Saturday, June 2, 2007

...strongly bad ass!

People sometimes ask about our favourite cartoon character. As for me personally, actually other than Totoro from "My Neighbor Totoro" movie, I'm also have another one favourite cartoon character that's often makes me laugh as hell while watching it. Okay, up here is a Strong Bad. I was (and still am) an avid fan of him as far as I remember (and if I'm not mistaken) since 2001. He's one of the characters in flash animation cartoon series, Homestar Runner. His unique appearance (wrestler alike) and witty behaviours are what makes me into him so much. He's also own 'Strong Badia'; an independent 'kingdom' that he claims to rule over... which is 'awesome'. Haha! He's quite hedonistic with a bit of nihilistic inside. So, it fits my interest on that area so much in many ways. Anyway, it isn't enough just knowing about Strong Bad alone, as there are many important characters whom permanently featured in Homestar Runner such as dazingly Homestar (main character and 'hero' himself), madly Strong Mad, sadly Strong Sad, bubbly Pom Pom, lovely Marzipan, unpredictable The Cheat, sporty Coach Z, 'hardworking' The Poopsmith, business minded Bubs and insanely stupid The King of Town.

I've been addicted to this animated series by watching it over and over again without being bored at all. Alright, down here is the family gathering... so spot the characters which being introduced earlier on your own. Thank you.

+ Okay, now everybody's singing, "Everybody! Everybody!"

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