Thursday, February 19, 2009

Multi what? Part 2

See... they made me doing it again and it’s still horrible. The first one has been rejected, of course. Well, not my intention to make mine to be selected either. The second one is also done reluctantly. Now I can go back home safely without worrying about it any longer.

One method to get rid of an immediate task something like this is, you should not taking it seriously and hoping that it would be rejected no matter how many times they want you to do it. Same task, same mistake… again and again, in order to tell them indirectly that you’re not willing to do that. Please do the same mistake on purpose. Don’t bother if they said that you’re unskillful or incapable of multitasking whatsoever and it is much better instead of they’ll make you doing it next time over and over again.

So in conclusion of your ‘incapability’, you’ll be able to continue your main (and very important) job again.

It’s funny but true.


Si Fakap said...


selamat mencuba.

Zach Van Alley said...

Cuba tang mana? Mengelak multitasking ke, cuba untuk design dipilih?

Kalau 'elak multitasking', ye aku akan terus mencuba dengan cara ini mahupun dengan apa cara sekali pun.

Kalau untuk 'design dipilih', tidak sesekali. Kang nanti asyik aku je yang kena buat benda jadah camni. Banyak lagi perkara berfaedah yang aku boleh buat dalam opis, seperti menyakat rakan sekerja, mengemas studio, tidur dan mengumpat.


elzex said...

kamon bebeh, kipidap yo.... bi yor sef, yu ken du it!!! dun wori, de fos is wit yu...

Zach Van Alley said...

Yeah, the force is with me. And I believe it.

Now I have another task to be done.

May I laugh or cry? Shit.