Sunday, February 3, 2008

It’s grey instead of black and white…

Honestly there are only a few of local bands that have inspired me via their music/character (through out the years of my direct involvement in the ‘scene’) either they’re still around or they’ve been already buried down under. The gems worth mentioned out of the local scene seem too little for me. Nonetheless, I don’t mean to deliberately undervalue but most of them didn’t really spark any groundbreaking new approach to the scene as a whole. To tell you the truth I don’t really care what’s happening in the scene whatsoever and what’s ‘in’ or what’s not, doesn’t really caught my intention that much.

A rapid changing of information technology via internet offered us much an easiest way of having data in a very short period of time. Nothing seems impossible these days and every single action is likely a repetition of wheel that has been repeatedly rotating from the past. It’s proven that most people are able to running all along the phase to this present day but only few can survive swimming against the tides. The hard, huge and whirling tides which capable to swallow the ones who weak anytime. The weak means the ones who only follow the current needs and the current trends: A follower that only follow without any single doubt or improvisation.

Being somehow original presently is often said as a myth and even being able to maintain the vibe of the previous one often called as a magic. On top of that, not many can be considered as a natural being. Which born to breathe it, to live and most possibly to die with it.

Okay, enough long-winded rambling and let’s cut the excrement out of the anus, it’s time to be straight to the hell of a point. Get the hint of the picture embed above? You know about the precious treasure of local Industrial/Experimental scene given name as Marlinspike? All prior metaphor is intentionally related to them as they’re one of the mortals that have changed my perception and opened up my mind towards some sort of a free form art/sound/music. If you like Godflesh and Techno Animal or among other Industrial/Experimental/Noise projects related with Justin K. Broadrick, Marlinspike would be another perfect fix to your ears. You can count on me about this!

Formed in the middle of 1993 by the duo, Edward C. and Farouk on which so far has been materialized three unrelenting brainchilds; ‘Ekipsnilram’ EP (1993), ‘Structure Of The Circuit’ LP (1993) and the newly one, 2007’s ‘Steelwater’ LP. Yes, they’ve been silence for quite a long time. It’s obviously a 14 years of hibernation for Marlinspike. Perhaps.

They’re the first Industrial/Experimental band that I’ve ever heard! If it wasn’t them who broadened my sight into this noise realm, I would be late to discover Godflesh, Nine Inch Nails, Throbbing Gristle, Swans, Napalmed, Merzbow and the likes. Thus I owe Marlinspike for this exposure, seriously.

Marlinspike can be reached thru this e-mail or click here for the quick info.

Click here to listen “Laudanum”; taken from ‘Structure Of The Circuit’ LP.


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