Thursday, June 28, 2007

Beauty | Beast

Title: For The Love Of Beauty We Created A Beast
Date: June 26, 2007 (Tuesday)
Material/Technique: Mix media/Collage
Statement: "We" + "And the blue seawater has now turned murky, grey, smelly and lifeless" + "...blames pollution and the cutting down of mangrove trees as the reasons why..." + "...certain needs have been robbed to overcome specific problems or..." + "?".
Inspirations: Cthulhu (myth by Howard Phillips Lovecraft), Sleepers (novel by Lorenzo Carcaterra), Heartwork (an album by Carcass), Leviathan (an album by Mastodon), Flux Of Pink Indians (80's anarcho punk band), Goblog [Koleksi Tulisan Blog Orang Kecil], Man And Society [In An Age Of Reconstruction] (a book by Karl Mannheim), A Dream? #2 (a zine done by me), xDiriku Untuk Dijualx #7 (a newsletter/zine done by me), Internal Security Act, world's organisations and myself.


Anonymous said...

nice drawing..keep up the good work :)

xullgrim lust said...

awesome!! look really grim ....wicked fukking divine

Zach Van Alley said...

Thanks for both comments. I'll continue 'keep up the good work' as some of us here have wished for. It's certainly my thing since I know how to use pencil properly.