Friday, February 20, 2009

don't believe the hype.

Not intended to talk about religion or new belief and such, but they (Neurosis) have been said delivering a ‘religious experience’ throughout their musical journey and performance. I can’t tell the exact truth of the statement since I’ve never seen any of their shows yet meeting them personally. If only I live in US and A, it would be something else: In the case of experience the ‘religion’ or ‘belief’ that has been said is purely not a problem. Religious experience is not a tiny word; it is obviously a huge word to bear by a person or party to hold onto the shoulder. The responsibility of carrying such burden and credibility need enough balls to seize praises and dodge every single disdain that has been spurting from every side of the witnessing eyes. Yet to main the reputation is could be overwhelming and mind blowing. It’s not an easy task… a sensational one and the hardest as it supposed.

Be it a good or bad, one should take side. Either we choose both or take one of it; it’s entirely our choice but to look upon the (above) evidence, I would consider this would be a living proof of ‘religious experience’ that has been said about… but I would prefer new words, that’s not related with ‘religious’ or even ‘experience’ which explained the whole phenomenon occurs. Not only because I’m tired with the exaggeration and it’s also not because they’re not good. They’re definitely good; in fact they’re on the top notch of my Top 5 list, they’re one of a kind that nothing can be replaced and they’re already a living legend themselves.

But, by repeating the same mundane over and over again make me sick, and then came to my mind telling me that those journalists are actually running out of ideas by repeating the same shit spilled by other journalists as well. It’s not a way of a good explanatory made by the so-called media though and I’m entirely not happy with this drill. It is cliche and overused.

They should come up with a new fresh one, that none of it ever mentioned before. No twisted metaphors needed, just a simple and the heaviest one that everybody could understand (and happily agreed), something like “Less is More” idiom… just like that.

One more thing, don’t believe the hype. But it’s the hype that should believe in this.

Thank you.

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