Saturday, February 28, 2009

Today is Saturday...

Having fever during weekend is quite uncool to say the least. But to think about I've been in healthy condition for the past few months without any illness, I pretty much thankful to have a healthy body (so far). Since we're not having any plan or event towards this awaited weekend, we've decided to lazing around the house, doing some of the chores, well, most of it done by Leila since my body couldn't cope with this fever (to think of that I must admit all this while Leila did a lot of the works; cleaning, cooking, doing laundry etc). What a lazy bum, I am.

I didn't go to work this morning... the Saturday working hour is sickening and must be abolished for the sake of future generation. Heh. Even though it's a half day, but I'd rather lie down on my bed or doing something else than having my ass on the office's chair in front of the computer screen browsing facebook while the freezing cold air condition is on the top of my head. Nothing much to be done on Saturday actually, instead of thing I said just now, the other thing that I could do are having chat with colleagues, telling stories/news, cracking some jokes etc because Saturday is likely the unofficial time off for us since weekdays seemingly are the battlefield for us dealing with classes, doing immediate multitasking or handling 'problematic' students etc. During Saturday we're allowed to wear something casual, but still it should be having a little bit of black presence. Though if we have this so called immediate meeting with the 'highness', we're still not encouraged to wear round neck t-shirt and if we do, we're advised to wrap it up with jacket, the black one of course.

But lying down alone on bed is uncool, waiting Leila back from work for hours is also uncool and watching TV alone is still uncool. Then I've decided to go online, checking facebook, browsing youtube, checking e-mails, read the previous posts of my blog or recent post of the other blogs as well... hey, this is pretty the same I do during working hours at the office! Thanks god, Leila came home brought me meals at around 1:30 pm, then we watched "The Kite Runner" DVD (see the trailer above) for about 2 hours approximately. This movie is good and mind blowing, I'd say I've got the same feeling the other day while watching "Slumdog Millionaire". The story of both could be different, but these two novel adaptations are definitely a great manifestation of life; it's like the autobiography of a person based on the real event. You should watch these two movies. Highly recommended for everyone.

Now, while I'm writing this post, Leila religiously watching Shinchan without any gesture of blinking eyes. I know Leila loves Shinchan premises a lot, be it the graphic novel or even this TV series. We have the complete volume of Shinchan graphic novels which are proudly displayed in our bookshelf. We read all of them again and again while waiting for the latest volume to be published. Thanks for Yoshito Usui though, for the chronically great series of comedy and hilariously simple drawing one could never have imagined to be made for the masses (be it comic/cartoon lovers or not) to enjoy.

Okay, I think I should stop and take a shower... but before that, let me enjoy Shinchan with Leila and having a session of good laugh during this most awaited Saturday. Thank you.


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Did you know?

Did you know that ‘THERMOSTAT’ is actually an acronym of: T(h)erminator, Deja Moss and Kuih Tat?

And did you know that TERMINATOR is actually an acronym of: Termite and Senator?

So I doubt that you know DEJA MOSS is actually an acronym of: Deja vu and Kate Moss.

So does with KUIH TAT, it is actually an acronym of: Harajuku, Ihsan and Lim Tat.

Now, go digging… it’s all probably in here.

Thank you.

Friday, February 20, 2009

don't believe the hype.

Not intended to talk about religion or new belief and such, but they (Neurosis) have been said delivering a ‘religious experience’ throughout their musical journey and performance. I can’t tell the exact truth of the statement since I’ve never seen any of their shows yet meeting them personally. If only I live in US and A, it would be something else: In the case of experience the ‘religion’ or ‘belief’ that has been said is purely not a problem. Religious experience is not a tiny word; it is obviously a huge word to bear by a person or party to hold onto the shoulder. The responsibility of carrying such burden and credibility need enough balls to seize praises and dodge every single disdain that has been spurting from every side of the witnessing eyes. Yet to main the reputation is could be overwhelming and mind blowing. It’s not an easy task… a sensational one and the hardest as it supposed.

Be it a good or bad, one should take side. Either we choose both or take one of it; it’s entirely our choice but to look upon the (above) evidence, I would consider this would be a living proof of ‘religious experience’ that has been said about… but I would prefer new words, that’s not related with ‘religious’ or even ‘experience’ which explained the whole phenomenon occurs. Not only because I’m tired with the exaggeration and it’s also not because they’re not good. They’re definitely good; in fact they’re on the top notch of my Top 5 list, they’re one of a kind that nothing can be replaced and they’re already a living legend themselves.

But, by repeating the same mundane over and over again make me sick, and then came to my mind telling me that those journalists are actually running out of ideas by repeating the same shit spilled by other journalists as well. It’s not a way of a good explanatory made by the so-called media though and I’m entirely not happy with this drill. It is cliche and overused.

They should come up with a new fresh one, that none of it ever mentioned before. No twisted metaphors needed, just a simple and the heaviest one that everybody could understand (and happily agreed), something like “Less is More” idiom… just like that.

One more thing, don’t believe the hype. But it’s the hype that should believe in this.

Thank you.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Multi what? Part 2

See... they made me doing it again and it’s still horrible. The first one has been rejected, of course. Well, not my intention to make mine to be selected either. The second one is also done reluctantly. Now I can go back home safely without worrying about it any longer.

One method to get rid of an immediate task something like this is, you should not taking it seriously and hoping that it would be rejected no matter how many times they want you to do it. Same task, same mistake… again and again, in order to tell them indirectly that you’re not willing to do that. Please do the same mistake on purpose. Don’t bother if they said that you’re unskillful or incapable of multitasking whatsoever and it is much better instead of they’ll make you doing it next time over and over again.

So in conclusion of your ‘incapability’, you’ll be able to continue your main (and very important) job again.

It’s funny but true.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Multi what?

In office, the most evil term is probably ‘multitasking’. I’m not sure about the other people, but for me it makes me 'going apeshit' every time they made me doing it. Just now while I’m doing something (which is very important), suddenly those so-called leaders asked me to come up with mural design that’s supposed to be painted on the floor of this one shopping complex. Despite of being provided with simple explanation on design concept as well as given with a very limited time, I’ve managed to finish it up roughly within half an hour. The fastest design process of mine ever. :)

Armed with the skills of searching suitable images thru google image, cut and paste technique, composing images using photoshop (including brightness/contrast command, cropping etc) and a lil’ bit of tricky (nah, not really!) editing/colouring; the task is now done and I’m able to have lunch without worrying about it anymore.

As you can see at the image above, it is the result of those 30 minutes of eyes-burning-staring-the computer screen. Thank you.

So much with the multitasking, eh?

Not a good way to start a day though.

Discordance Axis.

No exact reason regarding to this post, just another posting of YouTube video but this time it’s about the greatest improvisational grindcore act ever existed, formed in New Jersey; Discordance Axis.

To be frank, there’s none other like Discordance Axis; the straightforward yet dissonant beats/riffs, the aggressions of ‘silver bullet’ performance and its metaphorical lyrics are the main proportion to be measured by every grindcore ‘fans’ out there. What a great combination; Jon Chang high-pitched shrieking/deep growling, Dave Witte supersonic thunderous blast beating and Rob Marton simplistic twisted chords: This trio is definitely a real deal for a perfect grindcore band should be like.

Grind on!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Addicted to Facebook?

Today, forwards us an excellent article about Facebook.

Read it here.