Tuesday, May 22, 2007

...but it remains the same.

I remember last time one of my close friends asked me once, "Why is this life so unfair to me... indeed it seems the same goes to all the people in this whole wide world?". To tell the truth, actually I know it's quite hard for me to answer that kind of question... but to satisfy him I've replied this, "Dude, it's okay. Everything's gonna be allright". He smiled and then we continued eating the supper which already prepared by his mom earlier that night. That was long before now... before all things that happened to me seems 'very unfair' like last time my friend have said. Came into conclusion that today or maybe in the nearer future thing's gonna be like this... "We've always said to ourselves that 'Everything's gonna be allright, but at the end of the day 'Nothing's gonna be allright' and we're actually fooling ourselves by playing the games of nothingness in the depth of emptiness". Nothing is absolute truth, I know.


Angel said...

Nothing is fair in this world.

It's not about whether it's fair or not. Life is a journey. At the end of the day, what matters most is what you get/rechieved from the process of the journey and not the outcome of it.

Sure, we all get shits at one point or another, but we get gold at some other times too. In fact, if we don't get shit, we'll never know how precious gold is. We need to know how horrible shit is to understand the importance of gold.

That's what matters to me. Life was never fair and will never be. If life was fair, we won't even exist because life itself was a suffering.

Zach Van Alley said...

'Life Is Unfair' has been known as a classic (or indeed a cliche) phrase of human tragedy that being widely talked among human themselves. I agree of what you have said and understand every bits that you've tried to say. Anyway, some said that people themselves are actually should be blame for all the 'unfairness' that have been surrounded 'em in the first place. But then again, I'd like to point out about those Palestanians, Lebanons, Somalians, East Timoreses and even the villagers of Kampung Memali in Baling, Kedah (remember Memali Incident that happened on November 19th, 1985?) or those people of Kampung Orang Asli Pertak that had been swept out of their place somewhere in 1999/2000. So, then I doubt about 'we (people) should take all the blame' towards the 'unfairness' that occurred. There are the hands that made it and should be put the blame on it.

Duh, I might be out of topic and moving too far. But... I think it's still has its relevency in the topic of which had been discussed. Hmm...

Angel said...

Blame huh?

Pointing fingers is useless. It doesn't solve anything. Sure, a lot of things happens whether it's a manifestation of human action or the situation itself calls for, it simply happens. There's only so much we can control and so much more we can't. Putting the blame on anything or anyone for that matter is an act of cowardise to escape responsibility.

Why blame when you can do better by solving the problems?

Yes, I think we are going OOC. XD

Zach Van Alley said...

You said, "Why blame when you can do better by solving the problems?"

Cik Angel, on speaking about authorities or 'powers that be'... we're actually can do nothing about it. Even if we're trying so hard, still the decision is on their hands.

Sometimes when I think too much on the problematic which occurred I've been always reached the dead end of the journey and automatically just saying, "let it be". Then, soon after that I'll be again right on track spouting the repetitive cliche words that could make me feel better... which is always be, "Everything gonna be alright!". Huhu...

You said, "Putting the blame on anything or anyone for that matter is an act of cowardise to escape responsibility."

Yeah, yeah... I agree with you on this.