Monday, February 2, 2009

Hi! part 4

Hi again, some of you might already knew that I’ve come back in Malaysia yesterday, January 31st, 2009. 18 hours in 3 different flights plus with a delayed departure and the waiting. Planned depart at 7:40 am but delayed until 10:15 am at Moshoeshoe I International Airport in Maseru. I must say that this airport stinks and horrible with a bad management that is lacking of efficiency and most importantly, a courtesy. In addition, the airport is way too small; I’ve imagined what if Boeing 747 has landed over there. That would be horrifying moment for them obviously.

The service is worse and unfriendly, especially the officer that handling the scan machine. She made me took off my belt just because the alarm of metal detector beeped and she had no intention to check it by herself with a handy-scan metal detector at all. However, I wonder if they have any of such things like that judging to the condition of the airport. “Don’t you want me to loosen my pants instead? It would make your job easier”, I told her sarcastically. “Do respect me as an officer. I can make you stay here in Lesotho”, she replied. As my eyes still looking at her, I said with half shouted voice, “I have the ticket and I have the right to get onboard. This is utter ridiculous! You threatened me, isn’t it?”. “What? You said I’m crazy?”, she assumed. “No, I said it’s ridiculous”, I replied in disgust, grabbed my hand luggage and leave her without further dispute.

At the waiting space I heard most of the passengers being scolded by this inhumane lady. What the hell is wrong with her anyway? I don’t know. Everything seems to be incorrect to her. I think she was just having a bad trip of overdose on power that being given to her. This is the only extreme turn off of the whole trip apparently.

Reached Johannesburg at 11:45 am, but we supposed to be there 2 hours earlier to be transferred to Changi Airport. The plan to shop till us drop at Johannesburg Airport was cancelled due to the unpunctuality and we rushed to international transfer counter worriedly. After a sort of long arguments (and practically being prank by the staff) according to our lateness, we finally get into the plane at 1:00 pm and there we were heading to Singapore before transferred ourselves to the end spot, that was KLIA. The Singapore Airlines crews are super nicer. They talked to us a lot and asked us whether we’re doing okay or something else during their flight. Most of them said, “I’m tired talking in English, I’m glad to meet you guys and having a chance to talk in Malay”. The weird is that most of the crews are Chinese. Haha. What the… but, it’s the reality that goes the same with me. 16 days of non-stop English talking session made my tongue twisted like hell.

To my surprise, almost 80% of people in Maseru thought that I’m Indian and the other 20% thought that I’m Chinese. But to think of that I’m also having a bit of Indian and Chinese blood in me, that made me smiling. At least some people have noticed about my untold ethnicity, but when I told that I’m actually Malay, they looked at me with a complete frown all over their face signifying that they didn’t know at all about the existence of a race called Malay in this world, same like I did when first heard about Basotho. I explained to them and almost all nodded but deep inside I knew that they’re actually lost in translation. However, it doesn’t bother me much as I’ve always thought that race isn’t something that I keen about since ages ago.

I’ve managed to watch 3 movies during this transfer: First, “Burn After Reading”, second, “Hellboy 2” and the third, “Kill Bill Vol.1” just to kill the time. The remaining hours spent on dozing off and listening to mp3s. Oh, something about my mp3s, a friend of mine who’s Basotho said the mp3s that I have are completely strange to her and she felt alienated from the real outside world knowing that she’s only has the mainstream ones. The only songs that she has are either from Lesotho or United States, not any single song from the different part of world.

After 18 hours of ‘torment’ caused by back aching and severe cold, we finally landed in KLIA at 8:00 am. There was Leila, waiting for me with her ever beautiful smile. We hugged and kissed, then had my first meal in Malaysia after 16 days in South Africa at the nearest food kiosk inside the airport. Around 9:15 am, on the way back, I insisted to drive the car heading to Bukit Damansara. I felt a lil’ bit awkward at the first time held my hands towards the steering after quite a long time didn’t drive any car while I was at Maseru: Meor, the Resource Manager was kind enough to be our unpaid driver and respectable tourist guide during our stay over there. We reached home roughly at 10:00 am and there we have Mak Tah's home cooked meals, nasi lemak and roti canais already prepared for our brunch, upon requested by me… I think. I ate most of them and then vomited 3 times purely as a punishment.

A blast!

During the second day in Malaysia, Leila and I’ve bought the 5 seasons of OZ box sets (the 5th season is on the way), 7 books, 2 magazines plus with the other stuffs, as shown at the picture above which cost us 500 bucks burnt effectively. Isn’t it also a high possibility to reduce the tax payment anyway?

Another blast, really!

+ At this moment I would like to thanks to the people in Maseru especially Ida, Meor, Masha, Tau, Sylus, Victor, Mosia, Makhala, Telite, Mampho and Mokho for the warmth hospitality that had been given during our stay.

Oh, before I forgot, the time between Malaysia and South Africa is 6 hours gap, which is we’re ahead of them. And I’ve also learned 4 words from them which are: Khatso = Peace, Pula = Rain, Nala = Prosperity and Mpho = Gift. :)


Niyang Rapik said...

yang kat atas skali cam buku the day the country die kan? aku suka buku yg satu lagi tu, burning britain.

Zach Van Alley said...

a ah, buku tu.

kau ada burning britain? Menarik tak?

Little Britain kau ada tengok? Syok woo...

Niyang Rapik said...

burning britain ade. biase jer! tapi 2-2 buku tu ade buat dlm bentuk DVD. aku ade the day country die. menarik!

little britain tu pasal per?

Zach Van Alley said...

Little Britain tu comedy series macam Gado-Gado.

Syok wooo...