Sunday, October 28, 2007


Fuck. Off. And. Die.

The Norwegian ‘New Wave of Black Heavy Metal’ band, Darkthrone (1987 - present) is back with their (new) 13th album, “F.O.A.D” (an acronym for “Fuck Off and Die”) on the October 1st this year. Some sources stating that this album had actually released on September 25th (some also said it was on September 13th); on which I don’t know the exact date. But on June 29th, in the Darkthrone site it has stated that this album will be released around September (without stating on which day). “F.O.A.D” obviously in musical term is the continuity from the previous 12th album, “The Cult Is Alive” (Peaceville Records, 2006). Where the influences (for both of the releases) came from various genres such as Thrash Metal, Power Metal, NWOBHM (akin to Motorhead, Hellhammer, Celtic Frost etc), mixed with a tasteful joy of numerous Hc/Crust Punk bands (name it yourself!) and of course, Death/Black Metal (in the vein of their earlier stuffs). Peaceville Records still responsible to produce this album and it contains 9 songs. I can’t decide whether this is a crossover album or not, but the strongly essence of Lemmy Kilmister in the Nocturno Culto vocals gave me a hint of Motorhead and the groovy drum beats of Fenriz reminds me of G-Anx, Totalitar, Amebix and the like. It’s also stated in their site that, “This album is the soul of a lifetime of rock and metal, and it sounds like a war between Atlantis and the rest of the planet”.

Judging to the musical preferences, “F.O.A.D” should be interesting… plus the sound is somewhat unpolished and raw. Instead of going to hi-tech (to get the hi-fi ‘metal’ sound), they’ve decided to record themselves on their own little studio, Necrohell Studios. Which made “F.O.A.D” is kind of like ‘old metal with old sound’. Added to it, Fenriz also said, “The demo sound is like an architects’ dream... and the plastic modern album sound is the result of the architects compromise with the little people, trying to please everyone (and everyone sucks)".

Okay, for me this is the best Darkthrone’s stuff ever since their debut album, “Soulside Journey” (Peaceville Records, 1990) because it defines and includes all the best riffs that anyone could create for the rest of old metal/crust punk madness. Name it yourself those oldies, I bet they’re all including in here precisely.

So then, never mind Driller Killer gone metal, here come Darkthrone for the punks! Haha!

The tracks of “F.O.A.D”:
1. These Shores Are Damned
2. Canadian Metal
3. The
Church Of Real Metal
4. The Banners Of Old
5. Fuck Off And Die
6. Splitkein Fever
7. Raised On Rock
8. Pervertor Of The 7 Gates
9. Wisdom Of The Dead

+ Last but not least: Up the punks (err… and the metalheads also)!

Darkthrone in the 90's

Darkthrone, this present day

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