Saturday, December 27, 2008

'Arnie' is on the net!

To find such treasure through out the net is somewhat I've been doing from the past few days. And to get something that is somehow valuable via internet digging process is likely strengthen my belief that random browsing to kill time in front of computer is quite useful rather than doing something stupid as in... ermm... masturbating in the middle of busy road, singing rock songs in church or mosque, breakdancing while having lunch with in-laws, slapping cop's face in front of his colleagues and the list goes on.

Call me computer nerdy and stuffs whatsoever, I don't give any shit about it at all. Seriously.

Okay, okay, let me go straight to the point. You know Simon Gane? He helped illustrates anarcho punk records such as Doom, Extinction of Mankind, Subhumans and many others. Or do you still remember the infamous 'Arnie the Anarchist' and '
Subvertman' back in 90's? You might wonder who is the creator and where the hell he is nowadays. And yes, me too. My curiosity has paid thoroughly right after discovered this site. By looking at his old works and compared to the newest ones, he's indeed still my all time favourite cartoonist since then.

Oh, he has his own .com too (which is currently under construction

Worth checking out, yo!

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