two, Norazlizan bin Bujang (1978 - 2007), passed away on 27th of Ramadan, 1428 (Monday, October 8th, 2007), 4 days before Eid ul-Fitr. Normally on every Shawwal I’ll be visiting him; we usually sat and talked for few hours during this ‘must do’ annual meet up session. It’s somehow a yearly basis for both of us, but this year...

Al-Fatihah… and may his soul rest in peace forever.

+ His picture will be here soon.

This picture is taken from here.

Selamat, selamat...


Gothik Malam Raya. Haha!

*Picture taken on Friday, October 12th, 2007, 11:30 pm somewhere at Kota Tinggi, Johor.

Sunday, October 7, 2007


+ Sekadar gambar hiasan.

Pernah hadapi masalah kurang penumpuan terhadap perkara yang sedang dilakukan? Kebelakangan ini aku dapat mengenal pasti bahawa aku kurang memberikan tumpuan terhadap pembacaan.

Sering sahaja aku membaca separuh jalan dan acapkali juga aku menerawang ke ruang lain semasa di tengah² aktiviti pembacaan. Dan sering juga aku membaca berulang-ulang perenggan² serta bait² perkataan yang aku rasa aku tidak memberikan penumpuan jitu sebelumnya. Mungkin otak aku semakin sarat dipenuhi data² yang kurang tersusun dan sedikit berkecamuk. Aku juga sering membayangkan imej² yang mungkin dapat menerangkan kenyataan² yang tertulis pada bahan bacaan yang dibaca. Selalu juga aku membuat kesimpulan sendiri dan memproses maklumat dipertengahan pembacaan tanpa terfikir untuk menghabiskan pembacaan terlebih dahulu. Malah aku seakan senang berkonflik di antara peperangan imaginasi dan sumber bacaan yang diperolehi.

Hasilnya aku akan membaca separuh jalan; kurang berminat utuk menghabiskan pembacaan.

Dulu, aku senang membaca fakta² berkaitan sejarah seperti kronologi, autobiografi dan yang seangkatan dengannya. Namun kini aku dapati aku lebih senang membaca omong² kosong membunuh masa yang meniti di bibir setiap orang yang aku temui.

Media cetak membentuk semacam budaya; mengeluar, mengedar dan kemudian menemui pembaca yang ingin membaca.

Kebelakangan ini juga aku seakan ketagih membeli bahan bacaan tidak kira apa saja bentuknya. Sebut sahaja dari bacaan remaja urban masa kini hinggalah kepada bacaan yang tertumpu kepada permasalahan rumah tangga ataupun perihal wanita² se-Malaysia. Tapi tetap tidak semua aku habis baca. Aku lebih gemar berimaginasi daripada menyuap terus fakta² yang diharapkan dapat terus disogok masuk kepada sang pembeli... macam aku.

Aku tak pasti sama ada ini elok untuk minda aku ataupun tidak. Cuma aku agak senang dengan imaginasi² yang aku cipta selari dengan pembacaan. Terkadang imaginasi aku tersasar jauh dari makna perkataan tertera. Dan aku gagahi semula mencari di mana aku tergelincir sebentar tadi. Selalu juga aku terpaksa membaca berulang kali dari mula perenggan hingga ke kawasan gelinciran supaya aku tak tersasar lagi maksud sebenar apa yang cuba disampaikan.

Sahih... aku sekarang bergelar 'slow-reader' bagi para cendikiawan. Bagus juga... daripada menjadi 'fast-reader' yang mudah² saja diperkotak-katikkan.


*Artikel di atas ini aku tulis pada hari Sabtu bersamaan 06 Januari 2007. Aku ada letak dalam blog di sebuah 'laman web perhubungan sosial' (social networking website?) bernama MySpace. Akaun laman web tu dah tiada, 'kata laluan' (password?) kena hacked aka mungkin aku lupa password... tapi ia masih beroperasi. Oleh yang demikian, jangan harap aku boleh balas mesej, balas komen (dan sewaktu dengannya) yang kamu-kamu hantar. Kekadang aku saja lawat sebab nak tengok apa yang berlaku di situ dari masa ke semasa. Jadi oleh kerana tak mahu artikel ini hilang ditelan 'kesulitan teknologi' (technology difficulty?), maka aku letak ia dalam blog yang satu ini. Relevan artikel ini? Sebenarnya sampai sekarang aku susah nak tumpukan perhatian bila membaca. Cuma tak sekronik dulu la. Ini mungkin kerana latihan intensif serta jitu yang aku sering praktikkan sejak kebelakangan ini. Eh, okeylah... aku nak bersiap. Ada dating petang ni. Bye.