Friday, October 24, 2008

I heard CAR CrASheS down there at the road in front of my apartment...

I heard that Carcass will be performed here in Malaysia this year, probably on November. Not sure about the exact date and such, but this would be the one helluva event worth waiting for. Knowing Carcass since early 90’s, I must say that I’ll not miss this opportunity to see them live right in front of my eyes. I’m done with Napalm Death back in September last year and now it’s the time for their blood brothers to tear off the stage and most possibly bleeding the ears of the non-believers entirely. As this is not yet being confirmed, what we can do is just wait for it and ask around if you have time.

Or do a show or two for them here yourself is likely much appreciated by many.

+ Aligned with the waiting, down here are two Carcass videos embedded for us to see. The first one is ‘Heartwork’ and the second one is ‘
Corporal Jigsore Quandary’. Enjoy!

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