Sunday, July 8, 2007

Jon who?

It's Jon Chang. Okay, some of us here may know him and some of us may not. But if anyone called him/herself a Grindcore fan, this name surely isn't an outsider for the rest of them, umm... grinders. I've lost contact with him since the early of 2005, so I had been out of touch with many things that related to him; be it his bands or his (art)works. I've sent him an e-mail yesterday and suprisingly he kept replying it until today as I've been continuously sending him e-mails. By the way, down here are some of my conversations with him and I hope this will help you guys to keep on updating about his activities. Read on.

I'd like to know about your new band, GridLink and other projects that you involved. I'm also noticed that you're an otaku as in a big fan of manga/anime. Any manga/anime that you suggest me to check out? Do you have any considerations of reforming back Discordance Axis?

Discordance Axis is gone for good. Sorry ^_^;. Recently, there hasn't been any new anime that I have liked. There is a new Votoms series and Eva movies starting this month though. Regarding distro of GridLink please contact Hydrahead as they are our record label.

Me: Sad to hear that DA has gone forever. But I think it's a good decision to be made though. And the tribute CD of DA (titled "Our Last Day") is fuckin' rules! It was just like a happy ending way to stop the band's existence. And what happens with War Chalking? I have also noticed that the band ended up without any releases. Is War Chalking still around or had been disbanded?

Jon: War Chalking never completed recording and the project is pretty much dead.

Me: Okay, back to GridLink. I have noticed that it's almost 6 years GridLink has been around and until now there are still no releases (even a demo), so why it happens like that? So when is it actually GridLink will be putting out a debut release? I can't help waiting anymore longer.

Jon: Early 2008. We're recording in 5 weeks. However, GridLink actually has a demo and all tracks are on

Me: What's the new illustration or flash animation that you make recently?

Jon: Now I'm invlved with making video games.
Echelon Software
is my new company.

Me: I'll be checking it out. Hope everything will be doing alright. Any chances to see GridLink makes an appearance for shows here in Malaysia?

Jon: Pretty much zero chance of that. Sorry.

Me: Uh? Why is that so? Explanation please.

Jon: We simply do not have time time to tour or play very much. Our planned shows next year are in Tokyo, Osaka, LA and New York. That's it. To play in Malaysia and not lose tons of $, we would need around a $5000 guarantee. That seems impossible to me. If a promoter could arrange a concert, get all our air fare in advance and get us our visas, we would consider it but that's a whole lot of $ and time that I doubt anyone has for a concert that would last less than 20 minutes ^_^;

Me: Okay, that's pretty much sad to consider about it all. But I will surely let you know if someone overhere could make it happens for GridLink. And that could be a heyday for Grindcore lovers in Malaysia. Hmm... I think that's all for today. It's already 2:08 am and I should be sleeping during this time. Thanks for your time answering my questions. I'll send you messages if I have something to ask. Till next time. Good night.

Jon: LOL. Okay.

Jon Chang grinding out performing with Discordance Axis. Photo by Jason Hellmann. Courtesy of Hydra Head Records.

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