Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Peaceful Demonstration Against The Gaza Massacre, Kuala Lumpur.

A–2–6, Plaza Damas, 60, jalan Sri Hartamas 1, Sri Hartamas, 50480, Kuala Lumpur

It is now over two weeks since the savage bombardment of the Gaza strip. Now reinforced with a full-fledged ground invasion, the Israeli forces continue their invasion of this already fragile and helpless land – one of the most densely populated areas on the planet, home to over a million people – despite international outrage and in defiance of all international humanitarian laws.

COMPLETE, a coalition of concerned NGOs was founded on the 5th of January as a direct consequence of this monstrosity.

Standing in solidarity against this barbarity, COMPLETE will be holding a peaceful demonstration and handing over of memorandum to the US Embassy.

Date: Friday, 9th January
Time: 2 pm
* Assembly outside Tabung Haji Complex. Jln Tun Razak
* Walk to US Embassy
* Address by COMPLETE representatives
* Hand over of memorandum to US Embassy representative
Contact: Azra 016 209 4500
Attire: Dress in black, white or red colours and any other Palestinian symbols (badges, scarves, t-shirts)

Please bring along relevant placards/banners/posters.

The time has come for us, as citizens of the world, as brothers and sisters in the human family, as conscientious individuals, to link hands across the divides of race, religion, and nationality, and to stand together against the tide of injustice and speak on behalf of the voiceless. It is our duty, our sacred responsibility, not only to humanity, but to ourselves.


- Text taken from: Ricecooker.

Okay, ethnic cleansing is not nice anyway and never was. So, fellow concern citizens of Malaysia, the time has come for you to show angst about what has happened in Gaza instead of only boycotting products that have been already over polluting the every part of minds (and souls!) in this continent since the very first day we were born. While government wants us to boycott the products, US is actually their second house. It’s nil aka nothing. Our effort wasted into their hypocritical drainage. My fellow comrades and I used to spread leaflet about things that were equivalent to this cause some years ago circa late of 90’s until early of 2000’s. It was intriguing to face upon matters of ignorance shown by the so-called Malaysian at that time. The reflection towards our action was varied by different type of people we’ve encountered. Some said that we’re helping them to understand about things that they’re not yet exposed, even some of them said they’re thanking us so much for let them know about things that have been covered from their awareness, little of them even being my friends until this day and to our surprise quite few of them even spitted and tear off the leaflets that have been handed out. Then throw it anywhere they like at their own will. Today right after received SMSes from quite numbers of unsuspected persons forwarding awareness about such products that needs to be boycotted, I drew myself smiling lips. I wonder is it always has to take millions to die first, so after big mess and horrid occurred; only sooner after that people will start to realize? Part of myself, loathing to the ignorance of fellow Malaysians, the other half can’t help to cry out loud for the poor Palestinians.

Act now or never!

Thus in conjunction with what has happened, I’d like to share the thought and feeling towards it thru the clip down here, “Man In Black” performed by Johnny Cash. Well, black is still a colour of my choice. In colour study, black is often considered as a value instead of colour, and it’s an absent of white (of which opposite the shade of black) or any existing colours. You may always find me wearing black no matter what I do. Either I’m at home or at the office, wearing black is somewhat compulsory and a must for me. I find myself lucky because during day job, my colleagues and I are required to wear this somber tone looking outfit. It might be unlucky for others but I find it’s rather beneficial to me though.

Click here for the lyrics if you wonder why I choose this song at this moment and also do click here for further information about black.

Before I forgot, as a replacement for the clip of J. Cash above, I think there is another one song that’s not supposed to be left out. Although it’s not mentioning about wearing black or anything related to that, but the content of the song is outspokenly directed to the current situation in Gaza, even though the song was actually surfaced in 1998 thru the “Where Quantity is Job #1” album (which contains old, out of print, hard to find, unreleased, live demo etc songs) by Propagandhi. It was 10 years ago, so now we know (especially to those who still daze about Gaza and Palestine history line) that what has happened at the moment is actually a continuation from the classic theatrical tragedy that has been already occurred since long time ago.

Alright, do read the lyrics of “Hallie Does Hebron” here. Warning: Lyrics contain very offensive subject. Effects may vary from different background of belief :).

And read about Propagandhi over here.

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