Friday, November 16, 2007

What's the story, midnight gory?

Kelantan: Greeny life, that is.

Terengganu: After the rain. It's the boat to carry passengers across Terengganu River to Seberang Takir.

Finally, I'm back in KL today. 5 days outside the city life (hence the condition without the townscape, internet connection, the usual atmosphere and less carbon monoxide), I've learned more about the real beauty of human being. A trip to Kelantan and Terengganu for Batik research (also in searching of its prominent figures) had opened my eyes about one of the greatest artistic legacies throughout Malay Archipelago district. I'm impressed by the high skilled of these Batik activists and the workers while decorating floras/designs on every piece of white clothes. It such an amazing moment while witnessing it right in front of my eyes about the process from its very beginning until the finishing works. Most of the Batiks are produced in very limited numbers, which means on the other hand it has made those Batiks more precious and high valued in mainstream market. Every each Batik workshops normally have their own specialty or method which means they might have different techniques and special ingredients in order to attract more consumers to buy their masterpieces.

The only turn off situations of these two places are actually about their drinks and its weather: Kelantan's drinks are too sweet and Terengganu weather is too hot.

But the foods are always yummy! Name it from Nasi Dagang, Nasi Kerabu, Kuih Akok, Keropok Lekor (Pasar Payang rules!), Tom Yam soup (especially at Rantau Panjang), fresh grilled fish, pulut panggang, budu etc. I even found a packet of Gula Tarik (which is the only packet that has left)! When I was a kid, Gula Tarik is the only candy that I've enjoyed eating. This candy made from traditional ingredients (a mixture of palm sugar, coconut milk and a lil' bit of flour) without any chemical or preservative. Be warned that this candy is too sweet but somehow it really brought back memories of the past. Oh, before I forgot, the prices of goodies at these two places are extremely cheap, reasonable and it’s mostly out of my mind! So, you have to make sure to bargain for the best price when you're buying.
Alright, back to our mission. We have found the conclusion that Batik in Malaysia is actually started from the southern side of Peninsular Malaysia which is at Muar, Johor. It's started there earlier long before it has landed in Kelantan during the year of 1911. The rest of research will be posted here (perhaps!) soon. But please don't wait.
Okay, do
wn here are another pictures that I’ve taken during the trip. Enjoy!

Kelantan: Not so busy night.

Kelantan: Working on her masterpiece.

Terengganu: Soal: Siapa Bakar? Soal balik: Abu Bakar? Haha!

Terengganu: The behaviour. At the stairs of Pasar Payang.

Terengganu: The tidbits.

On the way back.

Before I’ve forgot, I have a news to tell. Today, around 3:30 pm during our stop for lunch at Kemaman I’ve received a forwarded message from friend, Pat about another friend of mine named Syukree being hospitalized because of chronic stress. Personally, I’m neither shocked nor surprised when receiving such news like this. For me, stress also known as a panic attack, pressure, hypertension, manic depressive, mental depression or whatever you want to call it. This happens as a result from frustration, lack of rest and so on which usually lead to an odd high/low blood pressure. Somehow it’s also will make the person goes limp and in the state of vegetable.

Syukree not the only person who encounters this problem and so far there are some of my friends also stumble upon this condition before. This is almost a normal thing that would happens for those who unable to manage their time and psychological properly. Based on my experience last time, as being an editor of a comic/lifestyle magazine that released twice a month, I also had heavy migraine several times. Going back late from work, insomnia, unorganized lunch/dinner schedule, piles of workload, deadlines etc. These contributed to a stress which made me numb most of the time.

Okay, back to the main story… I’ve called Syukree but his brother picked up the phone and told me that Syukree’s condition is not as good as I’m expected. He mentioned that he doesn’t know when Syukree can be fully recovered and leave the hospital for good. At this moment Syukree is still remain silent and voiceless. This is weird concerning to the real Syukree that I’ve known and it’s certainly doubtless that this is a serious matter. After talking with his brother, I’ve sent messages about Syukree to several friends and the reaction almost the same like mine.

The plan so far is I’m with the other comrades will visit him at the Psychiatric Ward, 3rd floor, Menara Timur, University Malaya Medical Centre (that’s where he’s being hospitalized) on this Sunday, November 18th, 2007 but nothing yet sure until further confirmation. Hope Syukree will be back to normal soon. We pray for that...

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