Friday, January 2, 2009

Toys! Toys! Toys!

"Who should come to this Clearance Sales?
Every toy collectors will definitely not to miss on this! Spread the news to your friends, family and colleagues and ask them to come along!" - Toywiz.

Yes, it's today! Well, I'm not really toy collector myself. But this opportunity to own toys in cheap bargain price sounds so exhilarating. I'll be certainly checking this out since they have Bandai toys in their list. So hopefully they also have Soul of Chogokin's
Mazinger Z and EVA-01 in stock.

More about this clearance sales, do click here.


aedie azrul said...

byk borong?

Zach Van Alley said...

Takde. Soul of Chogokin completely habis. Aku pergi hari Ahad. Probably hari Sabtu orang lain dah borong habis. Takpe la. There will be another chances to come kot.

Think positive, think positive. Haha.

aedie azrul said...

ahhaha always have lah wait end of this year la..mmg ramai org pun even aku sampai pagi dah ramai yg beratur.bring babis with stroller ada advantages gak semua bagi laluan...

Zach Van Alley said...