Monday, February 25, 2008

Zen music?

Apart of Merzbow there are many countless other noise freaks like Nikudorei, Napalmed, Masonna, Homola Tobola, Cosmic Coincidence Control Center, Bastard Noise, Facialmess, Incapacitants, Gerogerigegege, Muslimgauze, Japanese Torture Comedy Hour and Government Alpha (just to name a few) which are essentially my favourites. But on my personal [dark] side I’ve decided that Hanatarash was the most wicked noise monger of all. It’s no doubt for me to say that Hanatarash was the most disastrous yet hazardously entertaining among other noisemakers ever existed in the Japanoise map and probably in the entire globe. They were (and still are) infamous for extremely dangerous live shows consisting entirely of on-stage destruction and utter disregard for anyone's safety, which is notably comprised with:

• Throwing junk around (including window glasses and bodily harm materials) with a backhoe inside a venue.
• Inflicted a deep wound on his leg with an electrical saw, but carried on with the show.
• An already dead cat has been cut in half with machete during a show.
• The band once caused so much damage to a live house in Kyoto that it was forced to close.
• The 1985’s show in Tokyo Superloft has stopped just as Yamatsuka Eye was about to throw a lit molotov cocktail onto the stage, which was gasoline-drenched from a barrel. The performance cost the venue ¥600,000 (approximately USD$6000) in repairs.
• Was forbidden from performing at most venues, and were only allowed to return to live performances in the 1990s without the trademark danger.

+ The prove is down here to witness:

++ Hanatarash frontman Yamatsuka Eye went on to form Ultra Freak Out Or Die, Boredoms and among countless other projects.

+++ Click here for further reading about noise.

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