Monday, January 14, 2008

A great escape.

Finally, I have completed my task as a trainer for a group of lecturers at one institute in
Penang. I was there with three of my colleagues for about a week and to my surprise, every bit of programs went flawlessly well. But then, the only hiccup was none of them familiar with arts and things that related. We were asked to teach them some modules on which we specialized for, err… not so actually because I was only done my jobs and about those specializations, hmm… frankly speaking, I won’t care that much.

Enough said.

Honestly, my only intention was all about to escape for a little while from the monotonous environment of daily life especially when you’re factually live and work in Kuala Lumpur. Its boredom that produced every single day is likely killed me slowly in silence. To have a sort of quiet life and being away from harshness of rat race society in a week can be a meditation and healing for every sullen hearts.

But, every privilege has its own price, which I have to pay; I had to leave my
fiancee a while during my escape, so did with our trip to ‘Crab Island’ which we planned earlier with Syibratul and her beloved husband (Shamril) had to be cancelled due to my absent. But the trip still on for them; both husband and wife. Not for Leila though, she decided not to go as I wasn’t around at the time. Sorry dear, it was about a week of escapism… and the opportunity, as I believe doesn’t come twice.

Now as usual in my office I’m completely blank to write about anything. Everything seems gloomy and demotivated.

I need a holiday… a real good one.

Anyway, I have sad news to share with everyone who read this.

Mourn now, mourn later.



Leyla K said...

heheh..yer la..pegi penang sensorang..i'm stuck in cyberjaya..hehe. takpe nanti nak pegi tgk sweeny todd and cj7. your treat! :P muahx!

Zach Van Alley said...

Dah tengok kan? And it was my treat.

So, now we're even.