Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The final bleak...

For me, the coolest album that released this year definitely by the ‘
Love Earth-Hate People’ band; DYSTOPIA! February 15th, 2008 marked its date as a birth for the 3rd studio album by this sludgecore master formed in Orange County, which is currently reside in Oakland. Released by Life Is Abuse Records, the self titled LP/CD is loaded with 7 songs (included a cover song by CARCINOGEN). It has been said that this album could be their final as Dino Sommese is now active in Asunder and Matt (Mauz) Parrillo is busy with his printing company. As been reported by Prank Records, Mauz even been considering to end L.I.A.R (which created in 1992) operation as his commitment towards those knick knacks aforementioned.

So, get this now or never!

+ For further reading on Dystopia, go here.

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