Thursday, April 17, 2008

The kingdom has come!

The new album of Cult of Luna is done. The not ‘so long awaited’ (since 2006’s much admired “Somewhere Along the Highway”) fifth full length album is called "Eternal Kingdom” and it will be released on June 16th in Europe and July 8th in the US. It has been said by their guitarist Erik Olofsson that this album is a very HEAVY, STRONG and PROGRESSIVE. A friend of mine once said that Cult of Luna is a perfect example of emo cluster who are trying to play heavy music and succeeded to maintain its artistic demeanor on which being able to captivate so many doomster out there to bow down to their fraudulent. So fucking what? I’ve been following their progression since the first split 7” with Switchblade circa 1999/2000. And you know what? They’re still maintaining their sound since then and make it heavier and wiser on every release thereafter up until now. Enough said.

So, what else do we want from them anyway? I believe this one could be more artful shrewder!

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