Saturday, February 28, 2009

Today is Saturday...

Having fever during weekend is quite uncool to say the least. But to think about I've been in healthy condition for the past few months without any illness, I pretty much thankful to have a healthy body (so far). Since we're not having any plan or event towards this awaited weekend, we've decided to lazing around the house, doing some of the chores, well, most of it done by Leila since my body couldn't cope with this fever (to think of that I must admit all this while Leila did a lot of the works; cleaning, cooking, doing laundry etc). What a lazy bum, I am.

I didn't go to work this morning... the Saturday working hour is sickening and must be abolished for the sake of future generation. Heh. Even though it's a half day, but I'd rather lie down on my bed or doing something else than having my ass on the office's chair in front of the computer screen browsing facebook while the freezing cold air condition is on the top of my head. Nothing much to be done on Saturday actually, instead of thing I said just now, the other thing that I could do are having chat with colleagues, telling stories/news, cracking some jokes etc because Saturday is likely the unofficial time off for us since weekdays seemingly are the battlefield for us dealing with classes, doing immediate multitasking or handling 'problematic' students etc. During Saturday we're allowed to wear something casual, but still it should be having a little bit of black presence. Though if we have this so called immediate meeting with the 'highness', we're still not encouraged to wear round neck t-shirt and if we do, we're advised to wrap it up with jacket, the black one of course.

But lying down alone on bed is uncool, waiting Leila back from work for hours is also uncool and watching TV alone is still uncool. Then I've decided to go online, checking facebook, browsing youtube, checking e-mails, read the previous posts of my blog or recent post of the other blogs as well... hey, this is pretty the same I do during working hours at the office! Thanks god, Leila came home brought me meals at around 1:30 pm, then we watched "The Kite Runner" DVD (see the trailer above) for about 2 hours approximately. This movie is good and mind blowing, I'd say I've got the same feeling the other day while watching "Slumdog Millionaire". The story of both could be different, but these two novel adaptations are definitely a great manifestation of life; it's like the autobiography of a person based on the real event. You should watch these two movies. Highly recommended for everyone.

Now, while I'm writing this post, Leila religiously watching Shinchan without any gesture of blinking eyes. I know Leila loves Shinchan premises a lot, be it the graphic novel or even this TV series. We have the complete volume of Shinchan graphic novels which are proudly displayed in our bookshelf. We read all of them again and again while waiting for the latest volume to be published. Thanks for Yoshito Usui though, for the chronically great series of comedy and hilariously simple drawing one could never have imagined to be made for the masses (be it comic/cartoon lovers or not) to enjoy.

Okay, I think I should stop and take a shower... but before that, let me enjoy Shinchan with Leila and having a session of good laugh during this most awaited Saturday. Thank you.


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