Monday, February 16, 2009

Multi what?

In office, the most evil term is probably ‘multitasking’. I’m not sure about the other people, but for me it makes me 'going apeshit' every time they made me doing it. Just now while I’m doing something (which is very important), suddenly those so-called leaders asked me to come up with mural design that’s supposed to be painted on the floor of this one shopping complex. Despite of being provided with simple explanation on design concept as well as given with a very limited time, I’ve managed to finish it up roughly within half an hour. The fastest design process of mine ever. :)

Armed with the skills of searching suitable images thru google image, cut and paste technique, composing images using photoshop (including brightness/contrast command, cropping etc) and a lil’ bit of tricky (nah, not really!) editing/colouring; the task is now done and I’m able to have lunch without worrying about it anymore.

As you can see at the image above, it is the result of those 30 minutes of eyes-burning-staring-the computer screen. Thank you.

So much with the multitasking, eh?

Not a good way to start a day though.


elzex said...

yeah rite,
dude, that the way in ere, either u in or out.... "the door is there" as if TS always says.... damn relics....

Zach Van Alley said...

Ha, you caught in the act!

Relics are what we are. So pathetic… haha.

elzex said...

hehehe.... what can say. nowaday i'm lacking of self awareness..but to thinks who have it in LUCT?

Zach Van Alley said...