Saturday, December 6, 2008

worst adaptations.

*Alright, everybody knows this is Captain America.

It's already 4:15 am and I couldn't sleep. Instead of switching off the lamp and trying hard to sleep, I managed to browse here and there (which includes facebook, of course), then stopped at this list of a fact via about the worst comic book movie adaptations. I can consider this as a great one as most of the views speak for what I've been thinking about those movies so far. Being one of the 'slightly' die hard fans of comic book of any genre, I found myself regretting of what I've seen from the past (approximately) two hours of watching those movies that being mentioned. It is such a waste of time sitting in front of the screen for hours and then dealing with the sour taste of disappointment for your entire life. Moral of this scenario is one should be expect nothing or very likely expecting the worst before made a decision to bear witness of the whole projection of such adaptation.

Okay, you're probably one of the highly sensitive bastards out there if you agree with me right after reading this list. Though, you're might be one of the superbly high class campy movie lovers if you're disagree the most. It's your choice.

But, came in mind that most of the movies highlighted were made in 80's and the early 90's, so it would be one and only excuse to have a cheesy outcome like these. No excuse for those that made in 2000's though.

So again, it's always your choice.


Cheryl said...

Hi sir!

it was nice hearing from you on your share of priorities in life. and i have to say, you've got a point on how love could be meaningless if there aren't family, career and pride.

by the way, you do great in expressing yourself, seriously! you should consider sharing yourself more with all your readers. ;)

Thanks for dropping by. keep in touch!

Zach Van Alley said...

Hi! Thanks for dropping by in here too. Surely we'll keep in touch. ^(-_-)^