Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Band of today: Dystopia!

Down here is the lyrics of "Stress Builds Character" taken from "Human = Garbage" debut LP by Oakland, California sludgecore king, Dystopia (formed in 1991). This first studio album being recorded in 1993 and being released by Life Is Abuse Records in 1994. "Stress Builds Character" whether you like it or not has been one of my favourite notable songs in the sludgecore scene. Apart from it, there are 4 other anthemic songs included in the LP; "Hands That Mold", "Sanctity", "Ignorance Of Pride" and "Love / Hate". The "Human = Garbage" LP is ultimately da bomb for my doomy ears and is the perfect example on how sludgecore band should be sounded alike. They're bleak and full with misanthropic imagery that dealt with human emotion and social or political issues. So, the main reason I like Dystopia very much is actually because of the manic depressive words that contained in this "Stress Builds Character". But why? Okay, let's begin and see the reason of it all...

Stress Builds Character
I am so tired,
Sometimes I feel so tired,
I can't eat I can't sleep.
So tired.
The pressure builds and builds.
Seems like there's no release.
The things I see go unnoticed by some.
Fills my eyes and heart.
Anger and guilt and frustration,
And depression makes waking up every day harder and harder.
Where's my fitness to the world with my chance to survive.
I got to get money so I can have a home.
So I can breathe, eat and live in this society.
I don't even like money,
And I got to work everyday just to feed myself.
God it makes me sick.
I just wanna curl up into a hole and die in this.
This isn't worth it.
I need a raise man!
I can't survive on this faith anymore.
I can't live on this,
I'm hungry,
And I've had service,
And I can't eat daddy.
God I am the creator of hell.
And I have seen all hell,
And I have seen no arms, no limbs no brains.
You don't care, you don't love me!
I only love myself.
No one will love me like I love thee.

Life's been swell now I want to die
My body it hurts me sigh after sigh
I call it torture you call it life
A slave to money and everything I despise
Like everyone in general
Fuck eat sleep destroy
Just about the only things you fucking enjoy
I am a disposable being
Who will fuck all life
I multiply and the air gets thinner and dirty
I take up space
I smell
I consume
But I produce nothing
I abuse
I have no reason to exist
The toilets clogged in this world of shit
I breathe filth everyday
Living fucks up my brian
Why? Why must I wake up today?
My eyes are heavy
Why? Why must I see your face?
Your life is ugly
Why? Why did I buy into these things?
I don't want them
Tension, tension, frustration alone
Tension, despair, tension
All these pressures on my life.

+ "The final DYSTOPIA LP/CD is now looking at being released in Summer of 2007. The recording was finished in November of 2005 at Tim Green's Louder Studios (http://www.thefuckingchamps.com/louder.html) and has finally been sent off for mastering. It's just a matter of finishing up all the artwork... which is taking forever as we're all super busy these days (well, maybe not Todd, but you know...). What more can I say... other than we suck. We are NOT accepting pre-orders for this release!" - said Dystopia/Life Is Abuse in its official website; http://www.lifeisabuse.com. For information about the band, please go here: http://www.myspace.com/dystopia.

Photo: Matt 'Mauz' Parrillo (guitar/vocals/samples) of Dystopia performing at 924 Gilman Street.


Anonymous said...

Stress Builds character is my favorite too.

Zach Van Alley said...

Yeah yo!