Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Guess what? Now I'm at the Changi Airport, waiting for about an hour to transit to Johannesburg before heading to Maseru. This week I'll be in Lesotho due to my job regulation. It'll take me 2 weeks roaming around the 'kingdom in the sky' in order to complete the whole task. On the brighter side, I can't deny that this would be an exciting journey. But it would be thousand million times better if Leila could be here with me by this time. I already miss her so much. Hope that two weeks would elapse faster than usual until the moment I reached Malaysia again.

Expect more posts about this trip to be put in here soon. Take care.


Leyla K said...

and i miss you so much :(

aedie azrul said...

UIsh bestnya,gua paling jauh pun Hong Kong je opis antar...

chec. said...

Be good, dud.

Get me some fridge magnets.

Zach Van Alley said...

Leyla: Miss you so much too. I'll be back in 2 days. :*

Aedie: Best? Okay laa... hehe. Despite all the hiccups occured, everything is okay. Hong Kong best apa. Ada jumpa Jackie Chan kat sana?

Chec: Sure mate, I'm good here, as always. :). I can't find any nice fridge magnets, but is keychain okay for you?