Friday, February 15, 2008


This coming March 8th, Malaysia will be having a general election. I’ve been talking with some friends about the importance, the consequences and whatnots of it. They suggest me to vote because as a ‘caring citizen’ I should elect for any candidate that I like. Nah, none of them I like and I don’t really know the main agenda of each parties as I’ve actually seen only dazing and confusing thoughts delivered by them. As I want someone who can make some real changes to the ill repute of the current political status, thus it makes my doubt growing even stronger about the ability of the person/party that would be elected soon. As the main acts such as BN, DAP, PKR, PAS etc stands with their own purposes, I just only hope for better future of the people in Malaysia.

To whomever that will win this election soon, I have only one ‘simple requisition’; please please please abolish those stupid tollgates that stealing people’s money and our streets. And please please please do remember the ones that you called citizen are still human and there are needs to be fulfilled. Those votes are the hope of millions who wants you to be responsible of everything that happens in this piece of land, not blatantly as a ticket to act pretentiously oppressing others.

Urmm… who? Me? I don’t believe the effectiveness in voting. As Emma Goldman once said, "if voting changed anything, they'd make it illegal”. The general election for me is no less like a genital erection. The often you ‘hit’, the more you’ll get high possibility to an erectile dysfunctional that could lead to inability or impotence. Okay, the metaphor couldn’t help much to evaluate the exact situation, I guess. But do find yourself the similarity and its relation for both subjects please.

Happy voting and god bless Malaysians, y’all!

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++ Oh, the graphic above is done by Frank Shepard Fairey and I love the way he illustrates Obama in his latest campaign.

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